Nova Davina Bennett

Nova Bennett

Trust-issues | Closed-off | Softie on the inside
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Half Blood
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Too Young to Care
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1/2036 (11)
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Nova Davina Bennett!

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FULL NAME: Nova Davina Bennett
PRONOUNCIATION: Nova is pronounced as: NO-və -- Davina is pronounced as: də-VEEN-ə -- Bennett as surname is pronounced as: BEN-ət
MEANING: Nova is derived from Latin novus meaning "new". Davina is the female version of David, comes from the Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dawid), which was derived from Hebrew דּוֹד (dod) meaning "beloved". The Bennett surname is derived from the Latin given name Benedictus, which means "blessed.".
WHY: Nova's mother has been in love with the name since she was a young girl and had always told herself that one day if she had a girl she would name her Nova, so when she found out she was pregnant with a girl she didn't even need a second to think about what her name would be. Nova's middle name was chosen with a lot more care than her first name. Her mother wanted a name that suited her, yet would also show her that she was a wanted child, even if her father had left her. It is for this reason that her mother chose the name Davina, as she wanted her daughter to always carry something with her to make her remember that she is loved.
NICKNAMES: Nova's name is already fairly short, which is why she never had any kind of shortening nickname. Her mother has always had all kinds of nicknames for her, but none that really stuck throughout the years.
BLOOD STATUS: She is a Half Blood. Both her mother and her father are half bloods.
THOUGHTS: Nova doesn’t care a lot about her blood status or those of others and in general despises people who do judge others by the status of their blood.
ROOTS: Nova doesn't know where her fathers family came from, as her mother doesn't like to talk about him, but her mother's family descends from Ireland on one side and New Zealand on the other side.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Dunedin, new Zealand
WAND : To come

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D.O.B: Nova was born on the 15th of January in 2037.
PLACE OF BIRTH: She was born in Wellington, New Zealand as that was where here parents lived at the time.
ZODIAC: Capricorn. Capricorn is the tenth in the zodiac sequence, which makes it the closest to earth. This means that those born under the sign of Capricorn have their feet planted firmly on the ground and tend to be cautious in everything they do. You’re emotionally cool so you don’t warm to people that easily, unless you get to know them. Capricorns are very realistic and do not expect things to magically happen to them. You can always be relied upon to help others.
HOUSE ASTROLOGY: Ravenclaws born under the sign of Capricorn excel at their studies, because they have both a love of knowledge for its own sake and a deep desire to use that knowledge to gain prestige or authority. They are disciplined students with acute perception and shrewd minds; they might take a little longer to reach conclusions than their peers, but their conclusions tend to be more well thought out and thorough. They have dry, ironic wit and are fond of making subtle jokes that only those blessed with intelligence and perception can understand. There's not much that these wizards miss; they usually know what is going on long before anybody else does.
ELEMENT: Earth. Those graced by an Earth sign in their horoscope are practical, grounded and dependable. These folks don’t take big risks; rather, they much prefer a sure thing. The element of Earth also confers a sense of duty, responsibility and reliability to those in its sphere. These are the people you can count on to be there when you need them. Those influenced by Earth also tend toward caution and conservatism, in both desire and approach.
PLANET: Saturn. The infamous rings of Saturn represent the limitations of man. Saturn is associated with restriction, limitation and delay, being the Guru that teaches us the realities of our own existence. Saturn does not deny or restrict imagination, spirituality or good fortune but instead demands that these things are given a strong structure and meaning. It Is though this that Saturn is able to provide us with educating experiences and is able to lead us to where we belong and what we deserve according to our karmic actions. Obstacles, failures, frustrations and delays are able to teach us to look further than materialistic areas of life. Saturn governs our ambition, motivation, career, authority and influences our own senses of duty, responsibility and discipline. Saturn is also thought to represent a person’s organization abilities and their endurance during hardships, both physically and emotionally.

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PLAYBY: Sabrina Carpenter
HAIR: Nova has dirty blonde hair which reaches towards the bottom of her ribs. She likes to wear it loose, but when it's more convenient she'll throw it up in a ponytail or a bun. Her hair seems to have two different states: either it's nice and sleek or it's just a big poofy mess. However, she doesn't really mind as she likes it either way.
EYES: She has electric blue eyes, which she is very fond of, but which can also trouble her sometimes when she's looking into the mirror. She knows she can't have gotten her eyes from her mother, as her mother's eyes are of a very dark brown, so knows she has to have gotten them from her father.
DOMINANT HAND : Nova is right-handed.
BUILD : Nova is quite a small girl, which would make people think that's she's very fragile. However, she is also very athletically inclined and has been practising sports all of her life so she's fairly strong for a girl her size.

