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K A I T L Y N - P L E A S E!! [C]

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Callisto Varius

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OOC First Name
Cedar Wand 13 3/4" Essence of Pixie Dust
I would like Kaitlynnn to fill my request.
Sorreh, last one though! This is due to there being a PB change! :wub:

Banner Request Form
Character's Name: Callisto Varius
Banner Type: One Image
Banner Size: Up To you
Celebrity you're using: -------
Images on banner: This One
Background Image: None
House Crest/Dark Mark: None
Text on banner: Callisto Varius
Fonts on banner: Something that suits the image!
Colour Scheme: None
Border colour/size: Thin black, one pixel please!!
Links: None
Other: Is it possible at all to turn her eyes blue?

Avatar Request Form
Character Name: Callisto Varius
Image(s): This one
Other: Just the image of her on the left please!

Hadan Winters

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OOC First Name
Cypress/Ebony Mix 14" Core of Basilisk Fang; Black Walnut/Maple 12 3/4" Essense of Silver Thistle
You are very welcome. ^_^
Request Completed & Archived

Your Graphics Request has been successfully completed and as such has been archived.
Feel free to place more graphics requests as you find need. ;)
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