Isaiah Jeffreys

Isaiah Jeffreys

Unspeakable | former head boy
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Isaiah Jeffreys

Isaiah - Isaiah means "YAHWEH is salvation". Isaiah is a major prophet of the Old Testament, supposedly the author of the Book of Isaiah. He was from Jerusalem and probably lived in the 8th century BC.
Jeffreys - The name Jeffrey is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Jeffrey is: God's peace.

Despite the obvious religious meanings that follow the name Isaiah, his name was not chosen for that reason. Isaiah's parents hadn't planned for Isaiah, so they hadn't really talked about names for children. They'd thrown a few names around for fun, but neither had given it any serious thought, so when they found out that they were having a boy, they randomly selected a letter, and from that randomly selected a name, and it turned out the name was Isaiah. Isaiah quite likes the reasoning his name. It's a pretty unique name way of having a name chosen, but he wishes sometimes that it held more meaning. He also wishes sometimes that they'd landed on a different name. Isaiah is a nice name, and he really likes it, but he sort of just wishes his name was simpler, sometime like John, or Ian. Something much simpler that didn't quite stand out that much.
The surname Jeffreys is like most names, just passed down through the years. His father's father had a good number of brothers who also carry the name. Jeffreys itself is a fairly common name, which Isaiah is always happy about. He likes having a name which is common in many ways. It makes things easier for him. He likes his surname perhaps a little more than his first name. Just because it's easier.

The only nickname names that Isaiah has were given to him by his younger siblings who were not as able to pronounce Isaiah as well as they could when they were younger, prompting the shortening of his name to Isa. Now, Isaiah doesn't mind being called that, but only when it's his cousins. If it's anyone else then he honestly wouldn't be able to deal with it at all, he'd likely lash out at the person. Other than that he doesn't actually have any nicknames. Nor would he really want any. Isaiah he's found doesn't really shorten itself well. If anything he finds it actually just makes things worse most the time. It's why it's only his young siblings that have been able to give him a nickname.

Currently, Isaiah is seventeen years old. Isaiah is not too fussed by his birthday or his age. To him it remains just another year he's lived through. He doesn't really celebrate his own, and has sometimes completely forgotten about it, until much later in the day. He much prefers celebrating other people's birthdays and not his own. Isaiah is the last person who likes being the centre of attention so this is why he really dislikes celebrating his birthday in anything other than a quiet sense with his brothers.

21st March 2025, born in Brisbane Hospital in mid-afternoon. It was a fairly difficult for his mother who had some issues in the last months of the pregnancy, and they feared that Isaiah wouldn't actually make it. However, despite these predictions he was born mid-afternoon after about 12 hours of his mother in labour, a perfectly heavily weight with no apparent trouble with him at all. To which most of the doctors were incredibly happy about. As were his parents. Who had been quite nervous about being parents but had realised quickly that this was the best thing to happen to them.

Since graduating Isaiah has joined the ministry and works within the department of mysteries as an unspeakable.

His father, Joshua Jeffreys, was born on the 13th July 1996. He is muggle and spent a lot of his youth in the military, only leaving when he finally got married. Now, he works as a mechanic for airplanes. Joshua was a very driven man, he had been raised in a strict no-nonsense kind of family. He had always been told to follow certain rules and to be sure that he wasn't doing anything crazy. But this always left Joshua feeling like his family just didn't want him. He cared for his sister and did all that was right. His father like him had spent some time in the military and Joshua had always looked up to his own father which had been why he'd gone. He was happy enough in the military but is also far happier now that he is no longer a part of it. He has always thought that violence makes any matter worse and has been keen to in-still within all of his sons that while joining the army can be noble the horrors of a real war and the kind of decisions a person may make are not the type that any person should really have to. When his wife died, Joshua's whole life collapsed around him. He just didn't know what to do with himself and he didn't really know how to look after three children, two of them incredibly young. He could barely look after himself, he just felt so lost. He had left behind a life he'd enjoy for her and the family and just didn't know what to do with himself. It wasn't until he met Orlando that things began to improve. He realised a few times after meeting him that Isaiah had really picked up the slack and had grown far more than he'd thought. That while he'd become lost and distant his eldest was the reason things were still running. Joshua has always felt bad for what happened, and wishes it could be changed, but has since worked incredibly hard for all of his sons, and has always been proud of their bond.

