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06/2048 (13)
Enoch had been very hopeful for the Slytherin quidditch game, but Slytherin had lost, he hadn't played nearly as well as he wanted to and really they'd lost. Sure it mean they were in second place really, but still, it wasn't a win, and that sucked. He could blame the seeker of the team he was on, but their seeker was good. The hufflepuff one was just as good. He could blame beaters but really he was just frustrated at being on the not winning team. His parents had said in their last letter, 'write to us about your victory' and given that they were so unwilling to fight his battles here at school, he was unwilling to write, they didn't care and they wouldn't care enough to start sticking up for him when he knew this loss had been unjust. Enoch had taken long to get dressed after the game, lingering for a while and only eventually heading out when he was the only one left. The game was over, the stands were empty and he just felt...empty. Perhaps an overreaction to losing, but he couldn't really help it.
Finally the game was over! These quidditch games always took up the pitch where Faye liked to go, and climb up to the tallest bleacher and look over the back of them onto the lawn. She liked to read up there, or lay up there and stare at the sky. It was weirdly peaceful to be so high up. She needed weird peace. Her parents were now putting pressure on her to do better in school. They told her exams would come in no time. But she could ace exams! She was smart! She just hated to do the work. It was boring and she couldn't focus on something boring for a long time.

Lost in thought Faye almost didn't notice that she wasn't alone entering the pitch. Almost. As she picked up on Enoch's present a cheeky smile placed itself on her lips. "Hey bestie! How did the game go?" She asked, the term bestie being used sarcastically. She had no idea who had won or lost. She never came to these things.
Enoch cursed whatever luck he had. Of course the one person who he really idn't want to see was the person he saw. He felt a burst of anger and frustration, unaware that she hadn't seen the game he'd just played. "What are you so f1cking annoying?" his tone was filled with frustration, annoyance, and the swear word was new, Enoch didn't really swear, but he couldn't help it as he said it. "Come to gloat have you? Does it make you feel good to always be the most annoying person in this whole school?" he continued almost unable to stop himself. "No one wants you here,"
There was a moment of disbelief on Faye's face when Enoch swore at her. Sure they didn't exactly see eye to eye but she hadn't expected such a volatile reaction. Her easy smile fell from her face, perhaps the first time she had been spotted without it. Her lower lip quivered slightly and her jaw tightened. She looked away. "Rough game?" She asked, trying to keep her happy-go-lucky demeanor despite being told the most hurtful thing. She could deal with no one wanting her here but annoying? She sniffed and crinkled here nose, which burned with the threat of tears.
On any other day, Enoch might've noticed the effect his words had had on the one person who seemed to like him. Or something. But today wasn't that day. This was not that moment. He did not have the patience for entertaining it. "Like you care," he threw back, "You just want to make fun of me. Just want to show off, prove you know better," he continued, his voice sharp as ice. "How many times do I need to say it, I don't want you around, I hate you,"
His words continued to get more and more hurtful. Faye gritted her jaw together, muscles tensing in her round cheeks. She did not look at him until his last spiteful words. Slowly her brown eyes, which were filled with tears of anger and hurt, shifted to look at him. "Know better? I don't know a darn thing about quidditch, its why I never go to the games. i asked you how it went to be polite. Do you know what that is? Did your parents ever teach you that word?" She asked.

Faye crossed her arms over her chest, looking at him still. "And you don't hate me. You hate who you pretend I am. Maybe it makes you feel better or something but it's getting old really quickly." She didn't plan on moving. She wasn't not going to go lay on the stands. "You can leave now." She said holding a brave face despite the tear on her cheek.
Enoch was a little surprised when he noticed that she was actually upset. They had always gone a bit back and forth like this, with him tending to be unkind towards her, but at the very least, he had never been cruel. He felt immediately bad about it, but not enough to apologise, especially as she told him to leave, when he had been the one on the pitch to begin with. "Gladly," he retorted. He turned and left.
Faye kept a semi-hard expression on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest and stared straight ahead. He turned and left and she didn't make a move to stop him. instead she marched her way up the stands to look up at the sky through her blurry tears. She was so mad that he got under her skin by being so insufferable. She was usually so good at hiding her anger and killing with kindness. Maybe that wasn't how she should do things with him anymore. Two could play at the petty, mean game.

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