Plots for Lover Boy

Atkin Grayveson

hs gryffindor grad / your teddy bear / broken mess
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19 (2/2031)
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Atkin is my nineteen-year old Hogwarts Scotland graduate. He is currently mending a broken heart and is actually a mess. He has no direction, no job, and became a playboy. He even considers joining the Scits. As of the moment, he is slowly getting back on his feet with the help of his cousins and friends. So someone who can encourage or discourage him and anything can work for his development. He was once a teddy bear. Lovable, kind, well-liked when he was in HS. He has changed ever since Aliviah left him. Flings will also work for this boy as he would love to play around, thinking he did not need to be committed to a relationship anymore. I would also love to get him into trouble with the Ministry at some point. He could also have that someone who reminds him of Aliviah so much that he thought that girl was the one destined for him. @Aliviah Waldorf may or may not get back with him together so Atkin is basically available.

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