Closed Letters to a mother

Mordred Cavanaugh

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Mordred Cavanaugh stood in the Owlery holding the sealed envelope in his shaking hands. Mordred had not expected Camilia to tell him about his mother when he asked. When he was younger, Mo would ask a lot about who is mother was, and Camilia had kept her mouth shut. He then learned to just stop asking after awhile. "Adrian is...quite the character. Contact her if you would like. Just don't tell your father," Camilia said. Mordred sighed as he quickly sent the letter off with the owl. He thought he was content without a mother, but there was no one else he could talk to about this right now. Of course, Sapphire was an option, but he was not ready. This was the option Mordred felt comfortable with.
Hi...I'm Mordred. Well, you know who I am. I hope.

Why am I writing? I guess it is because I have no one else to talk to about this thing that's happening. My sisters don't like me, and the servants aren't trustworthy because my dad pays them, so it's easy for him to get them to spy on me. That leaves you. There is something I can't tell anyone, but I feel like I can tell you. You likely won't care, and I am betting on that.

I have a crush on someone. No. It's the fact that my crush is a guy. Dad has told me before that he has no problem with people who are gay.

Just not his son aka me.

I didn't understand then because I was like 8. Now that I am older (5th year btw), it's just hard to come to terms with? It's honestly not even about my crush at this point because this just can't happen. It can't. I can't. I thought I could bring myself to write it, but I can't. I know I said that I didn't expect a response for you, but I just have one question. Will this entire thing go away? Like, ever?


Adrian Maley

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Adrian Maley was finally able to take a moment to respond to Mordred's letter. Despite Camilia's persistent pestering, Adrian took her time. She sat in the leather chair behind her desk and moved closer. The blank piece of parchment on her desk taunted her, and Adrian sighed angrily. First, she began to calculate his numbers. Adrian knew nothing about the boy, so she needed to create a foundation. However, there was no definite conclusion that would come from his Numbers. There were bound to be contradictions. Humans were truly complex indeed. Adrian saw he was a visionary and a reliable one. When comparing his letter to his Heart's Desire, it made sense he was frustrated and ignoring his truth. His peace was disturbed by these feelings.

Hmm. With all these numbers Mordred could be a Ravenclaw. Though with a Personality Number of 4, Ravenclaw did not seem right. Slytherin was a possibility. However, it depended on how often his heads were in the cloud. Adrian exhaled roughly. She was not doing this to try and deduce his house! As she continued to calculate, Adrian did not notice the small smile on her face while looking at his Life Path Number. 22. She nodded as she penned the letter, threw runes in the envelope, and sent it off.

Letter said:
Well, you are not completely wrong. My pregnancy with you caused me great terror and nearly destroyed me. Nevertheless, I refused to let my purpose burn because of it. Your birth was necessary concerning that matter.

After reading your numbers, I must say I am entertained by the contents of your letter. Your internal struggle should not be a struggle. Your mind is abstract, driven by your desire for knowledge and truth. This predicament should be an opportunity to further your search for truth. You are ignoring your truth, therefore, sealing off your future potential. You know what you are. The fear you have of the knowledge that has been unveiled to you will destroy the path you're meant to take. One of glory.

Three runes accompany this letter. These are a result of a blind draw. Chose one to make an amulet, and wear it at all times. The other two should be worn at night. Do not pierce any of the runes.

Lastly, find someone among Life Path 4. Your Ronald Weasley. Their presence may help.

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