Nora Redfront

Nora Redfront

Mother of Three
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13 Inch Cherrywood with Dragon Heartstring Core
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Nora Lucille Redfront (Maiden Name: Shadefall)

Blood Status: Mixed


Husband: Levy Redfront (Deceased)
Daughter: Lucille Martha Redfront (Adopted)
Daughter: Lois Lolita Redfront (Adopted)
Daughter: Lenora Maeve Redfront (Adopted)

Mother: Martha Nora Shadefall (Maiden Name: Hobblecrest) Blood Status: Muggleborn (Deceased)

Father: Nicolai Lucifer Shadefall Blood Status: Half Blood (Deceased)

School Attended: Hogwarts Scotland (Sorted into Slytherin House)

Home: Eastern Europe is where Nora was born however her parents moved around a lot and therefore she never really considered any one place home.

Hobbies: Nora enjoys reading, gossiping, tea time, and searching for lost artifacts

Occupation: Historian (Particularly Objects)

Born in Eastern Europe, Nora Lucille Redfront spent much of her childhood travelling around with her parents. Being an only child she was spoiled throughout much of her younger days. Little did she know that her father who traveled as a salesman was actually a smuggler in illegal goods and that his trade would catch up to him eventually. While in Scotland, her father was murdered in a deal gone bad. Nora's mother would tragically take her own life a short time later when the money ran dry leaving 9 year old Nora to bounce around foster homes until she was accepted into Hogwarts.

For seven years Nora learned magic at Hogwarts Scotland having been sorted into Slytherin House. During the summers she was placed with different foster families that were magical so that she could continue her education properly. Nora did not know but this had been a special exception made to see if it was better for children who did not come from traditional homes.

Upon graduating, Nora took several years to travel to all the places she had been to when growing up. For many years she traveled with different witches and wizards. She never stayed with anyone in particular for more than a few years and eventually found herself in South America.

She married a Muggle named Levy Redfront and together they adopted an interesting set of triplets. All three girls shared the same father and all three had different mothers and yet all three were born on the same day within the hour. Being highly superstitious, Nora insisted they were adopted as there mothers had all passed away and the father had abandoned them. Shortly after the girls were legally adopted by the Redfront's, Levy found himself sick and passed away despite Nora's care. Nora traveled with her daughters throughout their younger years before settling down in New Zealand to start a new life.

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