Jacob Kingsley

Jacob Kingsley

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Name: Jacob Sean Kingsley
He gets called Jake, Jakey, J, the middle Kingsley child (by the media)

Date of Birth:
August 11, 2034
Jacob was born at St. Mungo's New Zealand
He arrived at 12:00PM.

Basic Appearance:
Jacob has unruly dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and is about average height for his age. He runs around a lot leading to him being slim. Jacob can usually be found in Muggle clothing, shorts and a t-shirt. His knees are usually scabbed over and/or covered in some kind of healing paste because he's injured himself playing around.

Jacob is fun loving and kind to almost everyone he meets. He looks up to his brother and father and doesn't know how he'll ever be able to compare to either of them. Like the other Kingsley children, he has good manners.

Jacob enjoys being bossy towards his little sister, Eleanor. He also tries to boss his cousin Jemma around, but it rarely works out. Jacob much prefers to let others be in charge because he doesn't like the responsibility, not because he can't handle it.

Family/Relationship to person:
Mother: Cyndi Kingsley- professor; Jacob likes his mother most of the time. Sometimes she's not fair like when she makes him share with Eleanor even if she's too little for what he's playing with and sometimes she's not fair when she won't let him go with Noah.
Father: Cameron Kingsley- current Minister of Magic; Jacob looks up to his father a lot. He wants to make his dad proud, but doesn't quite think he can. Jacob enjoys trying to copy his father's mannerisms.
Older Brother: Noah Kingsley - Slytherin; Jacob adores his brother and wants to copy him at every turn, but they're actually pretty different people.
Younger Sister: Eleanor Kingsley; Jacob was very jealous of his sister when she was born because he'd been the baby for a number of years before her appearance. Now, he still mostly views Ellie as an inconvenience though sometimes, when he ropes her into his activities, he likes her ok.

Jacob is also related to the Potter children. He is closest to Jemma as they are the same age.

Pets: None. His mother thinks the family is busy enough without having a pet to care for. Jacob once tried to adopt a gnome, but his mother found it and made him send it back over the fence in their backyard.

Area of Residence: New Zealand

Blood Status: Mixed blood - both of his parents are half blood with a Muggle parent and a pure blood parent.

Heritage: Jacob's mother is of British and Romanian descent and his father is American and British.

Special Abilities: Jacob is a quick learner.

Interests or Hobbies: Whatever Jemma wants him to do. Chasing gnomes in the backyard, traveling by floo

Additional Skills:

- Jacob learns very quickly and he is good at reading a room.

- He can be a bit of a baby when he doesn't get his way.

Describe your character in three words:
- Eager. Energetic. Confident.

Favourite place to be: Up a tree.

Jemma Potter - best friend and cousin

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions: Jacob wants to do everything his brother Noah does, so even though he doesn't think he's a Slytherin really, that's where he wants to be. He's been showing signs of magic since he was about 5 when he accidentally fell off a boat into a lake and didn't drown.

Plans for your future: Jacob has a lot to live up to. His dad leads the whole magical world of NZ. Mostly, he wants his dad to be proud of him and to not fail at school.

Your Boggart: Doxies

Mirror of Erised: Everyone in his family fawning over him because he's the most successful in the family

A page from your diary: If Jacob kept a diary, it would probably be filled with drawings and notes to himself. Whenever he's mad at his brother, he likes to draw unflattering pictures of him.

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