Lumio Skey

Lumio Skey

passionate | explosive
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Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Sturdy Cypress Wand with Doxy Wing Core
3/2039 (15)
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Lumio Haevin Skey

Lumio - Doesn’t really have a meaning, it’s the name of a town on the french island of corsica
Haevin - the name of a small town in Northern Finland
Skey - It means"sheltering", but also can mean the sky.

Lumio’s parents had met in the small costal town of Ajaccio in Corsica, they had spent a lot of time their over the summer. It had been Lumio’s father first expedition and the first year of his mother’s gap year. They spent six weeks completed enamoured with each other and married in the neighbouring town of Lumio after eight weeks of knowing each other. When his mother fell pregnant, they had debated over calling him Ajaccio or Lumio, which had worked in their favour when the pair had been born, with Ajaccio born first. When she fell pregnant again and had another son they named him Lumio. Since their meeting had come before the marriage, it had made sense to both of his parents to call him Ajaccio and his younger brother Lumio. Lumio has never minded being named after a town, nor being named after the place where his parents married. He also likes the fact it’s a namel closely related to the spell lumos which brings light. The middle name of Haevin, is not a name his parents have ever explained to him but it’s after a small remote town that they had visited in northern Finland and had both just really enjoyed the name, so had given it to Lumio too they wanted his name to be from several places, to pass on the sense of adventure to him. The surname was a name which his parents had taken on when they got married, since they’d both loved the sky and just spelled it a little differently. Lumio has never minded his name, he enjoys the way people react to it, enjoys sometimes talking about it and finds it easy to enjoy when he has a good nickname that people can more easily default to.

Lumio does not have any nicknames, people just call him lumio. He doesn’t mind not having any nicknames, he really likes his own name. It’s a good, fun name and he likes how it sounds. He wouldn’t even respond to any nicknames that he might get given from others. He doesn’t dislike nicknames and he’ll happily call others by the nicknames they have he just wouldn’t call himself a nickname or let others call him a nickname. He’s just not that interested in having them.

He is currently twelve years old. He was almost a year after his brother was born, so they tend to celebrate their birthdays together when his father and brother arrive back in New Zealand. He tends to invite some of his friends from school and from his time in Italy. He likes spending time with others on his birthday and spending time with his family.

22th April 2039
Lumio was born at home surrounded by his family in New Zealand, they had come home specifically to New Zealand. Both parents wanted them to be born in New Zealand where his father’s family was and where they would be surrounded by family. He was born at four in the morning.

Lumios father, Carl Skey is a muggleborn travel writer and blogger. He was born and raised in New Zealand, but his parents had always had a deep passion for travelling that they transferred to their son. He travelled for a few years after leaving high school, built a fair following online with his travel tips and photos. He left magic behind after his brother died from a potion gone wrong. He was offered a largely freeland position within a wide travel writing company, which he took up. It was in his first assignment to Ajaccio, Corsica that he met mirabella. They had a whirlwind romance which led to them getting married after two months and three years of them travelling. Eventually Carl was offered a full time position in the company, which increased his workload and increased the amount he was travelling. With a computer and internet connection he never needed an office with a desk. It was around this time, after Carl and mirabella had been married for four years that she became pregnant, twice in very quick succession. However, it was also beginning to fall apart. mirabella wanted to settle down, raise the kids with a proper home, but Carl didn’t, his job was his passion and his greatest joy. When their children were two years old they split. They let their children pick who they wanted to live with, Ajaccio went to his father and Lumio their mother. The agreement was made that every birthday and christmas Carl and Ajaccio were to return to New Zealand for the celebrations and for when the time came for Ajaccio to settle in New Zealand for school. Every so often they do pose the question to the children but the answers have never changed. Carl misses his younger son, but his passion for work has always trumped it. Lumio and his father have a very distant relationship.

