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The blonde Gryffindor has her mind somewhere that day, she had just finished the first waved of classes and she decided to explore the grounds on her break time than eating lunch at the Great Hall where she doesn't know anyone yet. She wasn't an only child but her sister was older than her and was already married. Although she was used to eating alone, it should be a change now that she's in a world she hadn't known before. Maybe people doesn't see her as a spoiled and manipulative child. Robe taken off, Paisley enjoyed the Spring weather that New Zealand was offering.

She saw some butterflies and followed them to a bunch of rose bushes. A memorial was established there. The blonde read what was written on it and it made her smile because the person honoured there has the name Rose which was perfect. The roses bloomed in different colours and she wanted to pick every colours she can. "I hope you don't mind me picking some." She stated to whoever was Rose. Paisley had to be careful, she had to pick them without any means of a sharp object.

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It was lunchtime. Paisley had already eaten lunch in the Great Hall, when she and a couple of First Years were invited to join the Gryffindor upperclassmen on the front steps. She and the others followed the house outside, where the sun enveloped the students in her warmth. Paisley sat on the outer region of the circle, far enough to listen but not engage.

Paisley sat there for ten minutes before she heard enough. The upperclassmen had invited the First Years to get the scoop on First Year drama. The first chance she got she abandoned the group. She approached her roommate Paisley Abeerdeen. "Can I join you?" she asked.​

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