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Open Misleading Stairs

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After the Sorting Ceremony and the house meeting at Hufflepuff’s common room, Heliana Le Fey was in the right mood to explore the school, her new home for most part of the next seven years. Lena’s countless stories and book references weren’t doing justice to the castle’s magnificence. One had to walk its maze-like corridors and feel its ambiance.

Oblivious to the curfew that soon was going to be in place, she thought that telling her sister to join her was futile, while she could imagine her dressed already in pajamas, snuggling into bed with a book. Nevertheless, she decided to use the Grand Staircase and climb all the way to the towers, where she was informed that her sister’s house common room was located somewhere up there. At the same time, she considered this endeavor an opportunity to get to know her whereabouts and find out where exactly were going to take place her futures classes.

She left Hufflepuff's common room equipped with her wand that she didn’t know yet how to use but made her feel more confident. Her departure had roused her one-eyed cat’s curiosity. Teuta sneaked out of the common room in hot pursuit of the blond girl and the two of them left for the Grand Staircase.

She had no idea for how long she was staring overhead jaw-dropped but she snapped out of it when Teuta’s meowed at her foot. Stairs were moving in unpredictable manner, connecting and disconnecting floors and corridors. “Amazing!” She breathed in an attempt to discern the last floor from down where she was standing. “Come on Teuta.” She prompted her cat with a whisper and she started climbing the stairs.

A few minutes later she was completely lost. The constant changing stairs had taken her to a dark corridor with large windows that were expanding from floor to ceiling, letting the moonlight shed window-shaped, silver spotlights. Heliana realized that her cat was no longer by her side and she had to venture now on her own. Having no other choice, she proceeded to find again her way back to the Grand Staircase, floundering in the dark.

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