Lumio’s mother, mirabella Skey, was the youngest in the second set of twins her parents had. She was raised in a magical family in southern Italy. She attended Beauxbatons school, but had always desired to travel the world. She had been fascinated by muggles and muggle culture and had decided she wanted to travel for a bit before becoming a muggle studies teacher. Upon graduating she met Carl and fell deeply in love with him. Life with him and their travelling was easy. It was always fun and exciting, they were visiting new places, spending time with each other in various parts of the world and just largely enjoying learning about the other. She had moved most of her life to New Zealand, whenever they stayed there, they’d stay with Carl’s parents with whom mirabella got on exceedingly well. When Ajaccio and Lumio arrived she began thinking about her old plan and decided that she wanted to settle down. The break up between her and Carl had been hard going but she reached a good agreement with Carl about the future. She settled into a house in Auckland and her parents moved from Italy to New Zealand to help her out. She has suffered a great deal from depression following the break up and is very thankful for the support of both her parents and for Carl’s parents. She misses travelling and has never managed to get and keep a job while in New Zealand. Lumio has a very complicated relationship with his mother, he grew up very aware of his mother’s problems with depression. He looks after her and takes care of her. It can somewhat difficult as Lumio can be a little hot headed and he gets frustrated when he wasn’t able to spend time with her. They are still very close and when they go to Italy on holiday it’s always a very nice experience.


Name: Ajaccio Skey
DOB: April 2038
Relationship: brother.
Occupation: too young
Blood status: half blood

Lumio has one older brother - Ajaccio Skey. They haven’t really ever been that close, they get along well with each other but given that he sees him four weeks out of a year, they aren’t as close as they could be. Lumio wonders often what shape their relationship would’ve taken on had they been raised together.

Both sets of grandparents on either side are alive. He has a good relationship with them and they dote on him whenever he’s about and he gets along with them. He gets one exceedingly well with his father’s parents because of how often they help look after him. They are pretty amazing people to him. On his mother’s side they spend the summers in Italy all together in his grandparents ancestral home. He loves spending time there.
He has a number of cousins, aunts, uncles on his mother’s side, but none on his father’s side. His father an only child and his mother the youngest of four.

Lumio has a complicated relationship with most of his family, he inherits a lot of his mother’s very wild emotional energy. They are close, though with some difficulties. He loves her a whole. They spend a lot of time together, she is the person who teaches him, with a few other kids. He is not very close to his father, he’s a somewhat distant figure that he only sees every so often. He’d like to know him better but he doesn’t want to spend the time travelling, Lumio liked going to italy with his mother but he likes having a bedroom, and proper things. He likes having stuff that he can look at. He doesn’t have much of a relationship with his brother. He does want one but he knows his brother struggles to fit in with his friends and Lumio has never made much of an effort with him. He doesn’t understand his brother all that well.

Lumio has never wanted pets

Mixed blood. With a muggleborn father and a magical witch mother, he has always had both worlds. Lumio loves magic and was raised in a very magical household.

Lumio has never really cared about blood status, or status in general. He just likes being magic and having magic in him. He has spent time with muggles in the muggle world because of his father’s parents who were able to spend a lot of time showing Lumio the muggle world. He enjoys leaving the muggle world and coming back to the magic world. He thinks the muggle world is nice and does enjoy it, he just prefers the magical world.

Lumio always thinks he has two home towns, the one he lives in for most of the year, Auckland, New Zealand, and the other is where his family is in Italy. A tiny wizarding village outside of Naples. He loves and lives happily in either of them. He doesn’t run into problems in either place. He loves spending time in either of the homes. He doesn’t miss either when he’s in the other, knowing that they are both equally his home. He lives primarily in Auckland, New zealand, spending more of his time in this location, it’s only in the periods of long holidays, when his mother is feeling particularly down. They tend to go in the Italian summers when it’s much colder in New Zealand. Because he doesn’t attend muggle school, there’s no real need for him to be around all of the year. But most of his year is spent in New Zealand.

Lumio currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

With his life so split between too places, Lumio would absolutely be stuck between which country to live in. In his mind New Zealand has its charms, but Italy does too. He likes Italy a lot, enjoys the way the people are, the food, the culture. He loves visiting the old ruins of places, and enjoys Rome immensely, but he also really likes New Zealand, he likes spending time there, he likes having a home there, he likes the friends he has and the places he gets to go to there. He would find it very hard to pick which of those places he would rather live, but he knows he’d live happily in either, and they are the only two countries he would live in.

