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Dante was honestly very excited to get some snacks and maybe candy. He walked next to the Hufflepuff girl toward the kitchen. "Of course. I sneak in there a lot. I get hungry more often than the meals they offer." Dante would also take the blame if they were caught too. She did not need to get in trouble just because he got hungry today.
Callie walked with him, letting Dante lead them. "Oh, that makes sense." she said, since of course it did. "Well, if you ever want company at the extra meals, I'll happily join you," Callie said, she wouldn't always need or want to eat, but she knew she could at least be around him and provide him with some company.
Dante thought about it. Would he want extra company for the extra meals? It would not hurt to say no. No, he did not want to say no at all. He wanted her there. Callie was cute and she was the first one he told, outside of the family, that he was a werewolf. He could trust her. He wanted her around him, even if she was a muggleborn. Dante did not care. “Yes, actually. I like the idea of spending more time with you.” Dante's smile was genuine.

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