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!i've been waiting for a sign to tell me where i belong,

FIRST: Scorpius - Latin for scorpion; also a constellation
LAST: Knight - a man invested by a king or lord with the military and social standing of this rank

Scorpius is fond of his name because it is very unique,
although he is slightly bitter that he doesn't have a
middle name. I mean what kind of a kid doesn't have a
middle name to be embarrassed about?! Well he and his
siblings don't. He rather likes his last name because it's
simple but slightly unusual and it makes him feel as
awesome as a knight must've felt, protecting the royal
and all that jazz back then. He used to go by "Knight"
when he first started school, and it was especially cool
when his best friend's last name was Prince but over time
they've grown up and grown out of it so now he just goes
by his first name or simply the shorter, "Scorp."

october 13, 2009; nineteen

ZODIAC: Contrary to what people assume, Scorpius
is not a Scorpio and is actually a Libra. He likes that
the Libra is an air sign, since he likes being up in the air so
much. Libra is represented by scales which means they like
to have a balance on things although they can be really

[The following is taken from an astrology website]
If you have been captivated by him once, there is a minuscule
chance that you will be able to leave him. Even if try to back
off, he will convince you with such persuasive arguments that
you would be left with no other option, but to stay. He will
cover the contradictions of his behavior with such charm that
you will be entrapped once again, with nowhere to go. God help
you if he smiles! You will fall in love with him again. Don't blame
yourself; the smile of a Libra male is so captivating that not even
his enemies can resist it. Now, when you are totally enamored,
you are bound to forget your own existence.
!come on board it's a curious sight,

PLAYBY: Ian Somerhalder
FORMER PLAYBY: Milo Ventimiglia (Y1-Y6)

I skipped the 'basics' because there's really nothing basic about Scorpius' appearance.
He has dark brown hair that is always perfectly messy and constantly runs his hands
through it to ruffle it more, which is why he never likes to cut it too short. Scorpius
also has intense silver eyes that he inherited from his paternal grandfather. He and
his younger sister are the only other ones to have this unique eye color. Aside from his
striking eye color, another unusual characteristic he has is a scar running down diagonally
across his lips. Scorpius received this scar after venturing out into the Forbidden Forest
in his second year with a fellow Housemate and ran into some unpleasant centaurs. Running
for their lives, Scorpius tripped and busted his lip on a branch. The scar has since faded
slightly but it is still very much a prominent facial feature. It looks a lot worse than it
feels and when he'd first gotten it had lost some feeling in his lower lip, but has since
regained it. Beneath his mouth he has a very strong, sharp jawline and almost always has
stubble 'cause he's too lazy to shave. Scorpius has a broad, muscular build because he
plays Quidditch professionally and has been playing the sport since he was very young. His
upper body is especially toned since he plays the Beater position. Scorpius is also pretty tall.

ATTIRE: Scorpius is just your average guy who throws on a t-shirt and jeans and
he's good to go. He also frequently wears a leather jacket. Aside from that there's really
nothing unusual about his style, simply casual. But Scorpius also cleans up nicely; as he's
growing up and has to appear in many press conferences due to his profession, he has
gotten used to the whole suit and tie thing and looks damn good in it, even if it isn't his
style preference at the moment.

!'cause i know when the kids are all grown we will still have this blue & gold print,

SCHOOL: Hogwarts New Zealand, Y1-Y4, Y7
Ireland Institute of Magic, 75-Y6


BEST SUBJECTS: Flying, Transfiguration
---Flying for obvious reasons; Transfiguration
because he used to really want to become an
Animagus; he also liked Astronomy, because
of his name; and liked History of Magic but
not enough to do well in those classes.

Scorpius was sorted into Ravenclaw house because he was incredibly curious in that
reckless danger kind of way. If something said 'Off Limits' he wanted to know why
it was off limits. There were times when he felt he didn't belong in Ravenclaw house
because he wasn't as studious as his Housemates seemed to be, but he got over it
eventually and loved his place in his House.

