Saira Elizabeth Lykims

Saira Lykims

Creative / Loyal / Plants
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Knotted 13 1/2 Inch Sturdy Walnut Wand with Mermaid Scale Core
July 18 (12)
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Saira Elizabeth Lykims

Selena Katherine Berkshires
Cedric Adam Lykims J.
Cedric Edward Lykims II

Zennon Baros - The Prefect who showed the first years to the dorms
Luxen Silverback II - An older student, who Saira, honestly finds weird
Aoi Ito - A girl Saira's talked to a couple of times in her first year

Melus Baliga - She saw her when talking to a professor
Sebastian Grimm - He threw a pillow at her while she was dozing off
Nikola Raven - Saira cut up a couple of roses for him
Millie Louane - She's talked to her once, Saira was looking for one of her friends.

Ruben Right - Saira meets him at the Valentines day ball and they have a conversation about music
Delilah Thorne - Saira encountered her once when looking for a place to practice the guitar
Ivy Ashworth- Saira talked to her once in the owlery
Flynn North - Saira met him in the hogwarts express. He was talking to Liusaidh.

Leia Hume - An older student, She discovers Saira baby-talking her owl.


Lillith Montgomery - They are childhood friends, Lillith moved to New Zealand when she was eight.
Kard Thomas - She spoke to him a lot during her first year
Liusaidh Fergusson - Saira is amused every time Liusaidh does something, she finds her to be a very fun and interesting person
Lily Harbour - They met up at the towers in the first year during break and hang out occasionally. They also went to the forest together with another Hilde
Hildegarde de Valeriane - Lily introduced Hilde, they went to the forest together

Best Friends
Saira does not consider anyone as her best friend yet.
Nathan Clarke - A younger student Saira finds rude and annoying.
Saira does not consider anyone as her enemy yet.

Saira does not have a crush on anyone yet.

Significant Other
Saira does not have a significant other yet

Saira does not have any exes yet.
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