His mother Kate "Perrie" Jeffreys, was born 23rd December 2000 and died on the 2nd January 2031, in a car crash. She was mixed blood but had a love for all things muggle. She was a professional quidditch player until her death. She like her siblings attended Hogwarts and was also a Ravenclaw. Kate was a very easy going but curious person. She loved stories and she loved doing things she was afraid of. She like finding things out and loved seeing how they worked. She was the kind of person who was fascinated by all things muggle and taking them apart to see how they worked. She had always been afraid of driving, seeing it as an incredibly dangerous mode of transport, but had decided to learn to drive. Kate was an exceeding kind and warm hearted person. She was open minded about all types of things and believed that life was a story and it wasn't a good story if she didn't let everyone be a part of it. Her curiosity mixed with her kindness meant that she was always likely to ask first before doing anything. Though the curious part of her drove her even more than her kindness. Upon finding out that she was pregnant Kate had just cried for about four days, each time. Isaiah had been very confused when he'd seen that. She had always wanted children of her own and was incredibly happy to have finally been able to get some. She was always closest with Isaiah though that could just be attributed to the fact that he was the eldest. She read him story after story.

His step-father, though his father and him are not married, is Orlando Edison who was born and raised in South Africa until he moved to Australia for work. He also a muggle and currently works as a pilot for an Australian airline. His step-father is an openly gay man, who had always been gay. He never tried to hide it, or felt like it held him back in any way. He was also very intelligent, he worked hard for everything, studying in every minute of the day. Eventually he attended university in London, where he studied engineering before becoming a pilot. While he enjoyed engineering there was a great joy he found in flying. He moved to Australia for his work, and after his car broke down in front of Isaiah's house, Isaiah's father ended up helping him, and showing him how to fix it. While Isaiah's dad had never identified as gay he felt for the man easily, and the love he found from Orlando helped greatly.

Isaiah has two brothers, who are also twins. They were born on March 4th 2029, the first one born Ares Jeffreys and the second Xavier Jeffreys. They are non-identical twins, which is common in the Perrie family line. They look quite similar, other than the fact that Ares has very light blonde hair, and Xavier has darker blonde hair, taking a little more after their dad than their mother, whereas Ares has hair like his mother.

Isaiah has a large family, he has three sets of grandparents.
On his father's side:

The first are his father's parents, Travis Jeffreys and Madeline "Stone" Jeffreys, both of whom died, Travis in 2017 and Madeline in 2029. They were very laid back parents who gave little control to their control, which prompted Joshua to leave school at 16 to join the army, and train as part of the airforce. From this side he also has a younger sister, who is unmarried, but has two children from two different men. Isaiah's aunt on his father's side, is Jenny Jeffreys who currently works at a very popular restaurant in Brisbane, and is currently posed to become manage. She has two children, Sam and Claire Jeffreys, Sam born on 14th February 2029, and Claire born on 6th May 2032. All in this family are muggle

On his step-father's side:
His step father is an only child, and his parents recently moved to Australia to help out their son and the children who they see as grandkids. Orlando Edison Sr, and Nicole "Jones" Edison, also both muggle. Both worked as reporters in South Africa until they retired. just before moving to Australia.

On his mother's side:

His mother's side of the family is quite a bit larger than the other side.
His grandparents, Malcolm Perrie and Fiona "Loverley" Perrie. Malcom is a pureblood wizard who attended Durmstrang, born on August 20th 1974, and Fiona is a mixed blood who attended Durmstrang, born on June 10th 1975. They both worked as Aurors in the Bulgarian ministry of magic before moving to Australia when their eldest son was born. They continued to work as Aurors until recently, when both have retired from active field work, and deal much more with the paperwork aspect of things. They had three sons and two daughters.

