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Valente Espinosa

Archaeologist | Academic
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Knotted 11 Inch Flexible Hornbeam Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
It was a muggle museum, however still a museum, Valente mused to himself as he strolled amongst the halls of the Natural History Museum in New York. Still a museum he had chosen to spend his once-in-a-blue-moon days off because he felt he couldn't think anywhere else. All museums smelled and felt the same regardless of the histories kept in their walls, he found from spending all of his waking hours rotting away in them and after so many years of working in or adjacent to museums he realised he found comfort in their familiarity. Especially recently since he hardly felt settled in the house that was supposed to be his home, that was supposed to be his home with Emery, but a home where Valente was instead now a guest, due to move out once their work together drew its own conclusion in the same way their relationship did. He felt restless, like he didn't belong, more so than anywhere else so it was predictable he had resorted to visiting a museum when he had free time because no where else felt like home to him.

He strolled idly for a few hours, contemplating to himself while appreciating each of the displays, where he wandered eventually into a room with taxidermy animals. Creatures of the muggle world were fascinating in their own ways, Valente had always thought, tilting his head slightly while gazing at a representation of an ostrich. He could imagine seeing something so odd in the wild would be intimidating; the lifeless statue intimidating enough it itself to cause him to feel on high alert. He read the small outline on a nearby pedestal before strolling into another hallway. At a loss of where to visit next as he unfolded his map, considering where he was standing as he looked over the names of the other galleries.

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