Jean Ivon Snow

Jean Snow

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Straight 14 Inch Sturdy Elm Wand with Demiguise Hair Core
"Reaching out for something you've got to feel...

while clutching to what you had thought was real..."
Kicking at a dead horse pleases you
You just stood there screaming
[name] Jean Ivon Snow
[etymology] Jean is the French form of the name John and Ivon is a German variant of the French Yves, both of which mean “god is gracious.”
[origin] Jean is a Snow, the surname of a powerful French wizarding family.
[nicknames] Jay
[alliance] Jean’s alliance is currently undecided. Sometimes, he behaves in a way that is more consistent with the pureblood supremacist side of his family and other times he behaves in a way that is more consistent with the people who don’t pay attention to blood. Jean doesn’t like muggles that much and prefers avoiding them.
[birthdate] May 22, 2024
[birthdate] August 21, 2043

[age] 19
[gender] Male
[sexual orientation] Jean is attracted to females and considers himself completely heterosexual.
[dialects] French & English (fluent), Bulgarian (poor)
[hometown] Bordeaux, France
[residency] Bordeaux, France
[heritage] Like his siblings, Jean is ½ Bulgarian and ½ French.
[blood status] Pureblood
[blood type] AB negative
[main wand] Straight 14 Inch Sturdy Elm Wand with Demiguise Hair Core
[secondary wand] Black Walnut/ Maple Wand 12 3/4 Essence of Silver Thistle – Jean snapped this wand by accident during the break between his third and fourth year so he had to get a new wand. He had never grown much of an attachment to this wand, so he didn’t really care that he had to get a new one.
[occupation] Student
[health status] Fairly Healthy. Jean used to get sick more often than his siblings when he was younger, but the past few years he has been outgrowing getting sick so often.
[allergies] Latex
[pet] none
No way of showing your gratitude
Fearing no one was listening to you
[five words] Philosophical, Responsible, Family-Oriented, Competitive, and Introverted
[personality] Jean tends to be quiet. He loves his family, but there are so many of them that he often feels the need to be off on his own. Although he avoided conflict intentionally as a child, as he grew older, Jean grew more bold in stating his opinions and standing up for himself, both in and outside of his family.
[beliefs] Jean’s family brought him up to be prejudiced towards those who were not pureblooded. In many ways, Jean adheres to this belief. But, he often had moral conflicts about this decision especially when he befriended and eventually began dating a muggleborn girl named Victoire Fontaine. Throughout his schooling, Jean made it a point to befriend non-purebloods in school to see if they truly were different from purebloods.
[boggart] His family killing him.
[fears] Jean feared not being seen as good enough. As a child, he was sickly and often couldn't participate in the same activities that his siblings did. Once he outgrew his ill health, he never wanted to be coddled or treated as less than anything.
[likes] girls, fruit, quidditch, France, sneakers
[dislikes] know-it-alls, being disrespected, homework, lollipops, failure
[goals] To become a professional quidditch player [achieved], to work up the nerve to tell Victoire that he loves her[achieved], To marry and have children [not achieved]
[good habits] Jean was a bit of a neatnik and a hard worker. He also held a kindness for those that he loved and respected and was willing to do anything for those people.
[bad habits] easily discouraged, lazy, prone to feeling slighted, prone to letting his family make decisions for him, prone to drinking when stressed/down
[strengths] Although generally a bit lazy, when he wanted something, Jean was always the top to go after it.
[weaknesses] Even though he fought it for much of his life, Jean was never able to get away from his family's hold on him, particularly with their more negative beliefs.
[loyalties] Snow and Zhefarovich Families, Gryffindor House, French National Team
[magical talents] Jean was adept at Charms and flying
[other talents] none unless you count his ability to drink Archie Renner under a table every time
[patronus form] Jean was not able to produce a patronus so never knew what form it would take
[annoyances] know-it-alls, most of the prefects, his quidditch captains,
So many things you don't want to do
They say the empty can rattles the most
[chinese year] Dragon
[zodiac sign] Gemini
[planet] Mercury
[element] Air
[birthstone] Emerald
What is it? What have you got to lose
The sound of your voice must soothe you
[marital status] Single
Victoire Fontaine/ April 2039- April 2042​
[name and name] Jean Snow & Victoire Fontaine
[innocence] Lost June 2041 in Belgium at Victoire's aunt's house
[turn ons] blondes, athletic, introverts, bookish types
[turn offs] loud mouths, annoying voices, short women
[aphrodisiacs] the smell of strawberries and waffles
[the perfect fe/male] Jean always imagined he'd end up with a witch, probably a mixed or pureblood. She'd be a stay-at-home mum, smart, funny, blonde
[the perfect date] Making waffles together from scratch
What the hell, what is you think you're gonna find?
Hearing only what you want to hear
[playby] Tom Felton
[natural hair] Blond, close to platinum
[eyes] Bright blue; this is one of the only difference between his brother and him
[height] 6’1
[weight] 185 lbs. Jean is a little more scrawny than his brother.
[complexion] Very pale
[scars] Several on his arms and legs from various childhood and quidditch accidents
[birthmark] none
[smile] He doesn’t smile so much as he smirks
[body build] Extremely slim
[body modifications] Z tattoo on his back, a castle on his right arm, thorns and a night sky filling in the empty spots, a Gryffindor lion on the other
[dominant hand] right
[style] Casual
Hypocrite, boredom sets into the boring mind
And knowing only what you've heard
[school] Hogwarts New Zealand
[hogwarts house] Gryffindor
[special titles and awards] Prefect, Head boy, Quidditch Captain
[extracurricular activities] quidditch- He plays as a Chaser and sometimes a Seeker, eventually became the Captain; Wild Patch Club- just a member; The Brotherhood of Magic - member; prefect & Head Boy
[favorite subject] He dislikes them equally
[best subject] none
[loathed subject] Herbology
[worst subject] Herbology
[favorite professor] Professor Kingsley
[loathed professor] Professor Styx
[grade average] About an Acceptable
[owl grades]
[newt grades] Not available
[graduated] 2042 as Head Boy
"Struggle within it suits you fine...

