Nerine Styx

Nerine Styx

Sexual Orientation
Wenge Wood 11" Mermaid Scale
Full Name:
- Nerine Sehavet Styx

Date of Birth:
- October, 2032

Current Age:
- 14

Basic Appearance:
- Fair, pale skin
- Long, brown hair

- Nerine is a quiet, reserved person. This is not because she doesn't like people or conversation, she just enjoys her own company, and her independence. Apart from her twin, her favorite thing in the world is water. Nerine loves being in it, and around it. She doesn't have many friends in the school, but she doesn't mind as she prefers to surround herself with a small number of people that she really cares about, instead of a lot of people that she would probably never see again once she left school. Nerine is resourceful, and also loves to gather ingredients or items that she would like to study. Nerine is very interested in herbology. She often loses track of time, but it isn't a big issue to her.

- Kanos Styx - Father; Wizard
- Rosita Styx - Mother; Witch
- Achyls - Twin Sister; Witch

- N/A

Area of Residence:
- New Zealand during the school year. Bulgaria otherwise.

Blood Status:
- Pureblood

- Bulgarian

Special Abilities:

Interests or Hobbies:
- Herbology
- Anything water related
- Swimming
- Harvesting/Collecting

Additional Skills:



Describe your character in three words:
- Ambitious. Peaceful. Independent.

Favourite place to be:
- At the lake!


Hogwarts House:
- Slytherin

Best school subjects:
- Herbology
- Potions

Worst school subjects:
- Transfiguration
- Defense Against the Dark Arts

- 2050

Plans for your future:

Your Patronus:
- An Otter
You're the "smart one" among your group of friends and you'll do anything for the people you love, even if it means getting into trouble. You're a realist and appreciate a good book filled with knowledge and facts.

Your Patronus memory:
- The first time she swam by herself.

Your Boggart:
- A desert

Your Animagus:
- Owl
You are wise, fun, and known for your quick wit. You are known to be calm and insightful. You can find fun in anything from thinking up schemes to discussing philosophy. People can sometimes take advantage of you because you can be quiet in large groups. However, you never hesitate to use your razor-sharp tongue to make your thoughts known.

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