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Emmaline had gotten a letter from her younger sister River that morning. It had been awhile since this young Gryffindor had been in contact with her family. She did honestly feel guilty about not contacting her sister more. Before Hogwarts, River and Emmaline had spent almost every second together. Emmaline's mother was always working and it was Emmaline's responsibility to keep her young sister 'on the right path.' The responsibilities of home were one reason Emmaline had not sent an owl yet. This young girl was enjoying the freedom she had at her new school, even if the lessons were more time consuming than she expected. She enjoyed not having to make sure another mouth was feed or put to bed each night; she only had to worry about herself. Yet she did miss River, more than she could describe. Emmaline had even taken up the tradition they had of reading a chapter of one of River's storybooks before bed. Of course she no longer read aloud, like at home, but the tradition continued in absence of the two being together.

Emmaline entered the Owlery, the little still in hand. The young Gryffindor smiled warmly at the owls that were nesting around. She did not have an owl, she had Nova her kitten. But Emmaline could appreciate the beauty of these flying creatures. She knew one day she would get one, but she needed a job first. It can wait a few years Emmaline thought not waiting to rush into getting a part time job when she had school to think about.

The young Gryffindor found a cozy little corner and took a seat on the ground. She sat with her legs crossed, her backpack beside her, and the letter open on her lap. A small moving picture laying to the side of the letter. The picture was of her sister, smiling brightly, with a hair colour that matched that bright smile. Emmaline was still in disbelief that her mother had let River colour her hair. It did not really fit into the perfect daughter description, but as Emmaline read the letter she could not help but laugh. River had always been clever and convincing when she needed to be.

Hey Girlie!

It's been awhile! It's almost as if you have disappeared. Send an owl more. I miss your face!
Things have been good here. Mum is always out, typical, but I've been keeping busy (as you can see from the picture!). Mum was not too happy, but I talked to her. As long as I keep it neat, the hair can be whatever colour I want, within reason whatever that means.
School has been a bore. I can't wait to be at Hogwarts with you next year! I hope we are in the same house. We could even share a dorm!
Are you coming back home for holiday break? I know I would love to see you, and mum too of course. Please owl me back! Love you!

Missing you,

Emmaline smiled brightly as she reread the letter. She missed River, she did. However some aspects of the letter worried the young Gryffindor girl. Maybe not worry, per say, but did make her feel uneasy. As much as Emmaline loved her sister, she was not sure how she felt about River being sorted into the same house as her. Of course, Emmaline had little say about this, but she knew the second River became a Gryffindor, if that was the case, Emmaline would never get a moment alone again. She knew it would be much better for her and their relationship, if River was sorted into another house. We've got time. Emmaline thought not waiting to make this letter a worrisome affair. She held up the moving picture again, letting out a loud laugh. Emmaline wished she had River's persuasion skills.

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