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Einar Haines

horned serpent; second year; cold & alone; alaskan
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Hello there,

This is Einar Haines, he lives in the US and goes to school there, Ilvermorny, Horned Serpent. He's a second year and on the quidditch team, you can find his bio over here: He is a new character of mine and in sore need of just about anything. He is absolutely limited by his location, given that he's 12.

Einar has had a rough go of life, losing all of his family within the last six years, so he's very alone in the world, and is somewhat terrified of making new connections in case they too go bad. His mother died a week before school started back up, so is very much still processing this - though he's at the, if I don't think about it too much it never happened. He sees a school therapist every second week. He dyes his hair platinum blonde and started doing so, when he came back to school, because of a reference his mother always said of him.

Einar is cold, sarcastic and abrasive, he'll act recklessly about his own life, he disregards most things which are "safety", he hates the pity he knows is being shown to him by professors. He holds everyone at arms length, a lot of the time he'll be at arms length, because he believes himself to be toxic. Einar is passionate about art, the stars and he's taken up quidditch, he'd always done sports and his mother had encouraged him to give it a go, so he does. Einar holds a lot of anger within him, frustration towards everything that has happened in his life and a certain amount to the magical world who took him away from his mother when she needed him. Beneath all of it, he's just a young boy who needs people, people to care and to help him not feel like he'll destroy anything he touches.

Einar needs everything, but I recognise it'll be hard, given that he's at Ilvermorny and also pretty anti-social. But I'm looking for kids who go to Ilvermorny who could friends, plots with characters from other schools - like pen pals or something of the sort, Einar would be encouraged by his therapist to be involved so that he can be brought out of his shell.

So, give me anything!


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