He’s lived in the same house in New Zealand all of his life. The home he stays at in Italy is his grandparent’s home so it’s not the normal sort of place. The house in New Zealand is a modest home. There are three bedrooms, but he shares a bedroom with his brother whenever his brother is there, the rest of the time its his room. The spare room, is the room with all of his father’s and his brothers belongings, mostly his fathers. It’s a good sized home, the kitchen is big enough that more than one person can be cooking. There’s a spacious living room and a large back garden, perfect for playing in.

Lumio realised during his third year of school that he was in fact gay.

Single but crushing on someone - he really wants to date Ronald Lazaro

Lumio for part of his second year at Hogwarts was pretty sure he had a crush on his friend, Clara McCarthy, but after she said she would rather be friends, he started to re-evaluate how he felt and found it wasn't actually that, perhaps more just a passing crush as people around him began being interested. In his third year of school after a yuleball date with Delilah Thorne, Lumio realised perhaps he wasn't interested in girls and after a valentines date with Ronald has started to crush on him.




Too young

Too young
Don't play no games
Cuz it's all the same

Lumio has short, curly brown hair. He has hair much like his father, with wild and unruly curls. He attempts to keep his hair far tamer, attempts to have it it sit well, and sit in a way that’s manageable. He keeps it shorter than anyone else in his family, but just long enough that it’s not too short and therefore that he doesn’t like. If he lets it grow out too much, it becomes much more like a bird’s nest. He doesn’t mind it that much when it grows out like that, but he desn’t let that happen often, preferring when his hair is shorter and much more easy to manage. He has the same shade of brown hair as his brother and his father, sharing that family trait with them. He likes his hair, it is a marker of his New Zealand family and something he shares with a father he doesn’t really know. It’s just a nice aspect of himself that he does certainly like.

Lumio has never dyed his hair, he also has very little interest to do so. He likes his brown hair as is and would never want to dye it. He finds it a little weird in some people and isn’t a huge fan of the vivid odd colours like blue or pink that some people dye there hair. He is fairly adamant that it is damaging to the hair. He doesn’t think it suits a lot of people, but in the same vain when his mother changed her hair from brown to blonde and then some months later back to brown, he barely noticed. Those sorts of changes he’s just not the person to take note. He is usually fine with that sort of hair change because it’s so small and unnoticeable, especially to him.

Lumio’s eyes are the same shade of brown as his father’s. They are a similar shape and overall Lumio looks far more like his father than he does his mother, though he takes after his mother in skin types and the level of freckles that he has. Lumio doesn’t have as thick eyebrows, they are a little thicker than most but because he takes after his father more there, he has far less. He likes his eyes, though he’d rather have his mother’s gaze largely because he’d rather look like his mother than his father because he is closest to the former, but he does like his eyes. He likes how he looks, he likes his eyes, the shape and the scale of his eyebrows.

Lumio doesn’t have many scars, he plays a lot of guitar and ukulele, his fingers are quite calloused, but he doesn’t really have any other prominent features on his skin. He has no birthmarks, and other than a few small freckles doesn’t have that many. Lumio has never been that active a child, he plays with his cousins, with the other kids but he’s a pretty happy to just sit around playing guitar or chatting about things. One of his favourite things to do is sit around the table with his italian family during and after dinner listening to the quick fire conversation, he can’t wait to be able to take part in some of it, which gives an idea of how interested he is in being too outdoorsy and active.

Lumio has never been an overly active child, he doesn’t enjoy most sports, and he finds running to be very boring. He is active enough, but doesn’t seek out to be more active or to be a part of any sporting teams. He likes watching quidditch but would never take part in it. He does cycle somewhat but never too extensively and never too far from where he feels comfortable. Lumio is slightly taller than most his age, and he’s built like his mother’s family, specifically her father. Lumio has no problems with how he’s built, with how he looks, he is and always has been perfectly satisfied with himself.