When Scorpius' younger brother, Orion, got his wizarding letter, a new school had just
opened up in Ireland, where Scorpius is from, so his parents sent Orion there. They felt
a bit uneasy sending Orion there alone so for his sixth year Scorpius transferred to the
new school but hated it. He especially hated that there was no Quidditch team (since it
was obviously new) but he strongly advocated for the school to get a Quidditch team
immediately. His constant rallying for a team garnered a lot of interest from professionals
out recruits out there, and thanks to him the school started a Quidditch team. However
Scorpius still missed Hogwarts New Zealand and he wanted to return for his final year at
school there so his parents agreed to let him transfer back. The friends he had mat at
the Ireland Institute of Magic felt betrayed by him, because as soon as they had gotten
a Quidditch team, Scorpius had been recruited to play professionally, and returned to HNZ.
His friends at the new school thought of him as a traitor and were upset that he left them
but he couldn't help it if he wanted to return to his original school.

OCCUPATION: Professional Quiddith player
TEAM: Kenmare Kestrals
LOCATION: Kenmare, Ireland

Because Scorpius was the one in charge during the rally
for a Quidditch team at the Ireland Institute of Magic,
he gathered lots of interest from professionals and was
recruited in November of 2026, a month after he had
turned seventeen, though he had just started his sixth
year. In the summer before his seventh year, Scorpius
got knocked unconscious by a bludger to the back of
the head and went into a slight, minor coma-like state.
After his recovery his team decided it was best for him
to take a bit of time up and just focus on finishing his
schooling. As soon as he graduated he went right back
into training to catch up with his teammates and loves
his job very much.

However Scorpius knows he can't play Quidditch forever,
because his body will eventually get worn down, so he
is contemplating what career to go into afterward. Part
of him wants to go into the Department of Magical Games
and Sports, so he can continue working with Quidditch
somehow, but sometimes he feels it's too childish, trying
to hold on to something when it's gone. He also has an
interest in going into the Accidental Magic Reversal
Squad, since he knows what it's like to get into magical
accidents and stuff. Then again, he's always been
interested in Healing because he's gotten injured too
many times to count so he's also thought of practicing
Healing so he can just fix himself up. Right now he's just
going to enjoy playing Quidditch for as long as he can
and the time to pick a more serious career will come later.

!and i know myself of course 'cause it's certifiable,

BORN IN: Cork, Ireland
BLOOD STATUS: Mixed blood; his paternal grandparents are Muggleborn; maternal grandparents Muggles

5 WORDS: curious, adventurous, irrational, kindhearted, spontaneous

LIKES: Quidditch, skateboarding, star gazing, beaches, traveling, drinking, girls, adventures, flying, mountain/climbing, rock climbing, etc. basically adrenaline pumping stuff

Scorpius is a very easy going guy who loves to have fun in any way possible. He
is easy to get along with though he has been known to make enemies and cause
trouble in his youth. Scorpius is a hopeless romantic and when he really likes a
girl can be really cheesy, even if he tries to deny it. However he also gets easily
jealous and tends to jump to conclusions. His short temper has been the cause of
all his previous relationships failing but now that he is older he is hoping he will be
mature enough to think things through rationally. He has lost too many girls he
cared about over his quick jealousy. Scorpius tends to get hurt a lot but doesn't
think he is accident prone; he just seems to attract danger and/or put himself in
dangerous situations. However, despite the fact that he seems to get hurt a lot
and may come off as 'fragile' that way, his body is tough and can take more than
the average hit, which is good considering his current profession. He likes to think
of himself as indestructible!

GOALS: -to figure out what career to go into after his Quidditch days are over;
-to become an Animagus
-to find a girl that loves him as much as he can love her

!this is the story with the fantastic lies or some facts to help us minimalize,


WAND: Elder 15 1/2" Essence of Thestral Tail Hair
---Elder is said to be the most powerful wood a wand can be
made of and a wand with thestral substances are tricky to master.

PATRONUS: Scorpion because it's the origin on his name.

EXPECTO PATRONUM!: It may be silly and cheesy and it's
probably too soon in their relationship, if you can call it that,
but at this point in his life, the memory he'd use is when he
first kissed Pandora Cohen. He's at a point in his life where he
loves what he's doing, where he's going and kissing Pandora,
getting the girl he wants, that's the cherry on top of his cake.

ANIMAGUS: A raven because Scorpius loves flying and
wants to be able to do it long after his Quidditch days are over.
It would also symbolize his House and his will to never stop being
the curious Ravenclaw he was.

BOGGART: Scorpius has already faced a boggart once and
it turned into all his friends turning against him and not forgiving
him and basically making him feel the worst guilt he's ever felt in
his life. He really thought he was going to die of guilt. He also
encountered the Sorting Hat who'd told him that he was the only
mistake he'd ever made because he was the worst Ravenclaw
ever. I think today it might still be that, afraid to dye of guilt for
wronging his friends somehow.

