Sierra Woodlock

Sierra Woodlock

Happy | Clumsy |
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Trophy Showcase:
Full Name:
- Sierra Woodlock

Date of Birth:
- 8 August 2036

Current Age:
- 10

Basic Appearance:
- Dark brown hair, currently at shoulder length.
- Brown, Almond shaped eyes.
- Short for age

- Sierra is very easy going. Nothing fazes her, but she loves to have fun, and hates being bored. She is very adventurous and carefree. Sierra is quite innocent and immature, and very clumsy. She will often come home from an adventure with bruises and scratches, and she doesn't have many breakable objects in her room. Sierra loves doing things with her hands, and will often make friendship bracelets, or paint pictures with her fingers and hands. Sierra has difficulty focusing, and is quite spontaneous. She hates secrets, and is quite nosy.

- Kerry Woodlock - Mother
- Matthew Woodlock - Father
- Lucas Woodlock - Brother
- Braxton Woodlock - Brother

- Family doggos!

Area of Residence:
- New Zealand

Blood Status:
- Mixed Blood

- Mix of English & New Zealand

Special Abilities:
- None~

Interests or Hobbies:
- Painting
- Arts and Crafts

Additional Skills:

- Friendly
- Enthusiastic

- Impatient
- Careless/Reckless

Describe your character in three words:
- Clumsy. Daring. Energetic.

Favourite place to be:
- Outside!

Hogwarts House:
- Unsure yet - wants Gryffindor!

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
- To explore the castle, and know every nook and cranny!

Best school subjects:

Worst school subjects:

- 2054

Plans for your future:
- Unsure!

Your Patronus:
- A Horse
You're loyal, smart, and willing to take risks for the sake of your friends and family. You're an underrated badass and enemies should be cautious of your hexing skills.

Your Patronus memory:
- Receiving her Hogwarts letter/Christmas with the family.

Your Boggart:
- Herself with no hands.

Your Animagus:
- Phoenix
You are a good-natured person who can sometimes be unpredictable. You love to have fun and are friendly to people but can also be rather intimidating. People go to you for advice and you always seem to have a solution for any problem. You are known for your strength and resilience. You never let anything get you down or keep you from being yourself.

- Fire
Fire best represents your personality. You have passion and a burning desire for everything you love doing, increasing your perfection in your life experiences. Your energetic attitude and enthusiasm makes you a wonderful person for your friends to depend on. If you never give up on your aspiration, you are bound to go far!
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