O (+ve)
Because in the first year of Lumio’s life his parents were still together, and they were travelling a lot, they found out what Lumio’s blood type was too. He hasn’t ever used it and spending most with just this background knowledge and knowing really that magic and potions would be much more useful in the situation of blood loss than blood type.

Right Handed
He’s always been right handed.

Lumio has a muted Kiwi accent, because he was raised largely by his native italian mother and his father’s parents he had a heavy mixture of the two thick accents which mean that he as a much more muted Kiwi accent in English and a very neutral accent when he speaks Italian. He is very much like his mother in using his hands as he speaks.

Lumio speaks English and Italian fluently. He was raised with both languages in his household. His mother taught him in English, but other than that Italian is the primary language in the household. He is a little less fluent in Italian around his italian family, who are much more fluid and quicker when speaking, but it’s only noticeable by those in his immediate family.

No known allergies

Lumio has a developing style, he likes wearing comfortable clothes, usually they are slightly baggy in style. He likes hats and scarves and enjoys winter clothing a lot, though he doesn’t often wear them. He’s a big fan of shorts and likes being able to dress in a manner that is summery, he likes winter clothes for the way they feel like blankets, being soft and cosy, but he is a summer person who likes being able to wear shorts and t-shirts. He likes trainers and doesn’t really seem like the sort of person who likes to dress fancy. He’s always up for a little fancy dress - as in odd clothes to be worn in a specific fashion. He doesn’t really care about matching clothes and will frequently wear grossly mismatching or clashing colours.

Ludovico Tersigni

Feels like nothing's gonna change for me ,
I'm feeling low, got no place to go ,


Lumio likes a whole lot of things, but he loves playing guitar, he loves making pasta and spending time with his friends. Lumio likes going on adventures but they need to be indoors. He really enjoys playing different songs and listening to different music and then playing. them back. He likes having fun and spending time just chilling out with his friends. He really enjoys. going to Italy where half of his family is. He likes going outside there, he likes italian sunshine, he likes being able to chill out with his family.

Lumio really hates being outside. He doesn't mind short walks outside and he likes being outside to watch quidditch, but spending time outside playing in the dirt or anything like that he dislikes. He doesn't like moments that are too quiet, he prefers noisy places. He can get very annoyed when people disagree with him and he dislikes when people accuse him of being false. He hates when people think he's not kind and understanding.

Lumio only has a couple of goals, he wants to do something with his music. He wants to get better at it, improve himself slightly with it. But he’d also be happy to not do something. He wants to go hitchhiking or walking around italy, he wants to spend time in every town or city. He’d love to open his own bar or cafe and just serve some good italian food.

While he does have a deep fear of losing family members and the pain that would be associated with them, he actually is really terrified of swimming. Specifically in bodies of water that are seemingly quite agitated. He just cannot bring himself to swim in anything were the water is not completely calm and he’d be unlikely to ever venture far from where his feet can touch the ground. He is a confident individual in most other places but he could not be persuaded to do that, not even if it could save everyone.


Really any time he goes to Italy and spends time with his wider family. He loves spending time there, they are a very close family unit and he feels at home and at ease around them. They bring him a lot of joy and he thoroughly enjoys spending time with them. THey are the sort of people that help him, listen to him, who surround him, so he’s never really alone. He doesn’t mind doing things on his own and playing guitar is a very solitary affair. He likes listening to people speak and does spend a lot of time around others, which happens a lot in italy, which is why he tends to love it so much. Every single time he’s gone he’s filled with good positive memories.

Lumio’s worst memories are tied, when he was around five years old and he’d spent time with his father and brother, them leaving had been pretty devastating, his young mind unable to figure out what was going on because it had been so good. The first time his mother had a few bad days without him noticing and it ending with a lot of screaming and his grandparents coming to pick him up for a few days, was something that would happen more often as time went on, but on the first occasion was pretty scary. The last it might be is when his brother was really sick at home with the flu. He’d always hoped his parents would be together in the same house and him with his brother but he didn’t want it like that, seeing his brother so unwell was a little terrifying for him, and he didn’t want to loose his brother forever.

