Kennedy Pratt

Kennedy Pratt

Divination 3 & 4 | HS 'Claw | Pratt legal guardian
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Mixed Blood
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Curly 13 Inch Sturdy Wenge Wand with Veela Hair Core
4/2013 (34)

Hello again, friend of a friend- - -
*Kennedy Elizabeth Pratt*
- - -I knew you when

Etymology- - -
Kennedy: Irish decent - gender neutral - meaning "chief with helmet"
Elizabeth: Biblical - regal - meaning "my god is abundant"
Pratt: English - meaning "clever trickster"
Nicknames: Ken - Kenny
In Depth- - - Kennedy likes that her name is not too common as a first name, as it is mostly used as a surname. She didn't think there could be any nicknames for her name but sometimes people call her "Ken" or "Kenny" and she is okay with that. Her parents wanted her name to sound as formal as possible so they also gave her the middle name Elizabeth because it is widely associated with Queen Elizabeth. Altogether her name sounds very proper, and she likes it that way.

Age- - -
Birthday: April 6, 2013
Age: 29
Zodiac: Aries - Your ambition, vigor and creativity define you. In all matters of life, you are ambitious and have a deep desire to be the best.
Element: Fire - This element seems self explanatory for Aries'. They love to be ignited with passion, drive, and inspiration as well as encourage others to seize the opportunity as well. As a fire sign Aries' are also intuitive.
Planet: Mars - Mars is the God of War. Aries ruled by Mars fuels someone's energy and desire to be the best and take action.

Appearance- - -
Playby: Emily Bett Rickards
Hair: Blonde - beachy waves or slick straight
Eyes: Blue grey
In Depth: Kennedy dresses very posh and high end. She likes looking elegant and wearing high end clothing because that's what she's been used to her entire life.

Basics- - -
Birthplace: Nice, France
Residence: Monaco for the first 10 years; Paris, France from age 10-27
Currently: New Zealand
Blood Status: Mixed Blood; Muggle great-grandparents (maternal)
Socioeconomic Status: Upper class; well off
Voice: Kennedy speaks fluent French and English. Since she grew up learning both at the same time she does not really have an accent, but you can still tell she has a French accent at times.
Dominant Hand: Right hand

Wand- - -
Curly 13 Inch Sturdy Wenge Wand with Veela Hair Core
Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune.
Style: Curly- Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: As a wand wood, Wenge best serves those who are even tempered and deliberate in their actions. It requires a great deal of patience, but is well worth it to the right handler.
Core: Much like the creature that they come from, wands with veela hair are temperamental and volatile in nature. They are good for use in divination work and with charms. Wands with this core are usually inherited.
Flexibility: Sturdy- A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.
In Depth- - - While most witches and wizards usually require a few test runs with other wands to find their perfect wand, Kennedy actually found her match on the very first try. For that reason, she loves her wand even more and feels extremely bonded to it. As a lover of Divination, she feels that her wand represents her very well, and finds the irony of her wand being 13 inches even though that is symbolic for misfortune, somewhat endearing. She is also very determined and ambitious so her wand reflects that aspect of her as well. [OOC: When I clicked on the randomize button, this really was the first wand to pop up & I think it suited her well!]

- - -Our common goal was
waiting for the world to end- - -

Education- - -
School: Hogwarts Scotland
House: Ravenclaw
Best Subjects: Divination [O]; Arithmancy [O], Charms [O], Transfiguration [EE], Ancient Runes [EE]
In Depth: Despite growing up in France, Kennedy did not attend Beauxbatons because when she got her letter to Hogwarts Scotland, she liked the idea of going to school in a different country to broaden her horizons. Once sorted into Ravenclaw, she really felt like that was where she belonged so she never felt the need to transfer closer to home.

Kennedy's favorite subject in school was definitely Divination because although she was a Ravenclaw, who are booksmart and typically prefer to know everything, she liked the subjectivity of the class. She believes there is no definitive "right" answer to a magic such as Divination, so she saw that as a challenge to excel in that subject. Even to this day, Kennedy believes that Divination is subjective but that is what she likes about the class.

Career- - -
Post-graduation Kennedy applied to work in the Department of Mysteries as an Unspeakable for the Scottish Ministry of Magic, but was rejected for being too young and not having any work experience. However they did offer her a starting position in the Committee on Experimental Charms, but she turned it down due to a bruised ego. Therefore, she returned to France where she got a job in the Department of International Magical Cooperation and has worked her way up through several different positions in that department.

Unfortunately, due to the death of both of her parents and certain circumstances, Kennedy decided to quit and run away from her life (aka a serious fiance) in France, and given guardianship of her younger siblings at the same time, so she was in desperate need for a new job. She saw an ad for a Divination professor at Hogwarts New Zealand, and although she hated the idea of teaching, she decided to apply anyway.

Kennedy has never wanted to be a teacher; she thinks teaching is a "fallback" career, and that is exactly what she's treating it as at the moment - something for her to fall back on when her original plans have fallen through. She always believed she was too good to waste her talent and education on teaching and thinks she deserves to have a higher ranking official career, being more productive within society. However, due to her circumstances, she has had to become a teacher and isn't too happy about it. She thinks this job is just temporary and won't be fulfilling to her life, and is just waiting for the moment that she can quit again to pursue something higher. [As she begins teaching, she will later come to realize that teaching IS quite fulfilling because she will be helping shape future generations and teach them to think outside the box with Divination. She will pass on her belief that there is no "right" answer in Divination so that no student will ever feel stupid for getting something "wrong."]

