Professor Gladys Wright

Professor Gladys Wright

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Straight 13 Inch Swishy Beech Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
Name: "Professor" Gladys Wright

Date of Birth: December, 1960

Blood Status: Mixed Blood

Wand: Straight 13 Inch Swishy Beech Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

Basic Appearance: In life, Gladys was born with long, flowing brunette hair with eyes to match, usually behind a pair of thin rimmed spectacles. Stemming from a British background, she had fair skin and was of average height.
In death, all of her features took on a pearly, translucent appearance, with wispy hair and the same old professors robes she wore in the later years of her life. She retained the glasses she wore in life, but no longer has any need for them. Though uncommon, she can be seen wearing these while reading, if only as a reminder of her life.


Gladys was sorted into Ravenclaw during her time at Hogwarts Scotland. She took to learning like a fly to honey and never stopped. After graduating she applied to be a Professor, capable of teaching both Arithmancy and Charms, with the former as her passion. However, she did not like the conditions at Hogwarts, nor some of the other students' disregard toward learning, so she resigned from her position, telling herself she would only teach those who were truly interested.

For the next twenty years of her life, Gladys worked as a private tutor and teacher, helping whomever could afford it, and even those who could not if she saw something in them. Her final commission was to improve the New Zealand Minister of Magic's skill in Arithmancy. Shortly after completing his lessons, she died, and to this day is unaware of how. When her spirit returned to the earth, she was drawn to the New Zealand branch of Hogwarts, and while no longer a real professor, she is happy to teach those who need it.


Gladys is succeeded by a daughter in England whom her parents care for. She has made no attempt to return to England, confident in her loved one's abilities to move on without her. She has no knowledge of whether or not her family are aware of her passing.

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