Lumio deeply resents his father and brother. He would never say it, but he resents the life they chose, he resents them for having no idea what life is like for him. He resents them for never trying harder. He ultimately wishes that they all lived together, preferably in Italy, just them and everything would be fine. He just resents the fact that this is what he’s got, that he has a brother and a father whom he barely know, that he shares a room with his brother, but only for a week in a year. He just wishes they were family together.

Lumio would see himself and his family. They would be one unit, they’d live in the italy, his mother would always be happy, his father would want to remain, and he’d know his brother a little better. He just desires for his family to be one unit all of the time. He knows that his own treatment of his brother has affect the relationship but he would see them spending a lot more time together and in the mirror he would see that they were close. He just thinks his family lacks a lot and his life lacks a lot because of this break down of the family.

There are a few smells which he likes, he likes the smell of the house in italy, and loves the smell of his mother and grandmother’s cooking. He loves the smell of his guitar and any guitar really. He likes the smell of new music sheets of any music shop, of the other instruments. Those are what he would primarily smell. The home in italy, the gardens and everything else have a very distinct smell in his head so he associates them with that the most.

Lumio doesn’t have a lot of people in his life that he looks up to. He deeply respects and loves his mother, admires her strength and her vigour in life. But he doesn’t necessarily look up to her. If asked, it would depend on who the famous guitarist of the moment is. Very often it ends up being the muggle guitarist Elijah Tine. He does also really like important italian figures like Da Vinci and Michaelangelo. He loves it all. He doesn’t look up to one specific person really but looks up to a lot of people at different times, for different reasons. He just finds a lot of people compelling and doesn’t want too much to limit him in that. When he finds someone he likes he can be pretty passionate about it.

Lumio wasn’t raised in a religious household, his father was really around to pass anything on regarding that if he had it. His mother is not religious, when they are in Italy, they observe some religious muggle holidays which have been passed down from the family was muggle and just fit in with the wider italian society. He has in his time in italy been to a lot of religious churches and places of religious importance between the christian dominating faith and the old roman religion. He sees the value of it for people and having spent time in Rome and the Vatican, he can see the value of it for the people at those points. He doesn’t feel anything particularly strongly about religion, he likes playing music in churches, he likes visiting the ruins of the old churches and just being there amongst it. However, he is not religious and doesn’t particularly believe in god.



Underneath their cool, calm and collected exterior, Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. They will let others get close, but only so close as they want them. Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees - they simply won't budge. And, there is no such thing as an open-book Taurean. Their feelings, fears and desires often run far deeper than anyone around them would guess. Like the butterfly that chooses to remain hidden in its cocoon until it is ready and prepared to emerge, so the true Taurean spirit remains hidden behind a veneer of day-to-day activities. That's why Taureans are sometimes regarded as snobby, withdrawn, boring, or even sulky. The truth is, when Taureans manage to operate very adequately on their own form of automatic pilot, they can switch off from the world around them very efficiently. And when they do switch off, they are actually gathering in their inner reserves to deal with the outside pressures. This sign is also very closely connected to 'feeling good'. Most Taureans like their creature comforts and hate change because it takes them out of their automatic pilot condition of separating themselves from the world around them. Because they hate to be put in jeopardy of any kind, this is the sign that strives to create tomorrow in advance, rather than leave it to fate. In love, Taureans are regarded as extremely sensual beings. An earth sign, they deal well with the personal, physical senses and consequently all the pleasures associated with what they can see, touch, smell and taste, add up to a special delight to them. Often nature and pet lovers, Taureans are closely associated with all things off the earth and nature.