struggle within your ruin..."
Struggle within you seal your own coffin
You're smothered in tragedy

[relation] text
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[martial status] text
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[playby] text
[roleplayer] text

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[th colspan="2"]Parents[/th]

[relation] text
[born/death] --, ; --,
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[relation] text
[born/death] --, ; --,
[blood status] text
[special] text
[heritage] text
[martial status] text
[occupation] text
[education] text
[titles] text
[playby] text
[roleplayer] text
[th colspan="2"]Siblings[/th]
Struggle within the struggling within
You're out to save the world
"Home is not a home it becomes a hell..

turning it into your prison cell..."
Advantages are taken, not handed out
Misery, you insist that the weight of the world
People in RP: Title
People in RP: Title
While you struggle inside your hell
Should be on your shoulders

<SIZE size="50"><FONT font="times new roman">Code: Made by me, Kaitlyn.
Lyrics: Red - The Struggle Within by Metallia; My Friend Of Misery - song by Metallica
Influenced by: Zoey and Jessye​
Mother: Nataliia Snow
Father: Alphonse Snow
Siblings: Half brother: Xavier Snow - Jezebella Hurley-Snow
Half sister: Gabrielle Kovac - Colton Kovac
Half brother: Theodore Snow - Aleyha Snow
Half sister: Alyssa Chevalier - Vincent Chevalier
Half sister: Amethyst Snow
Half sister: Daniella Snow
Half brother: Nazaire Snow (dead)
Half sister: Kendra Vyhnal - Camden Vyhnal
Half brother: Romaine Snow - Proserpina Snow
Half sister: Aphrodite Romanes - Isaia Romanes
Half sister: Joanna Dragonov
Brother: Lucien Snow
Sister: Lucretia Snow
Sister: Katrina Snow
Half brother: Timothee Snow
Half brother: Valor Snow
Half sister: Dominque Snow
Sister: Emma Snow

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