Rosemaryn Chevalier

OOC First Name

Full Name:
Rosemaryn Adelia Chevalier
Rosemaryn: (Rose-mah-Rin) Lone flower
Adelia: (Ah-dell-ee-ah) Noble
Chevalier: (Chev-al-ee-ay) Knight, horsemen

Date of Birth:
May 15th, 2035

Current Age:

Basic Appearance:
- Heart shaped face
- Large blue eyes
- Blonde pale blonde hair, thin and usually kept straight
- Pale skin
- Short

For the most part, Rosemaryn is friendly and eager to meet new people. Her nature tends to be carefree and fun, but she is very resourceful and quick-minded when she needs to be. Rosemaryn is also known to be very blunt and open about her opinions and beliefs.

Alyssa Chevalier – Former St. Mungos Healer
Vincent Chevalier – Former Auror, St. Mungos Healer
Older Brothers:
Chacen Chevalier – Gryffindor Sixth Year,
Brayden Chevalier – Slytherin First Year
Older Sister:
Azelle Chevalier - Beauxbatons 4th Year

Pashmina – Rosemaryn’s ragdoll cat she has had for three years.
Rosemaryn is in the process of trying to talk her parents into getting her a puppy, or an owl, but has had no success thus far.

Area of Residence:
Balclutha, New Zealand

Blood Status:


Special Abilities:

Things she Loves:
Animals, anything sweet, iced tea, the color yellow, playing the piano (she’s not very good), corny jokes, fruit, flowers, and skating (also not very good)

Additional Skills:
Rosemaryn is known to have very good penmanship,
Rosemaryn is also quick to learn, if she is paying attention

- Neat handwriting
- Resourceful
- Learns quickly

- Stubborn
- Sore loser
- Gets distracted easily
- Consumes twice her body weight in sweets

Describe your character in three words:
Friendly, resourceful, creative

Favourite place to be:
There’s a bakery near her home in Balclutha called Rise and Roll that she visits very frequently. The staff see her so often that they know her order by heart. In her opinion, they have the best cinnamon buns in the entire world.

Rosemaryn doesn’t really have any friends, she does occasionally hang around some of the muggle children who live nearby, but out of discomfort of her magical and vela heritage, she avoids becoming too close to them out of fear of being shunned if discovered.

Hogwarts House:
To be determined

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
Rosemaryn doesn’t really have any ambitions, except to not get detention her first year at Hogwarts if at all possible.

Best school subjects:

Worst school subjects:

Extracurricular Activities:


Current Job:
Too young for a job

Plans for your future:
Rosemaryn currently would like to be a Healer like her mother was, but she has also considered opening her own sweets shop too. It depends on the mood.

Your Patronus:
A Panda
The panda is a resourceful animal, and those with it as a patronus are the same. They are good at using whatever is around them, and incredibly creative and bright. They are friendly and warm, and many may go to them for advice or help, which the panda will willingly give. They are a bit of a healer by nature, enjoying company around them and using it to enhance themselves. They love to explore many areas of knowledge and the world, trying to broaden their horizons and keep their minds open. They can be very spiritual people, but will not push their views on others, as they are comfortable with whatever a person chooses to believe. The most common house for a panda patronus is Ravenclaw, the most common signs are Pisces and Cancer.

Your Patronus memory:
To be determined

Your Boggart:
A scorpion

Your Animagus:
Panda Bear

A page from your diary:
I never write in diaries, they leave trails for the curious to follow.

- Rosemaryn

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