Kengi Priest Smile

Kengi Smile

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Half Blood
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Curly 17 Inch Whippy Sycamore Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
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The Basics
Character's Name:
Kengi Priest Smile
Character's Birthdate: June 9, 2034
Hometown: Stratford, New Zealand
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand: Curly 17 Inch Whippy Sycamore Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Kengi has a faded afro, and he maintains it with magic. Once he started schooling, his father was able to teach him some tricks on how to style his hair without the need of going to a muggle barber.
Eyes: Deep Brown. Big and almond shaped.
Height: 5'10
Style: Kengi has no real style because he does what he likes. He tends to wear darker colors and mix them with his house colors. However, he has not really had the chance to explore the types of things that he wants to wear because he feels like his father won't support him, like he doesn't support his own brother. So, Kengi sticks to things that are traditionally considered "men's style" clothing.
Other Distinguishing Features:
A Little Deeper
Kengi used to be a very energetic and excitable person. However, it was not until he started attending Hogwarts New Zealand that he realized that he did not really like being around people who were lazy. It makes him very mad when people do not work for what they have or want. Kengi has always been a skeptic and very critical of people though. He does his best not to harshly judge people, but when he cannot understand where they are coming from, it frustrates him a lot. Kengi is a very clean person, and the cleanliness of his room is often a sign of how organized his life currently is. For example, if there is a lot going on in his world, his room will be a bit of a mess. Kengi enjoys helping other people to the point where he forgets to take care of himself, which is something he has not noticed in himself yet.

History: Kengi grew up in Stratford, New Zealand. He was born to Kennedy Smile and Jeanette Ritger. His father had a stable job that was able to provide for his family. Kengi did not grow up wanting anything. However, he was not spoiled and given everything that he asked for. He was taught that hard-work gave people what they wanted. Kengi enjoyed his childhood, even after his mother died giving birth to Rita six years later. He did not blame his sister for what happened because he knew there was nothing that could predict something like that. However, there are sometimes where he really misses his mother. Kengi tends to miss his mother when he is outside in nature. His mother loved taking him to play outside.

Kengi grew up around magic, so he does not have specific memory of when he just learned about magic. It has always been a part of his life. His father works as a Hit Wizard, and his mother was very much aware of her partner's occupation and was okay with raising her child around magic.

starting school at HNZ. The people he has met there. How it changed his personality.


Father: Kennedy Smile
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Occupation: Hit Wizard
History: Kennedy was homeschooled and had a difficult time getting along with his family. However, he is very ambitious and only wants the best for his children.
Mother: Jeanette Ritger
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: Housewife
History: Died giving birth to Rita. Kennedy and Jeanette never married because they don't believe in the institution of marriage.
Sister: Rita Smile
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Occupation: None
History: Kengi's only sister. Rita is energetic for her young age. She was born when Kengi was six, so there is quite a gap, but Kengi is very dedicated to his sister.
Aunt: Jazmine Della-Robbia
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Accountant @ Concord Inc.
History: Kengi loves his aunt, and she spends a lot of time with him and Rita. She is kind of like a mother to him. However, Jazmine does not want to take Kengi's love away from Jeanette.
Uncle: Klaus Smile
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Occupation: Olympic Athlete
History: Klaus and Kennedy do not talk to some reason that Kengi does not know. However, he loves his uncle and tries to communicate with him behind his father's back.
Grandmother: Annalise Smile
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Nanny
History: Kengi does not really see his grandmother, but he does not know why and his father won't tell him either.
Grandfather: Lincoln Smile
Blood Status: Muggle
Occupation: University Professor
History: Deceased. Kengi has only heard stories about his grandfather. He wishes that he could have met him.
Godfather: Vincent Della-Robbia
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Occupation: Operations Assistant @ Concord Inc.
History: Kengi's godfather. The two are very close, and Vincent wants to have Kengi put on the Della-Robbia family register, but Concord will not allow it. Vincent is dedicated and helps guide Kengi to where he should be in life.
Cousin: Lourd Smile-Johnson
Blood Status: Unknown
Occupation: N/A
History: Lourd is Klaus's adopted daughter. She and Kengi don't get along very well because their father's don't get along well and both are very dedicated to their families.
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