Satchel Edgar Howard

Satchel Howard

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Full Name:
Satchel Edgar Howard

Date of Birth:
September 9th 2031

Current Age: 11

Basic Appearance:
Satchel is small for his age, with dark brown eyes and a delicate frame. His looks mirror his mother,'s he inherited her eyes. He has always felt his ears were a bit too big, and is teased about this aspect of his looks by his siblings.

Satchel is incredibly sensitive, he is the least assertive of the Howard triplets, and is often led by Koa and Henrietta. He is considered by his father to be "soft" which has resulted in Danton being incredibly protective of the boy. His mother, he is less close to, because he cannot relate to her in the way he can with his father. He is very quiet, in a house of people who aren't shy when sharing their feelings.

Parents: Danton Howard and Kay Arai-Howard
Siblings: Cassander, Henrietta, Koa (Satchel, Henrietta and Koa are triplets)

Satchel has always liked animals, and wants to buy a snake, but his father hasn't given him permission.

Area of Residence:
New Zealand and America, over and back.

Blood Status:

Howard History

Special Abilities:
None that he's noticed.

Interests or Hobbies:
He talks to the insects and animals he finds in the garden at home, and loves to read, largely factual books rather than fiction. Satchel loves art, and draws in his spare time. He is not particularly talented, but it calms him.

Additional Skills:
None he has discovered yet.

He is very empathetic, and possesses the ability to think of others feelings before his own, something which is lacking in the Howard family.

He lets people walk all over him, and finds it hard to communicate his own feelings.

Describe your character in three words:
Quiet, calm, sensitive

Favourite place to be:
Outdoors, or in the attic

Satchel's friends mostly consist of family members. His siblings are his closest friends, because while they tease him, they are protective of him. His cousins Sybil and Lycus are also close to him. His aunt Danielle had a soft spot for him, as she has taken an interest in Danton's children.

Hogwarts House:
He's terrified of not being sorted into Slytherin

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
He just wants to make his father proud, and not to make his mother angry.

Best school subjects:

Worst school subjects:

Extracurricular Activities:


Current Job:

Plans for your future:
He assumes he will enter into the family business, but worries that he'll be no good at potions.

Your Patronus:
A butterfly: they can hide and be deceptive, but he butterfly patronus represents transformation and rebirth, a flowing free spirit. People with an inner butterfly are creative. They can be a bit scattered in this way, as they often fly from place to place mentally, starting on one thing before they finish another. They are sensitive and fragile, but they can hold themselves up despite the blows they are given.

Your Patronus memory:
Probably hasn't happened yet

Your Boggart:
His mother angry

Your Animagus:

Mirror of Erised:
He has grown up to be tall and strong, his mother places a proud hand on his shoulder and his father rests his arm around Kay's shoulder. His siblings stand alongside, but he is standing in the middle, successful and proud-looking.

A Page from your Diary:
I am quite sure that Dad hates Mother. I really don't think they like each other.
Aunt Danielle visited today, and it's clear she doesn't like Mother.
Maybe it's just because Mother isn't a Howard, she doesn't really get it.
It must be hard though, being married to someone they don't even like.
Maybe they were an arranged marriage? That would make sense.
I don't think Cass, Hen or Koa notice, they didn't come down until after mother had left the room.
Aunt Danielle looked pretty, she had a blue dress on and it matched her eyes. It really is remarkable how alike she and Daddy are. Aunt Danielle says she was much wilder when she was younger, she sounds like Henrietta in the stories.

Professor Cyndi Kingsley

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"He's terrified of not being sorted into Slytherin" And he's a Gryffindor! :o How is he coping with this?

Why won't his dad let him get a snake?
What's Satchel's pet peeve?
What's his favorite food?
Does he support a quidditch team?

Satchel Howard

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Satchel's fear of not being in Slytherin, was mostly related to his mother. He doesn't really have a house preference, as he doesn't see the point. He wrote to his father to tell him he was in Gryffindor, and is hoping Danton will calm his mother about it. The fact that none of the triplets got into Slytherin is something he thinks will make it easier, because the anger will be spread among the three, but he worries about being separated from both Koa and Henrietta.

His father won't let him get a snake, because he thinks Satchel won't look after it properly. Satchel is going to ask again on his next birthday.

He hates when people are loud unnecessarily. Growing up with Kay as a mother, and with the Howards as relatives, he's become used to it, but is always quietly irritated when they get out of control.

Satchel loves fish, specifically salmon.

Satchel isn't very interested in sport, he understands quidditch, and thinks the flying is sort of beautiful, but doesn't really have a preference.

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