Now that the truth is just- - -
- - -a rule that you can bend

Personality- - -
5 Words: Intelligent, Ambitious, Sarcastic, Loyal, Softie
Positives: Caring, Kind, Hard-working, Confident, Funny, Outspoken
Negatives: Arrogant, Easily discouraged, Selfish, Stubborn, Realist
Likes: Her family, high end fashion, luxury items, tarot cards, tarot readings, astronomy, astrology, dream interpretations
Dislikes: Stagnancy (not progressing in something for some time), being wrong, being underestimated, work that does not utilize her full potential
Pet Peeves: Being told someone is only with her for the status or money since her family are wealthy socialites.
Adventurous: Kennedy is not afraid to try new things even if they are dangerous. She thinks all things are worth experiencing because there's nothing to lose.
Ambitious: When Kennedy puts her mind to something, she will 100% give it her all until she has achieved it. She is nothing if not thorough.
Arrogance: Kennedy thinks very highly of herself and her abilities so her flaw is that she looks down upon or turns down anything that she thinks is beneath her. She expects to be given everything she deserves right away based on merit alone except
Comfortability: Once Kennedy gets comfortable with someone she gets really attached to them. At times she can get too comfortable with someone while the other person may not feel the same or be okay with it. She is extremely loyal to someone to a fault because she gets blinded to their actions and hers. If they are unhealthy habits she won't notice because she is comfortable being by their side.
Independence/Trust: Although she thinks her independence is a strong trait - and it is - it is also a weakness of hers because she does not let others in easily. She likes to deal with things completely on her own which can be very burdensome for her. She doesn't know how to trust others with her own problems because she struggles to let her vulnerabilities show like that.

Goals: To be the head of a Department in the ministry, To work in the Unspeakable office dealing with prophecies that she will make of her own, To get married and raise her own family
Fears: That she and her brother Beau will be found guilty for insurance fraud which they are being accused of in regards to the deaths of their parents. Because of this she also fears losing custody of all her siblings and having them all separated in different foster care homes.

Miscellaneous- - -
Patronus: Fox - because they are charming, subtle, clever, and flirtatious
Expecto Patronum Getting proposed to at her last company party that celebrated her latest promotion.
Boggart: Her parents coming back as Inferi and wrongfully blaming their death on her the way suspicions seem to report.
Riddikulus: If her boggart appeared and Kennedy cast the 'Riddikulus' charm, her Inferi!parents would turn into stationary store mannequins modeling their latest purchases.
Dementor: Although she thinks her worst memory that she would relive in her head is the night she found out her parents had died in a car accident, it is actually the moment she and her brother got arrested for suspicions of planning their deaths. Those long hours in custody as they interrogated them were like salt in the fresh, deep wounds.
Mirror of Erised: To see her parents alive and happy again, especially to be there for her wedding and eventual family being born.
Amortentia: Vanilla, Sage, A specific cologne she has forgotten who it belongs to
Animagus: N/A, though if she were to become one it would probably be a swan.
Veritaserum: If Kennedy were given the truth potion, she would reveal that she actually finds teaching very fulfilling and loves it. This would come as a shock to her because she's always thought of teaching as a fallback and a temporary position for her because she didn't think it challenged her or fulfilled her enough.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Engaged? Single? It's complicated
Purity Status: Taken

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Kennedy Pratt

Divination 3 & 4 | HS 'Claw | Pratt legal guardian
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Curly 13 Inch Sturdy Wenge Wand with Veela Hair Core
4/2013 (34)
*F a m i l y*

You crack the whip, shape-shift- - -
- - -and trick the past again


Angelique Pratt (nee. Livingston)
Wizengamot Member, France MoM | Socialite

Deceased at 55</CENTER>​
[th colspan="2"]Famliy[/th]

Beaumont Pratt Jr.
Head of the International Magical Law Department, France MoM

Deceased at 59[/td]​

Beaumont Pratt III
Language Translator | 24[/td][td]

Magnus Pratt
Recent Beauxbatons Graduate | 18[/td][/tr][tr][td]

Darcy Pratt
Hogwarts New Zealand, Slytherin | 15[/td][td]
Kid Sister

Clementine Pratt
Hogwarts New Zealand, Hufflepuff | 12[/td][/tr][tr][td]<CENTER>
Youngest Sister

Eleanor Pratt
Private School | 10​

Recent Family History- - -
Kennedy's parents, Angelique and Beaumont died in a car accident on December 21, 2040. They were on their way to a function which had sent limosines to pick up their guests for added luxury effect instead of just Apparating there. Kennedy herself was at the same function and found it odd that her parents never showed up.

Three days after Kennedy found out, she and her oldest younger brother, Beaumont III were accused of ochestrating the entire events to claim their parents' insurance money. It was the worst moment of her life.

They had no evidence against the eldest Pratt siblings, so they released them. However they are still secretly under investigation as well as the driver of the limosine and the family which hosted the event.

Because of the legal issues surrounding the Pratt's deaths, all of their accounts have been frozen until they can prove Kennedy and Beau III's innocence. Kennedy is trying to keep this information from her siblings by providing for the lifestyle they are already accustomed to, but won't be able to keep up for much longer.

Relationships- - -
Mother: Kennedy was very close to her mother as the first daughter of the bunch. - - - TO BE CONTINUED - - -
Father: - - -
Brother [Beau III]:
Brother [Magnus]:
Sister [Darcy]:
Sister [Clementine]:
Sister [Eleanor]:

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