The eldest son, Robert Perrie was born on April 3rd 1990, and is currently married to Alexia "Mills" Perrie. Robert is mixed blood where Alexia is half blood. Alexia owns her own magical sweet shop in Brisbane Australia, where she mixes her cooking skills with her magic. Robert currently works in the Australian ministry as part of the Obliviator's squad. Both attended Hogwarts Scotland and were both Ravenclaws. They have 6 children, with two sets of twins. The first set of twins are also the eldest. Damon is the elder of the first twins by 5 minutes, and Aramis is the younger. They were both born on June 8th 2022. They currently both attend Hogwarts Scotland, Damon a Gryffindor and Aramis a Ravenclaw. The next is Jessica Perrie, born February 18th 2025, she has just started at Hogwarts Scotland and was sorted into Hufflepuff. After her is Theodore Perrie, born September 11th 2027, and after him the second set of twins, Hunter Perrie who is older and Nicholas Perrie, Hunter was born first by twenty minutes on July 17th 2030. They believed that boy would be male, but Hunter turned out to be a girl.

The second eldest son is Malcolm Perrie, who was first married at the age of twenty but the pair split after two years. Malcolm has remarried a Czech woman he met during his magical studies in Czech after school, Vaclava "Apolena" Perrie. She is a pureblood witch. Vaclava is a nursery teacher to magical children, and Malcolm works in the Australian ministry as in the Wizarding Examinations Authority Offices. Malcolm was norn October 1992 and went to Hogwarts Scotland, Hufflepuff. Vaclava was born August 7th 1992 and went to Durmstrang. Together they have five children, three of which are adopted. Mostly as the couple believed they would be unable to have children. The eldest of the children, Nina Perrie was adopted by the pair at age four. She born to mixed blood parents who both died after an attack on their home, she was born on November 28th 2020, she currently attends Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin. The second eldest was also adopted, Scott Perrie, at the age of 6, he's a half blood whose father, the muggle side died when he was very young, and his mother got very sick, and gave him up when she could no longer care for him. The family do not know if she is still alive. He currently attends Hogwarts Scotland as a Hufflepuff. The middle child, is one born to Malcolm and Vaclava, Katerina Perrie who was born on August 26th 2023. She is also currently at Hogwarts Scotland and a hufflepuff. After this is the last of the adopted children, Diminik Perrie whose parents gave him up at two for unknown reasons, but whose parents were both half blood. He was adopted by Malcolm and Vaclava at age 2, who were old friends of the boy's parents. He was born on January 19th 2026. The last child, is another who was born to the parents, Izabela Perrie, born April 7th 2027.

The youngest of the boys, is Micah Perrie, who divorced his wife recently, and lives alone with his children in Auckland New Zealand, currently working as a physiotherapist to both magical and muggle people. The only one of the family to not live in Australia. He was born on October 22nd 1996, and attended Hogwarts Scotland, Gryffindor. His wife was a muggleborn witch. They have two children, the eldest Gracelyn Perrie born May 27th 2029 and the youngest Hamilton Perrie born 22nd August 2031.

The youngest of all the children, is also the youngest girl, Madison "Perrie" Quinn. Who is currently a stay at home mother to her two daughters. Her husband, Jeremiah Quinn, is a muggleborn wizard. Madison was born September 24th 2002 and went to Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin. Her husband also attended Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. He currently works as a healer in Australia. The eldest of their daughters is Vianne Quinn, born February 25th 2028, and the younger one Olivia Quinn born on January 31st 2032. They are half blood.

Isaiah is fairly allergic to cats, though they are actually his favourite animal. It's just a pity he thinks that he's allergic to them. Aside from that his family does not have any pets. They are looking to get an owl so that Isaiah can much more easily communicate with them while he is at school, mostly because of his incredibly close relationship with his brothers. He knows that his brother, Ares really wants a puppy, but honesty thinks that his brothers are no where near ready to look after a pet of any kind.

