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Name: Jace Beau Venturino
First Name Meaning: Healer
First Name Origin: Australian/Greek
Middle Name Meaning: Handsome
Middle Name Origin: Old French
Last Name Meaning: Descendant of Ventura, a pet form of Buonaventura (good luck).
Last Name Origin: Italian</COLOR>

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Date-Of-Birth: February 27, 2019
Place Of Birth: Australia, Sydney
Current Area Of Residence: France. But visits New Zealand regularly.
Birth Parents: Dallen Venturino, and Paige 'Porshe' Venturino
Heritage: English/German and mothers side. Irish/Scottish on fathers. Considering Jace's family name resides from Italy, it could be possible that he also has Italian roots.

Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: -
Dress Code: Casual.
Sexual Orientation: Hetreosexual
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Who?: Aimee Darkhart
Skin Tone: Olive
Skin Type: Soft
Hair Colour: Blonde
Dyed?: Natural
Nautral Colour: Blonde
Hair Type: Soft and a little spikey
Hair Length and Thinkness: Short and thick
Eye Colour: Bright Crystal blue
Eye Description: Cheerful and comforting
Playby: Alexander Ludwig
Distinguishing Marks: -
Health Status: Healthy and fit
Blood Status: Mixed blood. Jace has magic coming from both sides of his family with both parents and three of his grandparents, and two great-grandparents being magical.
Blood Type: O+

Educated At: Hogwarts Scotland (1) Beauxbatons (2-7)
Feelings Towards This Outcome: Jace was srted into hufflepuff in his first year. However, his family moved and in his second he started at Beauxbatons. Jace likes Beauxbatons, though sometimes he finds the school a little boring, he and his friends have a lot of fun zooming around the grounds and causing some trouble.
Wand: -
Wand Description:-
Good Habits: Kind. Jace is kind because he hates hypocrites, and since he doesn't like people being mean to him, he tries his best to not be mean to others. He heavily believes in the term: "Treat others how you want to be treated."
Bad Habits: Low self-esteem. Since Jace was the 'baby' of the triplets, and he was the sickly one, he was always taken care of and protected, but when he was shipped away to Beauxbatons with his older brother. Dyfan really started a shine, while Jace turned into more of a wall flower. Since his brother was achieving so much and others were always putting them together and saying that Dyfan was smarter and more serious and determined, Jace started thinking that he wasn't good enough.
Strengths: Friends and Family. Communication with people helps keep Jace entertained and grounded, even if the people he is communicating with hates him for whatever reason, he can keep himself under control most times.
Likes: Swimming and flying
Weaknesses: Being bored, when Jace is bored, he tends to get in trouble.
Dislikes: Being bored. Cold.
Interests and/or Hobbies: Jace loves flying.
Additional Skills: Jace is exceptional at Transfiguration, flying and Potions. These are/were also his favourtie subjects.
Boggart: That's secret!
Patronus Memory: Spending the day with his girlfreind, Aimee Darkhart. She makes all his worries go away and makes him feel happy and comfortable.
Dementor: -
Veritiserum: -
Animagus: Probably a Cat.
Patronus: Probably a Cat.
Languages: French and English.
Accent: Australian, with a slight French sound to it.

Personality: To come
History(Before School): Jace was a sickly boy. He was weaker and smaller than his older siblings. Throughout his younger years, he was constantly underestimated and even his magical abilities were second-guessed.
History(During School): When Jace transferred to Beauxbatons from Hogwarts Scotland, he soon became a wallflower. He was not as smart or determined as his brother, Dyfan, and slipped through the cracks. While Dyfan proved to be a great student, Jace was virtually an embarrassment. He became friends with a boy named Alexander, and they caused mischief together. Despite their differences and troublemaking ways, they still managed to get good grades and joined the Quidditch team together. They were virtually inseparable. There was a period of time when Jace had a girlfriend, though this was short lived. Mere Smith was too high maintenance for him to stand and he broke it off with her. Jace made sure to write to his friend Speed in Scotland every week, updating him on current affairs. Speed's imput and encouragement helped Jace stay on track with his life. Upon meeting and befriending Noboru Hiroto, a transfer in his later years, Jace found himself in a trio. With Alex and 'Ru' as they called him, Jace had plenty of fun with his friends and they all played Quidditch together.
History(After School): After Jace graduated from Beauxbatons, he kept in contact with his three best friends, Alex, Noboru and Speed. He decided to become a professional Quidditch player, something he was very proud of. However, this caused a rift in his family. His family wanted him to do something more practical, like become a healer or an auror. However, Jace was determined to be a professional Quidditch player and has succeeded. He is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Aimee, though it is a little strained at the moment. With Jace touring all the time, he has not been able to spend time with her and whenever they do have time together, they always seemed to be arguing. Jace puts on a brave face and continues to act as if everything between them is fine. He has recently been able to surprise her, and is happy to see that they seemed to have ironed out any problems.

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