So You Want to Be an Auror?

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... Then pay attention!

Earlier in the year we tried to organize a Career Fair, unfortunately there wasn't enough interest for it.

So instead, something else will be organized by the Ministry. An event focused on one career at a time, where interested people can ask questions to other people in those careers. The original idea for this event was brought up to me by Cyndi, so thank you!

The first event will be a Career Information event hosted by one of the Aurors of the New Zealand Ministry. This event will take place during the Christmas break, and the topic will be started around the beginning of that break. It will be in Brightstone Village, and the Auror that will be present is Jesiah Howell.

What can you expect?

It will be an open topic, posted by Jesiah. He will set up a place where he will be able to answer any questions from interested parties. IC this event would be advertised and organized by the Ministry. The Auror present can answer questions, give more in-depth information about the career, and tell stories from the work field.

Who can join?
Anyone with interest! That can be: students, future students, graduated students, or really anyone else. There is no age limit.

Perhaps your character is still unsure about their career choices, or they are considering a switch. Maybe you have a young student who already knows for sure they want to be an Auror, or an older student who is starting to consider it. All of these characters are welcome at this event to ask any question to Auror Howell.

If there is enough interest and participation, other similar events would be organized for other career paths. So if you have a character that would go to this, please post if you are able!

If there are any questions or suggestions, please post them below.

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