Lumio has a very loud personality, he's quick to say something, quick to ask questions. He's an eager individual who likes do new things, and likes to go on adventures. He doesn't spend much time outside, and knows that he prefers the indoors. He is the sort of person who will always have something to say and if he feels passionately enough about something he'll always say it. He's always going to say something that he believes in. He'll fight for what he believes in too. Lumio is physically quite loud too, he has a voice that is much louder than most his age, but he knows how to be quiet too. He is a kind person and he always tries to be aware of how others are feeling. He can be understanding of people but can also be a a little obtuse about certain things. He'll always try to be the hero in the situation.


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Lumio Skey

passionate | explosive
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Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Sturdy Cypress Wand with Doxy Wing Core
3/2039 (15)

I never ask for help ,
Don't plan on it either ,

Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Sturdy Cypress Wand with Doxy Wing Core

Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: A Cypress wand finds valour in the witches and wizards it chooses - so much so that the owners of Cypress wands have historically been expected to die an honourable death. This wand is for the brave and self-sacrificing.
Core: Doxy wing cores produce unstable wands. They are excellent for hexes and jinxes, and for those who plan on practicing dark arts.
Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.

Lumio had been excited to get his wand, he had been waiting so long to be able to get his wand and just felt like so amazing that he would get it. Lumio had tried a couple of wands until he got the wand for him. Lumio felt the connection immediately to it, and he knew it would be the right wand for him but he didn't not cast like he was supposed to. He liked the average length of the wand, and he's always been a fan of cypress trees - a wood that he was very familiar wand. The core surprised him a little since they were good for hexes and jinxes as well as dark arts. Lumio loved his wand from that very first moment.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Lumio wasn't sure what he had been expecting from Hogwarts. Most of his cousins and his italian members had all gone to Beauxbatons, which had a much different look. He had in his head soemthing like that, but Hogwarts was entirely different. It was a much more old school castle and it wasn't much like the ones he was used to in italy or the old palaces. it was very cool in his mind. He. liked the heavy stone brick, it just seemed like the sort of place that would have so much fun.


Lumio knew that his brother was in Ravenclaw but he knew he wouldn't be in there. He wasn't much of a studier, he's never really cared about his education, he just always does enough to pass, but he didn't know about any of the other houses. He thought it would also be better if he didn't have to sorted, like if he'd gone to Beauxbatons. The whole thing itself was nerve wracking, especially because he'd been so late on in the sorting. In the end he was very happy for where he ended up.


Lumio Skey was definitely pleased to be at school, his first glance at the place and he’d loudly told the person next to him that it was amazing. It was. He knew that people in his family had seen many an amazing place but there was nothing about this school that wasn’t amazing to him, well so far. And Lumio was absolutely going to tell every single person he spoke to about how amazing the place was. He hadn’t seen that much of it yet, but the impressive castle was more than enough to get him started on talking about how amazing it is. Lumio was happily vocal about his opinions no matter what they were about, him and his mother had gone head to head on a number of occasions, with screaming matches, or just the loud arguments. He had always been passionate about what he thought as had his mother. But he knew his mother would agree with his opinion of the school. He would write to her as soon as he got a moment to be able to start doing so. He knew she would want to hear all about how he was getting on, she’d been in a good mood when he’d left, they had just gotten back from Italy and that tended to keep his mother very happy for a little while. Lumio followed the other students into the great hall, and within the crowd spotted the girl he’d been on the train with. He gave her a little wave, they’d gotten a little separated when they’d gotten off the train. He knew that if they weren’t in the same house he’d have to make a point of going to find her. He also spotted the girl who lived close to him, Addy and the one he’d spotted at a coffee shop with the outrageous sugar drink. He waved at her too when he did his best to catch her eye.

