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[name] Rakas Raye Varius
[etymology] The first name Rakas means reckless and impatient. It would give off the impression of a creative person. The middle name Raye means innocent lamb. It would give off the impression of a beautiful person. Both of the names truly suit Rakas' character, with him often being reckless, but he is also a beautiful person, but not many really see the real beauty that he holds. The surname Varius means versatile which seems to have originated from ancient Roman times.
[origin] The surname Varius that he carries originated in ancient Roman times, where the family has almost died off and carried on by two males alone. The name does not mean anything as far as everyone knows, but if one traced the bloodline far back enough, they would see that the they descended from some famous wizards and witches that have lived back in the Dark Ages. The name itself is rather died off, and the good name that it used to wear had been worn thin by the generation before Rakas.
[nicknames] While Rakas does not really have a nickname, he does have a new nickname given to him by the Rumour Has It magazine, calling him a Match. He finds it somewhat funny, but now he isn't so comfortable.
[alliance] Rakas is ultimately neutral because the society hates on his big brother, and he doesn't like evil because of what it does to someone.
[birthdate] He was born on January 23rd, 2013, would seven in the morning in a small hospital.
[age] He is currently twenty-three-years-old.
[gender] Rakas is a male.
[sexual orientation] Heterosexual which means that Rakas is attracted only to the opposite sex, which is females. When it comes down to choosing whether Rakas is attracted to aesthetics or personality, it is the personality.
[dialects] Rakas can only speak one language, and that is English.
[hometown] This is currently unknown to him because he moved around so much. All he knew was that he was from England, but he did not know what city or town he was born in.
[residency] Rakas currently lives in Hope, New Zealand in a nice, cozy house that his brother now owns. He lives with Grezhen Varius and Giselle Varius.
[heritage] His parents are both fully British, which makes him British as well. There would have been Roman in him, however the heritage had been worn out so thin, it is barely noticeable.
[blood status] Rakas is a half-blood, with a muggle mother. Rakas does not think much of his blood, but if asked, he will give a weird look and state it.
[blood type] The type of blood that Rakas has is O positive, so he is a universal donor. There is a belief in Japan that a blood type would give someone good traits and bad. The good traits are agreeable, sociable, an optimist while the bad traits are vain, careless, ruthless, cruel. The good traits tend to align with his character.
[wand] The wand that chose Rakas is the Maple 14" Core of Dragon's Heartstring. The core Dragon Heartstring produce a wand with immense power, and it capable of flamboyant spells. The wood in the wand, Maple, chooses a witch or wizard that would be an explorer or a traveler. They prefer ambition in their master. It loves challenges, and changes which will make it shine. This is a beautiful and desirable wood, and wand quality maple has been among the most costly for centuries. It is easy to turn to the Dark Arts, and it is often temperamental. Combining it makes it one strong wand, but can be won over in a battle.
[occupation] Rakas now has a job as a professional Beater in the Woolongong Warriors.
[health status] Rakas is perfectly healthy.
[allergies] He does not have allergies.
[pet] Rakas does not own any pets.
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[five words] Hyper, Sensitive, Athletic, Scarred, Caring
[personality] Rakas is pretty easy going, and his personality is a bright one, however he does not show it to many people because he secludes himself from society. Rakas is highly intelligent, but he is also lazy and cannot pay attention in school despite of his intelligence. He is highly curious, and he will experiment with things even when he is not supposed to. He loves to see new things, and his curiosity shines when he sees something new that he likes. He is not selfish at all, and will share whatever he has with anyone that needs or just asks for it. Rakas is hardly sad, but when he gets questioned on his scars, or on his past and parents, Rakas will become cold, almost like a statue, and silent as the grave since he hates bringing them up for anything. He dares to never speak of what happened. He hardly stresses, but he is rather lazy when it comes to working. He loves to have fun, so he is highly playful and will often work in a team when there needs it. He can be quite competitive as well.
[beliefs] Rakas believes that people need to get over their prejudice against the werewolves and give them a chance.
[boggart] A dragon coming at him.
[fears] Rakas does not have many fears, but he does fear of his past, and he has a fear of hot objects, such as anything heated by fire thanks to his many burns that were on his body. Any dark creature except werewolves he is afraid of. Rakas is afraid of death, but not to a point where he will not live his life the best that he can. He also fears Death Eaters.
[likes] Rakas enjoys, or more like is addicted to, cauldron cakes and anything chocolate that is cake-like, which would include brownies. He enjoys being outside and playing sports. He does enjoy Quidditch and playing as a beater. He does love being a leader and having people follow after him sometimes. He loves to nap and dream, as long as they are not nightmares from his past.
[dislikes] Rakas tends to dislike doing work, like house work, school work, anything that seems remotely boring. Rakas dislikes people when they don't enjoy life, and they don't seem to like anything fun at all. He does not like uptight people that do not know how to let loose a little bit. He does not like drinking at all, or people that are rather prejudice. He does not like the ones that are for the Death Eaters, or people that take advantage of others.
