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Maggie Ryan Rosendale

gamer; adopted; protective; honeydukes assistant
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12" Ash wand with tail of unicorn hair core
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Maggie had managed to pretty much keep herself to herself for the last few years. She’d tried to play dungeons and dragons when she was a first year, but after.l being too busy to keep playing, she’d become somewhat of a recluse. Late at night, Maggie was sat by the window overloooing the sunset and she was drawing in her notebook, something she did often these days when she had time to herself and not studying. She didn’t mind being by herself most of the time, but the fourth year did find herself wondering about her brother and his best friend, and how they were getting on. She’d received word recently that Chaser had opened his own museum, and she could wait to go and see it with Pippa. She knew she and her best friend would have had loads of fun in anything he had created, but the Hufflepuff was ultimately still coming to terms with thoughts going round her head that she just wasn’t used to, and didn’t feel like she could talk to anyone about.

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