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Efren de Leon

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2/2021 (33)
Efren didn't really know when he had started feeling settled in his job, but it had happened. He had started picking up more and more languages as his translation work grew in scale, had become familiar with the legal terminology and where New Zealand stood with other countries, had even gotten used to Tristan's... whatever was going on with that guy. All in all he felt comfortable, in a way he never had before. Though he hadn't expected to find a home here, Efren was gradually realising he found it harder and harder to see himself ever leaving New Zealand. He had found a home, so far from where he was born, but here it was. It felt... good.

That wasn't to say that life was perfect though, making friends outside of work was still something he didn't quite know how to do. It was much easier to just... focus on work, and pretend that aspect of his life wasn't lacking. It was nice to spend more time with Abian now that he had graduated, but one cousin and one aunt didn't count as a social life. But there was nothing to be done for that, other than pretend it wasn't happening, and put all his attention into work. He had just purchased a large stack of books on Urdu ahead of a trade negotiation he would be translating, and was making his way to the Leaky Cauldron to get a bite to eat while he worked, when a loose cobble sent him flying, books scattering all across the street as he tumbled to his knees. Cursing under his breath in Tagalog, Efren scrambled to gather his books, hoping nobody was staring at him.

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