Matthew John Harper

Matthew Harper

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Jane Harper
Jane is Matthew's mother. He is a lot closer to her than to his father, but he still feels distanced from her. They rarely talk about anything of substance, something he misses.

John Harper
John is Matthew's father, the two have had a bad relationship ever since Matthew found out his father uses magic on muggles in his field of business to get ahead. He has realized a long time ago that his father is not a good person, and has rejected being part of his company.

Odette Harper

Odette is Matthew's half-sister. He found out about her while going through his father's office for evidence of his crimes. He moved to New Zealand to find her, but their meeting didn't go very well.

Charlotte Harper
Charlotte ("Lot") is Matthew's younger sister, she still lives at home and he misses her a lot while he's at school. Charlotte is the only family member Matthew is close with, he feels very protective of her. He has mixed feelings about her being at Hogwarts.


Leah Mustard

Leah Mustard has been Matthew's best friend since their first year at Ilvermorny when he made her laugh in class. They have been inseparable ever since, and Matthew has missed her a lot since he moved in New Zealand.


Reuben Lagowski
Reuben was the first friend Matthew made at school, and they grew close quickly. He considered him his best friend at Hogwarts, until the boy transferred to Ilvermorny. Matthew joked a lot about them essentially swapping places, but is really sad his friend is no longer around at school.


Madeline Walden
Matthew met Maddie out on the grounds while taking pictures, they became friends and sit together in class often. After Reuben left for Ilvermorny, Maddie is the only student at Hogwarts Matthew confided in about his family problems.

Cairo Savage
Matthew and Cairo met at the lake as they both went there to photograph the sunset. The two talked briefly and got along. They spent time together traveling and taking photos over the holidays and grew closer.

November Albertson
Matthew met November in the Hufflepuff common room during his sixth year. The two bonded over photography and writing, and Matthew enjoyed talking to her. They met again at the yule ball and the stands during a quidditch game and he considers her a friend.

Aurora Night
James Cade
Freya Odegard
Amy Rosemary
Rudolf Lagowski
Bethany Zanders
Evelyn Manning
Tristan Collins
Kauri Tipene
Dahlia Beauregard
Mervyn Strangewayes
Aion Zephyr
Danielle Corelli
Lyra Potter
Alessio Benivieni
Kasper Snowhill
Harley Tsuji
Caro Taylor
Lily Grace

Matthew doesn't have anyone he dislikes right now.

Matthew doesn't have anyone he considers an enemy right now.

past and present

Leah Mustard
(current crush)
Matthew realized he felt more than friendship for his best friend when he visited her family for the holidays. The two had a moment alone where he kissed her, though they haven't talked about it since.


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