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Jennette Jenkins

Leaky Cauldron Owner | Mother of Two
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Curly 14 Inch Flexible Hornbeam Wand with Vampire Blood Core
I would like Anyone to fill my request.

Banner Request Form
Character's Name:Jennette Michelle Faye Jenkins
Banner Type: Blend (Standard/Blend/Complex/Linked)
*Banner Size: Your call (You may leave this to banner maker's discretion)
Celebrity you're using: Jennette McCurdy
Images on banner: Photos (The main one and any from the bottom. Sorry if there too small or blury) (For blends please include at least four images)
*Background Image:
*House Crest/Dark Mark:
Text on banner: (Be sure to specify if you want your character's name on it or not)
*Fonts on banner: http:erm:/ (from http:erm:/ )
*Colour Scheme:
*Border colour/size:
Links:(Only for linked banners - enter a maximum of five links and what you would like them to say on the banner)

If its not too much trouble someone make two, one with her full name and one with just Jennette Jenkins so I can see what there like. Thanks in advance.
I tried this out, The smaller pictures are alot clearer so I put them in the photo but I can also try a blend if you have another album of her that you like :)

Aw Thanks, want any more or shall I close the thread?
I'll use the ones I got thank you, you did a good job feel free to close the thread.
Request Completed & Archived

Your Graphics Request has been successfully completed and as such has been archived.
Feel free to place more graphics requests as you find need. ;)
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