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Lucius Verdelet

Lucius Verdelet

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OOC First Name
Sexual Orientation
Curly 9 1/2 Inch Flexible Hawthorn Wand with Chimera Scale Fragment Core

The Basics
Character's Name: Lucius Hunter Verdelet
Character's Birthdate: August 19th, 2004
Hometown: Devizes, England
Blood Status: Unknown (Though if asked, he will state that he is a Half-blood)
Wand: Blackthorn 12" Core of Augurey tail feather
Educated At: Salem: Years 1 through 3; Hogwarts Scotland: Years 4 through 7
House: Slytherin
Position at Hogwarts: Nurse
Hair: Dark brown, rather wavy and it shines in the sun
Eyes: His eyes are a golden brown, can be described as 'honey'
Height: He stands at about 6'2"
Style: Lucius is very casual, and he is one of those that will dress in muggle clothing, often wearing a tee shirt and jeans. However when he is working at Hogwarts, he is wearing khakis with a blue or black button up and a white coat.
Other Distinguishing Features: Lucius is very muscular, but he does have a burned forearm from a serious prank gone wrong. The burn covers most of his left forearm, and is paler than the rest of his skin. He normally keeps it covered with a jacket.
A Little Deeper
Personality: Lucius' personality is one of a big kid, a teenager at best. He gets along with the children because of the way he can act, and he loves to speak his mind. When confronted by a pretty woman, the first thing he blurts out is what is on his mind, but he tries to act cooler. He can be mature when faced with something serious, but he generally loves to have fun, even at others' expense. Sometimes he will participate in stupid things but he would know the outcome and decide it would be worth it, or put another in their place, and let them suffer.
Special Talents/Abilities: Amazingly, Lucius' talents are to heal, and to make others smile even though it could be over a horrid thing. He was known to have the 'healing touch' when he was around others, doctoring them up after his horrible pranks. It was not too long before he would seek a career in it though.
History: -coming soon-
-coming soon-

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