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Cole Dragonov
y29 · first year
don't tear me down

"If I'm a wtich, all of
my magic works.
End of story."

- Lucinda
Zoe Tsuji
y29 · first year
i could not foresee

"Your questions were...
unexpected. It's made me
surprisingly hopeful."

- Lucinda
Edmund Westwick
y29 · first year
it's like they all
have just

"You and your brother
are some of the more"

- Lucinda
Theodore Westwick
y29 · first year
vanished but i know
they're around

"interesting people I've
seen around here."

- Lucinda
Hayley Elridge
y29 · third year
i won't give in,
cause i'm proud

"Your anger is completely
laughable, even more so
because you're so wrong
about everything."

- Lucinda
Lenore Harvelle
y29 · first year
i won't show mercy
on you

"You're just pathetic. There's
no point wasting more
of my breath on you."

- Lucinda
Stella Wright
y29 · first year
rise above their truth

"If your voice wasn't so shrill
I'm sure I would laugh at how
wrong you are about the real
power in this world."

- Lucinda
Frankie Tillington
y29 · first year
haunt my mind

"Just you wait, I
will pay you back for
humiliating me with
that lucky shot."

- Lucinda
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