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Harry Thornton

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Mahogany Wand 14" Essence of Unicorn Hair wand

The Basics
[Character's Name:]
Harry George Thronton
[First name:] Harry: Home ruler
[Middle name:] George: Farmer
[Surname:] Thornton: Thron bush settlement
[Character's Birthdate:] April 1st 1997
[Hometown:] Perth Scotland
[Current location:] Auckland, New Zealand
[Blood Status:] Half Blood
[Wand:] Mahogany Wand 14" Essence of Unicorn Hair wand
[Hogwarts House:] Hogwarts Scotland: Gryffndor
[Occupation:] Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Years 5-7, Hogwarts New Zealand
[Martial Status:] Single

Dirty blonde spiky hair
[Eyes:] Blue
[Height:] 6' 1"
[Style:] Harry dress sense is quite smary casual. Usually seen in a blazer with an tshirt or shirt with the top button undone and a pair of jeans or black trousers when teaching.

[A Little Deeper
Fun. Hard Working. Caring. Helpful. Understanding

[History:] Harry grew up in Perth, Scotland, with his parents as an only child. His parents were simple folk and live was never exciting or had any drama. Due to his fathers career they lived their lives with minimal magic except when it came to his mothers job. Harry would go to work with his mother as much as his could when he was younger and his love for magical creatures began.

In school Harry was a mediocre student, much like his father, gaining only A's, a few EE's in his NEWTs, with the exception of course of Care of Magical Creatures where he got his only O. After leaving school Harry travelled for a while, learning about different magical creatures from all over the World before settling in New Zealand. After a short while he bought the Weasleys Wizard Wheezes store near the school. He loved the store and th legacy of the Weasley brothers, being a prankster himself in his younger years he fed a lot of his money into the shop and was almost like a brand ambassador of the store. Although in 2026 Harry saw an opening for Care of Magical Creatures Professor at the school, taking a chance he applied for it and in Septemeber 2026 he took up the post and sold the shop. He has been working at the school every since.

[Mother] Amanda Thornton (nee: Byram)
[DOB] June 3rd 1957
[Blood Status] Muggleborn
[Occupation] TV Presenter for a muggle TV station
[Education] Hogwarts Scotland: Gryffindor

[Father] Jack Thornton
[DOB] March 5th 1957
[Blood Status] Half Blood
[Occupation] Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures officer
[Education] Hogwarts Scotland: Ravenclaw

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