[goals] To somehow enlighten people that werewolves are people too.
[good habits] He tends to brush his hair and shower every morning and night.
[bad habits] He will often ignore people when he thinks that they wouldn't be a good friend to him, and also judge base on the appearance.
[strengths] Rakas' strength comes from his abilities to do things for an extensive amount of time, which means he could let someone cry on him for hours and hours, and he could talk to cheer them up, or just be the shoulder that they need. He also has much determination that he will be able to conquer anything and everything that he needs. He can be the perfect, loyal friend however getting him to trust is a problem. He will stand up for what he believes in and often does not take crap from anyone. Rakas cannot stand bullies and he will not let one bother him at all. Rakas has a fair bit of magic in him, that he can use at his disposal. He can make advanced potions, mixing and brewing, whatever it took, he will make. He is very good at Charms, and can often cast the spell on the first try. He can fly and play Quidditch extremely well, and think that he is good enough to go professional.
[weaknesses] Rakas has a variety of weaknesses. One of his main weaknesses are to chocolate cake, anything that is cake with chocolate in it basically. The things he would do for one. And then he has a weakness to being manipulated into doing something for someone even if he did not want to, he can be forced rather easily by tempting or using his weakness to chocolate. He also tends to do things for pretty girls, and will get rather shy around them too. He wants to be with a girl, but his weakness toward them makes him nervous and clam up like a shell. Rakas also has a strong weakness to dueling, since he can never focus and stay in one spot for too long without moving about. He simply is a pacifist and will avoid a physical fight at any cost, which could be bad as well. Since Rakas is neutral, he can be swayed to either side, with the right convincing, showing that his morals are rather weak. Sometimes he does not make the smartest decisions, hence his potion accident that changed his hair.
[loyalties] Rakas' loyalties rest within his family, friends and the Gryffindor House.
[magical talents] Rakas has a few magical talents that he is rather good at, one in particular is nonverbal magic that he had taught himself during his time over the OWLs. He is very good at potions and making them, as well as being able to tell what they are. He can apparate rather well, but has never apparated with someone riding with him. He is also very talented at flying on a broomstick, and also at charms, which he loves to perform and cast new ones. He is fairly good at defensive spell work as well.
[other talents] Rakas has many talents, one of which is his running abilities, since he can run pretty fast, and jump rather high. He can read at high levels, and he can consume a large amount of sweets at one time. He can sing rather well, and play the guitar. However his best talent that does not have any magic, is his talent at active sports that require lots of running, especially basketball and football. He can toss anything at a long distance as well.
[patronus form] He believes his patronus form would be an otter.
[annoyances] Rakas can get annoyed rather easily, but he never shows it. However when he is touched by someone he does not know, he will get annoyed by that, and then there is girls that seem to like him for no reason that he finds annoyed. He also gets annoyed when people judge a werewolf because of his brother, because he can't help it.
Take my hand drag me down if you fall then I will too
You're so cold, keep your hand in mine
[chinese year] Being born in 2013, it makes Rakas a Snake. People born in the Year of the Snake are deep. They say little and possess great wisdom. They never have to worry about money; they are financially fortunate. Snake people are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. Yet they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail. Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have marital problems because they are fickle. They are most compatible with the Ox and Rooster.
[zodiac sign] Rakas is an Aquarius, the Water Carrier. The good traits of being an Aquarius is being friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual while the bad traits are intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, unemotional and detached. What an Aquarius likes are fighting for causes, dreaming and planning for the future, thinking of the past, good companions, having fun and they dislike full of air promises, excessive loneliness, the ordinary, imitations, idealistic. Their color of choice is turquoise, and is their starstone.
[fixed sign] An Aquarius has a fixed sign, which means that the person can be described as someone who has stabilization, determination, depth and persistence. This fits his character.
[transpersonal sign] Also being a, Aquarius makes them have a transpersonal sign which makes them principally aware of and concerned with humanitarian and existential concerns. This is also not too true to his character however.
[planet] The plant that rules an Aquarius is Uranus. The energies of Uranus can induce a sense of a special purpose or individual, oftentimes very unique. The energies of Uranus allows further truth and awareness to unfold to the seeker. The most sexually active, and inactive, people appear to be influenced by the energy of Uranus. The effects of this energy can vary significantly in individual charts. They often find it hard to let anyone into their lives; close emotional relationships for Aquarians are much more difficult than for any other sign. They find it hard to settle into and sustain one due to their powerful need for independence. Closeness for them means modifying their lifestyle and tolerating an invasion of their privacy, both material and psychological but when and if they do allow this to happen,(they do have a strong romantic streak), they will be very committed and true. The good side of being ruled by this plant is loathing restriction, resourceful, intuitive, inventive and humanitarian. The bad side is resisting change, rebellious, erratic, perverse and eccentric.
