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-open after Sarah posts with Rosalind-

Lorelai was ready for this! She had a bag with everything she needed- snacks, some water bottles, a compass in case she got lost. And of course, a spare jacket, her journal, and her sketchbook. She was ready to find some adventure! Of course, she was going to have to be careful. The forest was off limits, but she was sure that was just because they were hiding something grand. All the best adventures in stories were found by testing boundaries, going where others were afraid to. She didn't want to go too far in, but this called for a reconnaissance mission! She was careful as she went, watching for any professors. She managed to slip in, she thought, without being seen, and pulled out parchment, taking out her compass and starting to map out the forest, moving slowly and trying to stay tucked out of sight. She didn't want to go rushing into anything, after all, before she had mastered her wand.
Rosalind had been wandering the school grounds somewhat aimlessly. She had some free time and wanted to have a look around, to see what the school offered in terms of the outdoors. So far she'd been impressed. The gardens were exquisite, the quidditch pitch impressive, and the lake a sight to behold. The one place she hadn't really explored was, of course, the forbidden forest. Rosalind didn't really have any intention of doing so - it was forbidden, and she didn't know what was in there - but she saw another girl, maybe around her age, slip past the trees. Rosalind tilted her head in curiosity. There was a pause - a moment of indecision - but then she decided she would follow, her feet starting to move in the direction the girl had gone. She followed along, trying to be sneaky, but managed not to avoid a twig that made a loud snap beneath her shoe.
Lorelai jumped out of her skin and ducked behind a nearby tree, peeking out with her wand up- even if she didn't know what she would do with it. Her shoulders relaxed a bit when she saw the girl there. "Rosalind!" She whispered, stepping back out. "What are you doing here?" She asked her roommate, lowering her wand and walking carefully over to the girl.
"I could ask you the same thing!" Rosalind retorted without thinking. "I mean, I saw you going into the forest and I sort of thought...I wondered what you were up to," Rosalind admitted with a small shrug. "Are you exploring the forest? 'Cause I don't think we're technically supposed to." Rosalind spoke in a sing-song sort of voice; it was clear she wasn't taking the fact that the forbidden forest was forbidden too seriously.
Lorelai laughed lightly, shaking her head. She kept her wand in her hand but lowered. "But isn't that the start of all great adventures?" She asked, trying to keep her voice down. "There's an adventure to be had out here, there has to be!" She was getting excited. "Can you imagine the sort of things out here?" She looked around, like something would just reveal itself to them. "Of course, it never hurts to prepare. To have a little map or to take a peek before really diving into it," She offered, looking back to Rosalind with bright, excited eyes.
Rosalind smiled. She liked Lorelai's attitude, it was almost intoxicating. She was being swayed. "Yeah, in books it always starts out like that. The heroine breaks the rules a bit, but something great comes of it." She paused a moment, looking around at the forbidden forest and starting to feel a rush of excitement. "Can I join you?" Rosalind asked a little shyly. She didn't want to be a burden, but she now really wanted to see what was in the forest - what made it so forbidden in the first place. "I don't know much about exploring but I know plants. Like, uh, that's a kawakawa bush," Rosalind said, pointing at a bush near the outskirts of the forest. "It's a native plant."
Lorelai just smiled, her grin growing wider and wider as she hopped up onto a fallen, moss covered log. "Absolutely!" She declared, holding out her hand for Rosalind. "Whats an adventure with only one heroine?" She could feel the wind blowing her hair gently, and she felt like she was in a great movie scene- the sun warming her peach skin, her big blue eyes dancing with excitement, hre champagne blonde tresses twisting and dancing in the breeze. "Come with me, and we're bound to find something astonishing!"
Rosalind grinned widely, taking Lorelai's hand. The atmosphere was intoxicating, everything felt like the beginning of a promising novel, and Rosalind was excited. "Yeah, let's get going!" she said in response, feeling like it wasn't the coolest thing to say but it definitely was genuine. "What do you think we'll find?" Rosalind asked excitedly, not knowing what was held in the forest at all. She'd heard a few rumours, but she didn't give them much weight. Giant spiders? That sounded unbelievable. Maybe centaurs though. "Maybe we'll meet an actual centaur," Rosalind noted as the thought occurred to her.
Lorelai let out a happy squeal, trying to pull Rosalind up onto the log with her. "Everything!" She declared, hands on her hips. She looked around, as if trying to see something fantastic, searching through the trees as if she could look through them all and discover the secrets hidden amongst the darkness. She jumped off the log and started back along her original path, moving slowly and trying to take in everything. "Maybe we will!" She whispered back, giving Rosalind a bright, eager smile.
Rosalind liked Lorelai's enthusiasm - it was almost intoxicating. She knew they weren't really supposed to be here but it wasn't like there was anything actually dangerous, right? Rosalind got up on the log with Lorelai excitedly, then followed her as they went along the path again. She noted some plants as they passed - there were some cool species at Hogwarts. "Do you do this a lot?" Rosalind asked as they walked. "Going on...what's that fancy word...expeditions, like an explorer?" Rosalind still didn't know an awful lot about her dormmate, but she was eager to learn.
Lorelai giggled. "All the time!" She confided in her friend, eyes sparkling. "You should come to my place over break, you'd love it!" She threw out her arms, before stopping and giggling again as the action sent her wand flying. "Oops!" She gave Rosalind another smile. "Let me get that," She hurried over and started searching for her wand in the bushes where it had landed.

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