Lily Avarian Lockwood

Lillian Lockwood

Nature- Sweet- Shy- Healing- Alone
OOC First Name
Jess S
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Not Looking)
Sexual Orientation
Pear Wand 14 1/8" Essence of Phoenix Tail Feather
2/3/2036 (21)
Lillian Avarian Lockwood


Date of Birth:
February Third, 2036
Class of 2054
Astrological Sign


Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality

Pisces likes: Being alone, sleeping, music, romance

Pisces dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind

Pisces are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. They are selfless, they are always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back. They are a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Their ruling planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more intuitive than others and have an artistic talent. Neptune is connected to music, so Pisces reveal music preferences in the earliest stages of life. They are generous, compassionate and extremely faithful and caring. People born under the Pisces sign have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and thus achieve the best emotional relationship with other beings. Pisces are never judgmental and always forgiving.

They are also known to be most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. Deep in their hearts, Pisces-born are incorrigible romantics. They are very loyal, gentle and unconditionally generous to their partners. Pisces are passionate lovers who have a need to feel a real connection with their partners. Short-term relationships and adventures are not peculiar to this zodiac sign. In love and relationship, they are blindly loyal and very caring. Gentle and caring, Pisces can be the best friends that may exist. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends in front of their needs. They are loyal, devoted, compassionate and whenever there is some problem in the family or among friends, they will do their best to resolve it. Deeply intuitive, Pisces can sense if something is wrong, even before it happens. Pisces are expressive and they will not hesitate to express their feelings to the people around them.

They expect others to be open to them as they are. Communication with loved ones is very important for them. This zodiac sign is compassionate, hard-working, dedicated and reliable. Pisces-born can be great at solving problems. Pisces women are known as kind, imaginative, compassionate, selfless and extremely sensitive individuals. If you want to attract the woman born under the Pisces zodiac signs, you need to be romantic and to have a good sense of humor. It is also important to be a good listener. The Pisces personality is compassionate and full of unconditional love. Once you have captured her attention, she will be quick to open up to you. The woman born under the Pisces star sign enjoys lively discussions about spiritual things and the supernatural.

She is intuitive and will quickly figure out if you aren’t looking for anything serious. She wants to be treated with respect and you will never be able to win her over fully during the first few dates. If you're honest and if you open up to her, she will immediately feel more connected with you. The Pisces woman is very sensitive by nature, so she is not quick to forgive and forget. If her heart has been wounded in the past, she will have a hard time opening herself back up to the thought of a new romantic relationship

Basic Appearance:
- Hair Color/Length: Mid-back, dirty blond, light wave
- Eyes: Warm, dark blue
- Face: Soft oval, button nose, sweet smile
- Clothing Style: Lily prefers looser clothing in the summer and warm sweaters in the winter. She’s all about comfort and cute, though her idea of cute can range from a more simple style to flowers and elegance.

- Lily is rather shy and has trouble speaking to new people. She’s determined to try and make friends, but is prone to blushing easily and stuttering often.
- Bookworm.
- Loyal.
- Caring
- Soft-hearted, compassionate.
- Sweet
- Quiet


Pear wand, 14 1/8 with the essence of Phoenix Tail Feather

Pear wood Pear is a spectacularly magical wand wood which binds itself to the pure of heart, generous, and wise - it is not known to choose practitioners of the dark arts. Phoenix Tail Feather Phoenix tail feathers are not easy to come by. The animal is known for its versatility, making wands with this core useful for wand casters who seek to become good with different types of magic.

- Father:
Corbin Lockwood
- Mother: Evelyn Lockwood
- Brother: Ren Lockwood
- Sister: Rose Lockwood
- Uncle: Avarian Lockwood
-Aunt: Kameron Taylor
- Cousin: Avaria Lockwood
Aurora Hume
-Nephew: Nico Hume
- Cousin: Emily Hastings
- Cousin: Arthurian Taylor
Kyon Lockwood
-Cousin: Avery Lockwood
-Cousin: Calliope Lockwood

- While Lily has none of her own, she secretly considers Elliot's rat Penne as hers too, in a way, as she often finds the rat in her bag or hair.


Area of Residence:
- She lives in a flat with her sister in Christchurch.

Blood Status:
- Mixed Blood

- Lily’s mother is a skilled doctor in town. Her father is a librarian of sorts, a scholar with a private collection. He’s been known to loan out books to trusted friends or acquaintances. Her father came from a broken home and left all ties to his family in the best, even going so far as to take on Evelyn’s last name legally. Her mother got in a spat with her brother years ago, shortly after their parent’s death, and they have only recently begun speaking again.

Special Abilities:
- Lily is warm and tender-hearted. She draws in those seeking a kind word and a gentle smile.

