Jatin Tiwari

Jatin Tiwari

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Full Name:
- Jatin-nandi Tiwari

Date of Birth:
- February 23, 2037

Current Age:
- 11

Basic Appearance:
- Jatin grew up completely in the muggle world, with very little knowledge about the magic world, so he dresses like a common muggle when he is not at school. Jatin has long hair that it often gelled up so that it is out of his face. He also has deep brown eyes. He is taller than other students his age at around five feet and three inches. However, his father is around 6'5", so Jatin expects to grow taller than what he is right now. He likes to wear bright colors like red, yellow, an orange with darker pants. He does have quite an arsenal of athletic clothing because he has gotten into running and cross country as his form of exercise.


- Sister: Hilton Tiwari
- Brother: Kishen Tiwari
- Father: Ranbir Tiwari
- Mother: Pari Tiwari

- None. However, Jatin does want a small dog, like a chihuahua. He likes their fierce spirit.

Area of Residence:
- New Zealand

Blood Status:
- Muggleborn

- He was born in Bangladesh, but he is Indian in heritage. However, he does not speak Nepali or Hindi, like his siblings do because he was raised primarily in New Zealand.

Special Abilities:
- None.

Interests or Hobbies:
- Quidditch, running, magic, and making friends who are able to help him learn magic or teach him Quidditch.

Additional Skills:

- Charming
- Able to cheer people up quickly
- Caring

- Airheaded
- A bit annoying when it comes to his energy
- Too trusting of others
- Can't keep secrets very well

Describe your character in three words:

Favourite place to be:
- Somewhere outside

- Willow Cullen
-Dani Walker

Hogwarts House:
- Gryffindor

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
- He wants to make friends and learn magic so that he will be able to support his brother and sister in their lives. He wants to repay them for all the time the spent raising him, when their father started to spiral down after his wife's death.

Best school subjects:

Worst school subjects:

Extracurricular Activities:
- Running
- Hopefully Quidditch


Current Job:
- Student

Plans for your future:
- Jatin wants to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team right now. However, he does not know if he wants to go professional.

Your Patronus:
- NA

Your Patronus memory:
- NA

Your Boggart:
- Hmmm...idk just yet

Your Animagus:
- NA

Mirror of Erised:
- idk just yet

A page from your diary:

History: His mother died when he was two months old in the collapse of a garment factory that was not up to regulations. However, Jatin was told that it was primarily his fault that his mother died so soon after his birth. Jatin was popular in muggle primary school because he has a very charming and nice personality. He is very much able to stand up to bullies, and he often stood up for people who were getting bullied. However, he is a bit of an airhead when it comes to some things. Kishen would joke that it was because he was dropped a couple of times. He had never had a significant other because he is not really focused on that aspect of life right now. He is very serious about getting his education, and he is very excited about magic.

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