Half Blood

I was never fussed about the fact I was half blood. Most of my family mother's side is the magical side of the family, which is a large mixture different blood types. Isaiah doesn't have much contact with them since his mother died, which is really the only thing that frustrates him about his blood type, he is pretty happy about everything else about being half blood. Since he grew up as a muggle mostly, he feels happy about it and being able to finally practice some magic.

Brisbane, Australia

New Zealand, due to his work being there

Both of Isaiah's parents were born in Australian as were their parents. Isaiah is Australian, he likes being Australian.

For Isaiah, anywhere with his siblings is the place that he wants to live. Any place where his siblings are, is the place he would want to live. He cares about them dearly and finds it incredibly difficult to not be around them. Which is why Hogwarts is an incredibly important step to the boy. He would always think fondly of his family home with them and the memories that they created in this house together. He would want to stay young with his brothers forever, but he realised that it is impossible for him to have such a thing.

FIRST HOME: His first home is also his only home. It is a simple two story detached house in the suburbs of Brisbane. It has three bedroom's, one that is his, his brothers share one, and the last is the master bedroom. They have two bathrooms. The main living area and the kitchen is open plan. They have a separate dinning room, or playroom depending on the occasion. And a large garden at the front and at the back.

When Isaiah was young he had thought of himself as straight, he had always lived in a home very open to varying and different relationships but he had never thought he was any other than hetro, however, as he started at school, and began growing up and developing he realised he definitely had a crush on some of his male classmates as well as the female ones, and so came to the realisation that he was not hetrosexual but was in fact, bisexual. During the break between fourth and fifth year, Isaiah came out to his family.

Single, and he is definitely not looking for a relationship but definitely more flings.

Isaiah has an ongoing crush/infatuation with Archie, he drives him crazy but he loves it. He can't do or even wouldn't ever do anything about it, because he enjoys it so much. He had always been quite distant as a person, but his crush on Archie and discovering his own sexuality has definitely helped him open up.

His first kiss was to Archie Renner, a boy who drives his crazy. He has had the biggest and longest lasting crush on Archie which he knows that Archie realises he does.

Again his first french kiss was to Archie.

Isaiah hasn't been in any formal relationships, but he has had a number of flings.

Isaiah doesn't care too much about relationships, he doesn't think they are overly important, and he has engaged far more in flings, he and Archie have spent some time together, and he has spent a good few hours with his best friend Keye

Isaiah lost his innocence while in his final year of school to his best friend, Keye Hayes. He has always loved her as a friend, and he definitely loved the first time with her. It was to him an amazing experience.

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Isaiah has dirty blonde hair, which he keeps relatively short. He doesn't like having long hair, and thinks that it gets in the way of things when it's too long. Which for him, is any point where he can see it. He makes sure that he gets it cut fairly often, though has taken to the point where he will just do it himself. It wasn't like he really needed it to be done nearly. It was just hair. As much as he liked his hair, he knew he could deal with it not being perfect.

Like his mother, Isaiah has dark green eyes. It's a common trait in his mother's family, and it's one of the things which connects him to her. Isaiah does look a lot like both of his parents, but he resembles his mother a lot more. He also has very long eyelashes, and in some lights his eye colour looks an almost pale green rather than the dark green which they are.

Isaiah only has a few birthmarks, a couple on his back and a few on his ankle. They are small and mostly unnoticeable. However, he does have a lot of freckles on his nose, which do get a little more obvious and worse if he spends too long in the sun. Which is something he actually does a lot. Isaiah actually really loves the freckles, he thinks it's a good thing, and he would rather have them, than not have them.

Isaiah has a fairly common body type for his age. He is average height and of average build. He does play a few sports but he is not yet particularly built. Isaiah had a fairly slim body. He doesn't have much muscle on him yet, but at this point he's a grow boy. All the members of his family are fairly tall and well built so he imagines that he will be the same. Which is really what he's looking forward to. Currently in his much small build he's feeling a little small, he wants to be as big as all of them.

B (-ve)
Isaiah had to have his blood checked when he was first born, since they feared that something might still be wrong with him, even after it appeared that the birth had been a fairly normal one. This was how they managed to find out his blood type and it's something that his father told him when he was a little older to actually remember what he was just in case something happened while at school so that he would be able to tell people which he was in case it was necessary.