Interests or Hobbies:
- Lily enjoys baking with her mother. She’s practiced quite a bit on her own and has become rather good at it.

- Lily is a bookworm, and has inherited her father’s love for literature.

-Lily enjoys the outdoors.

- Lily learned to draw when her younger brother showed an interest but was too young for the class offered in town. She went in his place and passed along what she learned. The two have spent many hours drawing together. Whereas it was originally only Ren’s interest, she has grown fond of the activity and will sometimes doodle on her own.

- Lily likes to sing, but only ever does so when she’s alone or playing with Rosie. Rosie likes the guitar, but can’t sing to save her life.

Additional Skills:
- Lily is a silent intellectual. She enjoys having a small database of knowledge that could help her later in life.


- Friendly
- Intelligent
- Sweet
- Devoted
- Loyal
- Kind

- Shy
- Quiet
- Fearful
- Hesitant

Describe your character in three words:
- Adorable, Soft, Fluffy

Favourite place to be:
- Curled up with a book

Best Friends:
- Elliot Briar
- Lars Van Houten

-Mihail Styx
-Clifton Ward

Hogwarts House:
- Hufflepuff

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
- Lily hopes to make friends and learn all she can while at school. She wants to be more outgoing and enjoy herself.

Best school subjects:
- Charms

Worst school subjects:
- Flying


Food: Chicken Noodle Soup or Red Chili
Dessert: Cinnamon Apple Crisp
Animals: Cats
Drink: Hot chocolate
Color: Pinks, purples
Books: She has so many it’s hard to choose, but she has a special fondness for The Hobbit
Movie: The Princess Bride

Music: Soft Pop


Best Friend:
Lily's best friend is Elliot Briar. They met in the first year, and despite her sister's early objections, they have remained close friends ever since. Lily couldn't imagine her life without Elliot in it. They even shared a flat with his girlfriend Alice Holland for a while after graduation. She is also close to Lars Van Houten, despite he and Elliot's disastrous relationship. She adores the tall boy, and would do anything for the lanky artist.
Lily is very close to her brother Ren, and they often eat lunch together. Her relationship with her younger sister, Rose, however, has been strained since Rose followed Lily and Jasper into the forest, punching the boy for taking her sister into danger.
Crush: Her first crush and boyfriend Mihail was especially kind, easy to compliment her and make her feel special. Once he broke up with her for being too shy, when Lily was already hesitant about their relationship due to her belief that she wasn't good enough for him, Lily became convinced romance wasn't for her because she wasn't good enough to be loved in that way. They grew to be friends, however, and he was the first to encourage her to tell Clifton how she felt.

She surprisingly grew a small crush on her first friend at school, Jasper Night, but her feelings were quickly dashed when the day she realized she cared for him, he kissed her and swore it didn't mean anything. She was very heartbroken for several weeks, but with the support of her friends Lars and Elliot, Lily slowly managed to get over her hurt.

After a very eventful Halloween feast, where Lily and Clifton got separated doing the school maze (and Lily cried upon finding him again), the two took a walk outside, beneath the stars, to get some fresh air. It was there, with the dark lake reflecting the soft light, that Lily worked up the courage to tell Clifton how she felt. It was awkward and sweet, and with only a bit of bumbling, he agreed to be her boyfriend. The two dated happily for a while, with their first kiss in the Hufflepuff common room after Yule Ball in fifth year, and the first confession of love following moments after. She had hoped they'd always be together, for he holds her heart.

Alas, it was not to be. At the beginning of sixth year, the man admitted to thinking of if he'd be happier with someone else when Lily caught him looking at another girl and ignoring her. Heartbroken that he would break up with her so unexpectedly, Lily was devastated that he left her.

After a fair bit of time, Lily and Clifton became friends again, and even attempted once to rekindle their old romance, but it wasn't meant to be. She had two flings during her last years of school, but neither her friend Jasper or William Kamimara were interested in pursuing more.

Lily has long since resigned herself to being single. She tries to focus on her baking, having set aside her old dreams of romance as nothing more than the wishing of a starry eyed little girl.


House: Hufflepuff
Clubs: N/A
Boggart: Elliot, cold and mean, telling her that he would never be her friend.
Patronus: Wild Rabbit
What it means: Wild rabbits may seem more predator than prey, but in Patronus form, they make Dementors look like fluffy bunnies. Wild rabbit Patronuses will throw themselves into the fray and create a barrier between the Dementors and the witch or wizard who cast the spell. They may be small, but they will never back down from a challenge, and this drive and passion keep their caster safe from harm.
Mirror of Erised: Lily would just see a regular mirror.
Plans for the Future: Lily doesn't have a solid plan, enjoying the present.

Amortentia: Lily loves the smell of a roaring fire, of a fresh spring breeze, of her father's library

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