[element] Rakas' element is Air. Airy people are usually natural communicators. On a positive note they are great and conceptual tasks and often tend to 'have their head in the clouds'. On the down side though, they may be so busy living in their head that they lose touch with reality. The lack of air in a birth chart can indicate difficulty in the expression of that person. Communication of ideas and the ability to conceptualise may prove difficult. Some of the positive influences that the element of air gives out are intellectual and thirst for knowledge, social, idealistic, rational and theoretical. While on the bad side, it seems to be unemotional, objective, impersonal, opinionated and distant.
[birthstone] Rakas was born in January, making his birthstone the Garnet. The garnet was once thought to be connected with the blood. This stone is supposed to protect the wearer from nightmares and offer guidance through the dark.
And I can't save what's left of you, say something new
Wise men wonder while strong men die
[martial status] Rakas is currently single, and he is not looking for a relationship, even though he would love to be in one if he didn't get so damn nervous.
[whom] N/A
[innocence] He has not lost his virginity just yet.
[turn ons] Beauty, personality, willingness to explore and have an adventure, creativeness
[turn offs] Boring, nagging, ugly personality, meanness, anything too abnormal
[aphrodisiacs] Cherries and bananas
[the perfect female] Someone that is willing to go everywhere with him, whether it would be hiking through the Grand Canyon or rock climbing, or even ice climbing, someone that is nice and willing to have fun.
[the perfect date] His perfect date is doing something sporty, and a nice, quite dinner afterward.
I have nothing left, I can't face the dark without you
Show me it ends, it's alright
[playby] Gaspard Ulliel
[ages used] From ages seventeen to present
[former playby] Gerard Arthur Way
[ages used] From ages ten to seventeen
[natural hair] Rakas' natural hair is the color of dark brown, and it is very thick, however often smooth and soft. He keeps it cut at a good length, where he would need a brush in order to keep it tame. He never uses any sort chemicals on his hair anymore.
[hair modifications] The only modification he has right now is some accident that happened when he mixed potions, and it exploded into his hair, changing the color to a blood red. It continues to grow out red, and Rakas feels that it is irreversible. Ever since that one magazine came out he started to feel insecure about his hair.
[eyes] Rakas' eyes are a natural green, that look rather bright. If one looked into his eyes, they would see happiness, cheerfulness, and everything good under the sun to hide the sadness that inhabited his life when he was younger. Green is a vibrant and fresh color that has connotations of life-force, vegetation, rejuvenation, youthfulness, and health. Green eyes can indicate a youthful-seeming and compassionate person of boundless energy who has immense creativity as well as the gift of healing.
[height] Rakas stands at a height of six feet and one inch.
[weight] Rakas weighs at a good one hundred and eighty-five pounds.
[complexion] He has a fair complexion, but it is around normal, and he does tan easily.
[scars] His body is covered in scars that he will be healed from, such as his torso, back and arms look like they have been burned.
[birthmark] He no longer has his birthmark.
[smile] His smirk is somewhat awkward, crooked but it is gentle, and often contagious.
[body build] Rakas is pretty built, having worked out in Quidditch, so he stands stall, and his muscles are rather visible.
[body modifications] He does not have any piercings or tattoos yet.
[dominant hand] Rakas is right-handed.
[style] His style is rather basic, with blue jeans and a tee shirt. He does not like robes, but will wear them when he needs to anyway. He wears sneakers that he can run in, and everything comfortable. He does not like anything that is too scratchy, and his clothing must be soft or else he will not wear them. He does not dress up for much, but he will on occasion.
There's nothing left to lose, the fighting never ends
Show me how defenseless you really are
[school] He has attended Hogwarts New Zealand all seven of his schooling years.
[hogwarts house] He was sorted in the house of Godric Gryffindor.
[special titles and awards] The only special title that Rakas has earned is Quidditch Co-Captain of the Gryffindor team.
[extracurricular activities] Rakas is in the Brotherhood of MAGIC, and he participates in Quidditch as the beater.
[favorite subject] Potions
[best subject] Care of Magical Creatures
[loathed subject] Herbology
[worst subject] History of Magic
[favorite professor] Professor Thornton
[loathed professor] Professor Blaze
[grade average] Acceptable
[owl grades]
Potions: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Charms: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
History of Magic: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Defense Against the Dark Arts: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Transfiguration: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Astronomy: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Herbology: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Divination: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable
Care of Magical Creatures: Acceptable; Exam: Acceptable