RIDDIKULUS!: Scorpius would turn his boggart around by
turning his friends' blaming and guilt tripping him into a roast
where the jokes at his expense will be funny and lighthearted,
not malicious and guilt enducing.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Scorpius can't help it if deep down
he's a hopeless romantic, so if he were to look into the Mirror
he'd see himself growing old with someone who loves him as
unconditionally as he'd love her. He'd probably aslo see himself
playing Quidditch forever or something, haha.

PETS: Used to have a pet snake and spider before he
got to Hogwarts but when he returned after his first year, his
pet snaked had somehow managed to slither out of its tank
while his spider magically disappeared. As he grew older he
figured that his mother took the opportunity to get rid of the
creatures that freaked her out. He hasn't had a pet since but
would probably get a cat to keep him company in his apartment.

DEMENTOR: If Dementors were to attack Scorpius the
moment he'd relive in fear forever is when he and his friends
ventured into the Borely Mansion in the summer before his
second year to celebrate his friend Hoshi's birthday. He had
been in there once before and hadn't been too scared so he
didn't think anything of entering again, but the second time
was way different. This was where he encountered his first
boggart amongst other chilling things. The place still gives
him the heebie jeebies so if attacked by a Dementor Scorp
would probably be reliving that day forever, forced to face
his fears through the boggart. It's like a double whamy! D:

AMORTENTIA: polished wood, sea water, & the smell of hospitals
---Scorpius would be most attracted to these scents because he loves
the smell of a polished broomstick, duh, and loves going to the beach.
Normally people hate the smell of hospitals but to Scorpius, getting
injured is like second nature to him so he's grown used to, and fond of,
the smell. It may also have to do with the fact that he's always had a
thing for Healers and where else better to meet them than a hospital?

This is a list of injuries Scorpius has attained over the years

--black eye, busted lip, broken ribs - fight with Beau Hurley over a girl, Toni Addison; first year
--broken hand - bludger to the hand aimed by Hoshi Koshiba after she figured out he was leading her & other girls on; first year
--broken leg - tripped over his skateboard running for his life from the Borely Mansion with friends; summer before second year
--scarred lip - trip to the Forbidden Forest gone awry with Thomas Smith and centaurs; second year
--fractured wrist - skateboarding accident; christmas break of third year
--broken arm - flying too high on his broom in his backyard and had to dive to avoid being seen, fell off - summer before fifth year
--minor coma, broken ribs, major bruising - bludger to the head during a professional match, knocked unconscious and fell hundreds of feet in the air - summer before seventh year

!and if you really wanna shake it off, you've got to re-arrange us,


Marcus Neil Knight, 43

Wizard; Hogwarts Scotland Gryffindor;
From Cork, Ireland; Owner of a pub
named "Knight's Castle"; he and his
family live above the pub

Lacey Knight nee. Harris, 39

Witch; Hogwarts Scotland Hufflepuff;
From Monagahn, Ireland; Helps run
the pub and is otherwise a stay at
home mother to take care of the 3
boys in her life and care for her
youngest and only daughter

Orion Knight, 13
November 1, 2015

Second year at the Ireland Institute
of Magic; Scorpius actually picked
out his name when his mother was
pregnant with him. Scorpius was only
6 so he had no idea that Orion was
also a constellation like his name.

Cassiopeia Knight, 5
December 12, 2022

Cassie is the only other sibling to share
Scorpius' unique eye color, silver.

Scorpius is really close with his family, even his grandparents, Arthur &
Athena Knight. Since he turned fifteen Scorpius has spent his holidays
helping his grandfather fix up an old truck the Muggle way for him to
keep. Although Scorpius is interested in driving he has yet to get his
Muggle license. In contrast to that however, Scorpius and the rest of
his family do not keep in contact with his mother's parents because
they do not approve of the wizarding world even if their daughter is a
witch. Scorpius is also pretty close with his parents without being too
needy and dependent on them. Now that he's of age enjoys spending
time drinking with his father. He used to always hang out downstairs in
their pub anyway, and got along with all of the regulars as a kid. He loves
his mom very much and is glad she finally got the daughter she deserved.
Scorpius and Orion are very close because Scorpius enjoys picking on him
in an affectionate way and thinks he's brother is funny when he thinks he
knows more than him. Orion really looks up to Scorpius but now that he's
a teen would never admit this out loud.</SIZE>

!this is the writing of the whiner's bio,
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