Punishments for Rule Breaking

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Should any of the rules listed in this forum be broken the following pattern of punishment will be followed:




First Offence

Warning via PM
You will receive a personal message outlining what you did wrong and how we would like you to behave in the future. A note will be added to your account indicating you were contacted. Your warning level will not increase.

Second Offence

Increase in Warning level and PM notification
Your warning level will increase by one (as by that point you should have read and known the rules) - you will be contacted via personal message regarding what you did wrong and expected future behaviour.

Third Offence

Increase in Warning level, PM notification and possible restrictions.
Your warning level will be increased once more at this point. Again you will be notified via personal message and, depending on what was done, you could have posting restrictions imposed on your account. These restrictions could vary from not being able to post in our off topic forums, not being able to post without moderator approval for a set amount of time, not being able to send personal messages or various other punishments (any of which would fit the crime, or so to speak).

Fourth Offence

Increase in Warning level, PM notification, restrictions and possible account suspension.
At this stage you're probably knowledgeably breaking rules and should know better. But we still want to give you some chances. Here we will increase your warning level to the next level and contact you regarding the issue at hand. At this level of punishment your account will likely receive some unique restrictions for an allotted period of time, and your account may be suspended for a length of time as well. Hopefully some time off from HNZ will let you figure out what you want to do (follow the rules, or risk further punishment).

Fifth Offence

Increase in Warning Level, E-Mail Notification, Temporary or Permanent Ban
This stage varies from situation to situation, however it will certainly entail an increase in warning level and notification of that via an email to you. The email will also outline the other punishments that will be occurring. Your accounts could be banned for a set amount of time, or permanently if we don't feel your habits will change. As much as we like giving chances to people, we need to keep HNZ a happy and fun place to be for everybody, and that requires some rules and some order.

Good Behaviour

Decrease in Warning Levels, etc.
If an administrator notices you've changed your ways, or something was just a one-time incident, and you've been a good, active, member of HNZ for a while your warning level will be lowered and other previous punishments may be lifted.


Unique Punishments and Other Notes
For certain types of offences other types of punishment may be followed, for example:

  • If you are advertising via the board email system your ability to send emails from HNZ may be removed.
  • If you are found to be spamming for post count your post count may be disabled.

Obviously breaking board rules could have other implications on your experiences on HNZ. For instance, if you're a known trouble maker (out of character) then you apply for your character to have a special ability, but all you do is cause us headaches, we'd be less likely to approve your application.

We, finally, reserve the right to bypass any level of punishment or implement any other punishment as we see fit.
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