Lumio wasn’t particularly looking where he was going, as he followed other students to the front and hadn’t been that aware that everyone else had stopped. Instead bumping into the person in front of him, and apologising to them quickly, while then asking if they were okay. He was quietened down from asking any follow up questions when the headmistress began the proceedings. He quickly lost interest in that and just let his gaze move around the room. Looking towards the different tables, spotting the mesh of unruly hair that was his brother. He knew that if he let his hair grow out much more that his would be as bad, but his old italian grandmother would’ve never let him do that. Lumio looked back at the front when a different voice spoke...well sang and he took the time to actually enjoy it. Most of his family, apart from his brother had gone to other magical schools, so this was a large novelty in his family. He knew that they couldn’t wait to hear all about it. He watched as others, the people he knew were sorted before him, the girl who lived near him, the girl he’d met on the train. He couldn’t help but now be curious about where he might end up. He didn’t think he’d be like his brother, he was happy to learn but he wasn’t always reading, he thought that his brother must’ve lied his way into that house. The others were probably good fits for him but he wasn’t too sure. It had never mattered to him where he ended up, he liked adventures, he liked staying indoors, he like playing guitar, he liked making friends, he was opinionated and stubborn. Eventually, his name was called, and Lumio walk up to the stool and took a seat.

Second Year

(Y35) FIRST YEAR: Lumio would describe his first year as rather calm, he made some friends, had some small adventures rediscovered his love of guitar and just generally had a good year. He didn't get the best grades ever. but he got grades that he was more than satisfied with. He made some very good friends and generally would reflect very positively on the year that he had. He made pasta, went to the. celebrations and met a house elf in the school.
First Year Yearbook Picture
(Y36) SECOND YEAR: Lumio had had a slightly tricky bbreak before his second yar, his mother hadn't been doing too good which put a damper on his mood but it was quick to pick back up. He spent the year making more friends, baking with Clara, meeting people. His interest in the game dungeons and dragons grew and he had a very positive year. He went to both the yuleball and valentines feast with clara. He enjoyed them a lot. He made a friend in some with the name Knox which he liked to no end and he tried his best to help someone with their magic. Lumio didn't get the best grades but he did no worse than the year before.
Second Year Yearbook Picture - Halloween: Ajaccio Skey - Profile Y36 S1 - Profile Y36 S2
(Y37) Third Year: Lumio came back to school with a cando attidue. His mother had been pretty bad over the break but he was happy to be back, he got straight back into his music, straight back into having fun and spending time with his friends. he thought it was endlessly cool that his good friend Knox was now a prefect. He managed to patch things up with Clara following the slight break down in the year before but this didn't last as he tried to come out to her with him being gay and she didn't react well and he got pretty mad with her over it. Over all though, he had a good year and was happy with it.

Yearbook Picture - Halloween - Napoleon - Yuleball Picture
(Y38) Fourth Year: Lumio came back to school pretty pleased. He continued to court and flirt with Ronald until they started dating. He went to the yuleball and the valentines days ball with him. He had a good year, his breaks were nice, he spent time in the Phillipines with Ronald's family and his mother and whole family were very accepting of the fact Lumio was gay, he didn't have a poblem with any of them. He realised during this year that if he wanted to continue to pass classes he would need to work hard but finds studying a near impossibility for him even on the best of days.]Yearbook Picture




None yet - too young

First Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - A
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - AFlying - A

Second Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - A
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - A

Third Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - A
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - ADivination - A
Care of Magical Creatures - A

Fourth Year Grades
Potions - AHistory of Magic - ADADA - ACharms - A
Transfiguration - AAstronomy - AHerbology - ADivination - A
Care of Magical Creatures - A


Too young


Lumio liked transfiguration or charms most of all. There was a lot of theory in the latter he likes being able to do magic and doing things in general. He always finds himself falling asleep in classes where there's theory. He likes being able to cast magic and he likes learning about things to cast. He's still not a huge fan of classes but those are the ones that are okay.


Lumio doesn't have any worse classes, he doesn't particularly like herbology and astronomy. There were classes he didn't like in everything he was doing. He likes his classes enough and he doesn't hate any of them, he just knows that classes and education weren't really for him.


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I don't need 'em no more

Lumio would like to do something fun with his life, therefore he's not sure what form that would take. He knows he doesn't want to be stuck in a position where he spends everyday in the same office. But he's also not a huge fan of the outdoors. He. knows that he'll figure it out eventually. He's not fussed about it.


Lumio is just a student - he was homeschooled by his mother at home with a small group of other italians living in New Zealand.

Lumio is too young for this.










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