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Travis Simons

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Travis was kind of distracted by everything else around him. When he found out he could become an wizard, that was one thing. But the world of magic was incredible and cool. He didn't usually saw something else than Amsterdam, where he was from. But coming to New Zealand was pretty fun. His parents were muggles, so they just came with the plane and decided to make an vacation out of it. But Travis had gotten an list of stuff he needed to buy, not in a regual shop but where they sold stuff for people with magic. The shopping took long and he was glad his mother took the most for him, so that he could explore outside. He was glad when he saw a park and took his football along. He wondered if people knew football or soccer. As he touched the grass with his feet he slipped the ball and runned after it. And gave it a big push and kicked. And instead of against the tree it was going into the direction of someone close, an kid it seemed as well. '' Kijk uit!!'' He yelled. But than remembered he was not in Amsterdam and needed to speak something else. He was raised with two languages also English, since his father worked for tv and had to travel a lot as well. And they wanted him to learn. Travis was cool with that, since he wanted to become an famous singer and needed to sing in English than to be succesfull. He runned towards the kid, and hoped the ball missed it's head.

*Kijk uit: Watch out
Rowan had just turned eleven, which meant that he was going to be off to Hogwarts come September. And that was more than a little daunting, but he was still a little excited about it. He was curious to see where he would get sorted and especially what wand he was going to get matched with. Of course, he wanted a wand from his father, but Elijah Roscoe had said time and time again he was to get his first wand from Ollivanders like all the others. He'd once again had that conversation with his father and, once again, was pouting about the outcome, hands shoved into his pockets as he kicked at some grass. But he was suddenly distracted by a voice, quickly managing to duck out of the way of the ball thanks to the warning. But then, he paused, straightening again as his mouth dropped when he realized the words out of the other boy's mouth hadn't been English. "Jij spreekt Nederlands?!" He hadn't met anyone else who spoke Dutch yet. While he was only half-Dutch himself thanks to his Dutch mother, he'd been raised speaking both that and English.

Jij spreekt Nederlands - You speak dutch?
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As Travis watched where the ball ended he wondered what the boy would make of his yell and dutch. But glad to see the football was not hitting his head. It was not very good to make enemies already here, his first day in the magical world. But accidents could happen right? Travis was too enthiosastic and powerfull in his kick. But as he came closer to the boy, he frowned as he heard the boy speaking dutch back. Huh, how? What? Travis was confused. But ofcourse there were more magical dutch people. But he hadn't met them before. And what were the odds? He smiled at the boy and shook his head enthiosasticly in a yes movement. '' Cool.'' He said with an grin. And went to grab his football, and returned to the boy holding his hand to give a high five to this boy. '' Wil je voetballen?'' Travis than asked the boy. Wondering if he knew the sport, or was it something muggles only did.

* Wil je voetballen? = Do you want to play soccer?
(Free dutch lessons for anyone reading this topic)
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Rowan was still trying to get over the surprise of finding another Dutch speaker here. He was usually used to hearing his mother speak it, and occasionally his father, but he'd mostly grown up speaking English just because that was what everyone else in New Zealand spoke. Well, that and Māori, but he'd only been taught a little of that in school (to no avail it just didn't seem to stick). He was a little surprised when he was asked if he wanted to play, nodding his head just a little as he slapped the offered hand for a high-five. "Okay." He wasn't really a very active person, usually spending most of his energy climbing trees instead of running around kicking a ball. But he could be persuaded to do it sometimes, and it might be nice to make another friend who spoke Dutch. He bet his mother would be surprised when he told her.
As the boy seemed to know the inventation of the high five and gave it back Travis smiled bright. '' Okay let's go dude!!'' He said very enthiosiastic. '' Uhhh what's your name actually?'' He than continued as he took the ball and was ready to see if they could make something an goal. The boy seemed to be not from a lot of words, but Travis didn't mind. And he threw the ball on the ground and started dribbeling the ball. But remained close to the boy.

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