[newt grades] Not available
[graduated] June of 2031

-----Too be continued on the next post

Rakas Varius

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[mother] Carly Hellan Hiram-Varius
[born] April 4, 1966
[died] February 1st, 2019
[blood status] Muggle
[heritage] British
[seeing] Alector Demteh Varius
[occupation] Unemployed
[education] High School Alumni
[playby] Helena Bonham Carter

[father] Alector Demteh Varius
[born] September 16th, 1966
[died] February 1st, 2019
[blood status] Mixed-blood
[heritage] British
[seeing] Carly Hellan Hiram-Varius
[occupation] Unemployed
[education] Hogwarts Scotland; Gryffindor, Expelled
[playby] Alice Cooper

[older brother] Grezhen Danian Varius
[born] September 11th, 1984
[blood status] Half-blood
[condition] Werewolf
[heritage] British
[occupation] Magical Creatures Regulation Official
[education] Hogwarts Scotland; Slytherin Alumni, Prefect
[playby] Tuomas Holopainen
[roleplayer] Kaitlyn

[ex-adoptive older brother] Azerail Lucas Zhefarovich
[born] September 13th, 2009
[blood status] Pure-blood
[heritage] Bulgarian
[occupation] Saint Mungo's Healer; Potions Professor at Hogwarts New Zealand
[education] Hogwarts New Zealand; Slytherin Alumni, Prefect and Head Boy
[playby] Jared Leto
[roleplayer] Kaitlyn
No more, no less I won't forget, come back down, save yourself
If you find your family, don't you cry, in this land of make believe
When Rakas Raye was born, his parents had not thought that they were going to have another, but alas they had. At first Rakas did not know about Grezhen until he could retain memories and Azerail, his adopted brother, had told him. While Rakas was a young boy, around five, he was severely burned, and his parents did nothing to stop the pain thinking that he had deserved it. Eventually, while growing up, Rakas became an obedient child, scared to go against his parents. Azerail was the only person that Rakas would allow near him. In December of 2018, Grezhen returned to New Zealand and obtained Rakas and Azerail, and soon gaining legal custody over the boys. Not months later, Alector got really drunk and ended up crashing a car, killing both his wife and himself in the process. Grezhen did not grieve, and neither did Rakas. Rakas was living in heaven with his brothers, away from those dreadful parents. He heard that Azerail was sorted into Slytherin, and Rakas could not wait to attend himself. Once he got his letter, and he was on his way, Rakas was sorted into Gryffindor, the lone lion out of his brothers. His time during school was brief, and he did not make many friends, having forgotten about the one friend that he did make before he attended school named Jessica Mercer. In his second year, he participated in the auction, and won a date with the Head Girl herself. Rakas continued on through school, before he tried out for Beater, and he got the position, which he was happy for. Although it was not until his sixth year when something happened to him, and that was when he had messed up on a potion, and turned his hair red for who knew how long. In his seventh year, he was made Co-Captain of the Quidditch game and led his team into an amazing victory. He cannot wait to graduate and move on to bigger and better things.

Rakas Varius

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