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FIVE WORDS: Stargazer, troubled, tough, loveable, intelligent
STRENGTHS: Once she has opened up to someone, Nova is a fun, loveable person to be around and a good person to have as a friend. She is smart, even though she doesn't truly realize that yet. She's also great at surfing.
WEAKNESSES: Nova seems to have more weaknesses than strengths at the moment, but over time she will grow and she will learn. Nova is troubled and is a very closed-off person. She has put up this tough exterior that isn't easily broken, because she is afraid that if she lets people get to close they will only leave her hurt. She has some trust issues as well.
AMORTENTIA: Nova would smell the sea, her favourite kind of surfwax and her mom's perfume.
MIRROR OF ERISED : She would see herself as the winner of the Womens World Surfing Championships.
PATRONUS: Black bear. The formidable form of the black bear is often enough to scare away even the bravest of explorers, not to mention Dementors! Often mistaken as a deadly predator, the black bear mostly feasts on berries, grasses, and roots complemented with fish and carrion. This is often how people see you – a fierce opponent who will protect yourself and those close to you but who has a softer side hidden away from the world. Black bears are known for their adaptability, and this is often seen in how resourceful you can be. No matter the situation you find yourself in, when you come to call upon your Patronus, the black bear will be fully prepared to fight in your corner.
HOBBIES: Nova absolutely loves to surf, it is one of the things she values most in the world. When it's not good surfing weather she also loves to skate, just to keep practicing certain skills. She is also a big fan of photography and won't often leave home without a camera in her bag.
PERSONALITY: Nova has always been a bit of a troubled kid. Her father left her mother a week before she was supposed to be born and Nova doesn't understand why he left, why he didn't want her. She grew up living with her mother, who was away most of the time because she had to work in order to keep providing for the two of them. Nova had to help out a lot at home because of this and this lead to her spending a lot of time on her own and quickly became an independent child. She was bullied a lot at her old school, not only because she was always on her own but because of her petite frame as well. This is, as well as struggling with trust-issues, is the reason she is closed-off and puts up a tough exterior now she gets to go to another school. She feels that this way other won't walk over her that easily or bully her again. Since Nova never had any friends she is afraid of letting people come close too quickly because she is afraid that they will just leave eventually and leave her hurt. This doesn't mean she will not surround herself with people though, because she will do that. What she will not do is open up to them. Only if someone if really persistent of being her friend might she eventually start trusting them and when that happens whe will also slowly start to open up to them. Underneath she is a sweet, loveable girl who just never experienced real friendship or what that means and needs help with learning how to trust people. She is also an intelligent kid and strives to do well in her studies to be able to get a good job when she gets older and provide herself with a better life.

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BEST FRIEND(S): None yet
FRIENDS: None yet
FIRST KISS: None yet

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EDUCATION: Hogwarts New Zealand
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
THOUGHTS: Nova is excited to be at Hogwarts and is curious about everything the school could bring her. She doesn't know a lot about her house, but she figured that if the hat decided it was where she belonged then she wouldn't argue with that. For now.
Nova hadn't been sure what to think of everything when she had gotten her acceptance letter. She had known it was coming, but when it did it had still left her speechless. She had been afraid to leave her mother behind, but she had also felt excited to get out of the slur she had been stuck in for as long as she could remember. Saying goodbye to her mom had been hard, but with every second she had gotten closer to the school, she had grown more excited, yet also more nervous. The eleven year old felt like she was going into this completely unprepared. Her mother had never told her anything about her time at Hogwarts, or what it meant to be a witch in general, which left the girl with the bare minimum of knowledge about the school and what to expect from any of it.
As they entered the castle Nova was completely taken aback by how enormous it was. This was certainly a long way from her life back at home. Still astounded, the girl made her way into the Great Hall with the other first years, hanging a bit at the back of the group so she would be able to keep a low profile whilst observing the other kids that were about to start their first year at the school. Even though she felt like the hats song went on a bit too long, she was grateful that it at least gave her some usefull information. Once sorting started and Nova realized that it would be done alphabetically she could feel her nerves starting to grow once again. Not long after the ceremony started they had reached the 'B' and the girl carefully started to make her way forward through the group of first years, as she knew her name could be called any second now. She was only halfway when that happened, so she quickly made her way to the front and sat down on the stool. When she felt the hat being placed on her head the eleven year old tried to control her nerves and not let them get the better of ther, as she waited for the hat to call out its decision.

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FATHER: Unknown
RELATIONSHIP: Nova doesn't know who her father is and is confused about why he would leave a year before she was born. She doesn't understand what it was that made him not want her anymore when she was so close to being born.

MOTHER: Eloize Fallon Bennett
RELATIONSHIP: Nova has a steady relationship with her mother. Due to her working day in and day out to be able to provide for the both of them she was absent for a large part of Nova's childhood. Despite it being just the two of us they aren't as close as people would think they are. Nova respects her mother and is extremely grateful for everything she has done for her, but they never talked much or had a lot of time to grow close. She doesn't want to tell Nova anything about her father and hasn't told her a lot about what it meant to be a witch either, which makes the girl wonder sometimes if perhaps her mother didn't want her either.

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