Merrill Rowan Piper

Merrill Piper

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Full Name
Merrill Rowan Piper
Merrill - falcon
Rowan - tree with red berries, mountain ash
Piper - one who played the pipes, especially a strolling musician

Date of Birth
May 4th, 2030, 11:34 am
current age Ten years old

Basic Appearance
Hair Wavy dirty blonde hair that reaches shoulder length
Eyes Round brown eyes with long eyelashes
Build Merrill has an athletic build for a ten year old due to her parents line of work. she is average height for her age
Style Mostly jeans, shorts, sweaters, and hiking boots. once she's able to she would like to wear more dresses, and skirts

Merrill is at an age where she is becoming a bit moody, mostly due to her living situation. When she was 5 years old her parents became rogue werewolf hunters, and began dragging her, and her older brother all around the globe. All she ever wanted was to stay in once place, and live her life. She used to be a very cheery, and kind little girl. She loved to play, and help people. She managed to stay positive for the most part, until two years ago when her brother started school, and she no longer had someone her age to play with.

Mother Nora Jane Piper - 47, Gryffindor, Mixed Blood, Werewolf Hunter
Father Alexander Felix Piper - 49, Gryffindor, Mixed Blood, Werewolf Hunter
Brother Rhys Alexander Piper - 13, Ilvermorny Student, Mixed Blood, Werewolf Hunter In-Training

When Merrill began school she purchased a pink Pygmy Puff as a companion. His name is Arthur, and he sleeps in a decorated shoe box on her nightstand.

Area of Residence
Merrill was born in Holyhead, Wales. They moved when she was 5 years old, and haven't stuck around in one place for more than a few months since. All Merrill wants is for her parents to retire, and settle in one place.

Blood Status
Merrill, and the rest of her family are all mixed blood. No one in her immediate family is a muggle,but they aren't too fussed with blood status.

Merrill is 50% Welsh from her mother's side, and 50% English from her father's. She was born in Wales, and lived there until she was 5.

Special Abilities
Merrill is very talented at finding potion ingredients out in the wild, and has a knack for potion brewing.

Interests or Hobbies
Merrill loves to watch professional quidditch. Her favourite time is the Holyhead Harpies, and she hopes to join the quidditch team during her time at Hogwarts. While potions aren't her favourite thing to do she has a talent for them, and since her friend Solomon enjoys it she finds herself brewing quite often.

Additional Skills
-Potion Brewing

-Cheery demeanor
-Positive attitude

-Easily taken advantage of
-Quick to become envious
-Not a good judge of character

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