Isaiah is naturally right handed. He is actually the only one of his family that is right handed. Everyone else appears to be left handed, but Isaiah has always written with his right hand. It feel more natural to him, and he doesn't always understand how the rest of his family can deal with writing with the left because to him, it just feels strange and unnatural. It feels wrong. He likes this difference between him and the rest of his family.

Having been born and then raised in Australia, Isaiah has a fairly thick Australian accent, though it doesn't stand out that much against plenty of other Australian's in the school. He doesn't even notice his own accent unless he's with someone who speaks very differently from him. Only then will he really pick up on it. Aside from that, he just has a very thick Australian accent which during his time in New Zealand should appear to become less thick.

Isaiah is fairly limited in his languages, despite doing three years of German at his muggle school, it was one of the few things that he was unable to pick up quite well. Languages are his weakest subject. It frustrates him that therefore the only language he can speak is english, but he likes English a lot, so it doesn't bother as much as it had while he was trying to learn German at school.

Isaiah is not allergic to anything besides cats. His mother got a cat when Isaiah was two years old, and he suffered a pretty severe reaction to it. They discovered that he was allergic to cats, though his allergy has since that time gotten less severe and a lot more manageable though he would rather not spend any time around cats until he's sure that the allergy is almost completely gone. Aside from that, Isaiah isn't allergic to anything.

Isaiah has a very casual style. He isn't so bothered with being fancy or anything like that. He likes t-shirts and jeans. He doesn't like being held back by clothing and really to a certain extent doesn't really like the fact that he has to wear a uniform in school. He likes wearing old clothes that his dad or anyone in the family used to own. he likes new clothes, like most people do, but knows that they aren't that vital to him. He likes just making sure that he is comfortable above all other things.

Tom Riley

Dylan Everett - 1st-6th year (11-17)

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Isaiah's primary passion in life has always been stories. Telling them, and reading them. He just loves the idea of these fictional people in the books he reads, or on the movies he watches. Any story, any platform is enough for him. He loves telling stories almost as much as he enjoys hearing about them. Isaiah has written a good number of these stories down. He doesn't really ever write them in full, but he makes notes about them. Isaiah loves making up stories from the people he sees and create a life for them. He just loves everything to do with stories. Isaiah loves as well as this, learning, he loves everything do with that. He just loves being able to learn new things. He loves reading everything and anything he can, learning everything that he can. When he finishes with one thing, he just moves straight on. He prefers to be like that, rather than just always focused on one thing. He loves his family, and his siblings most of all. He likes playing with them, and giving them everything. He loves flying and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. He enjoys being able to fly around. He loves having adventures, as long as they within reason. Isaiah has a lot of loves.

Isaiah really dislikes people who are unnecessarily unkind to others. He's quick to anger and quick to defend. He doesn't like bullies and will stand up for people no matter what. He doesn't like seeing people cry, and he doesn't like when professors are condescending. He finds it pretty insulting. He doesn't like when people dismiss stories and reading. he doesn't like when people are insulting and closed off. Narrow minded people are those he really hates the most. Isaiah does enjoy nice weather but much prefers rain and the cold over warmth and sunshine. He dislikes being pressured into things, and doesn't enjoy cars at all. He would rather using any other form of transport. Which is why he tends to either cycle or walk to places if he can avoid being driven. Isaiah doesn't like spiders and dislikes the sport cricket.

Isaiah has never thought that much about goals for his life. He loves his family so, he wants them to all be happy. But, he would really long for a family of his own. He thinks it would be one of the most rewarding things that he could actually do with his life. He would also like to become a published author. He doesn't mind if it's muggle or magical, but writing is his passion and he would want to be successful in that field. However in the same way, he wouldn't mind a career in quidditch, since he also really loves that sport. For Isaiah the world is open for whatever he might want as he grows older.

Isaiah is very close with all of his family members, so to him really, losing any of them would be incredibly hard and it would be his worst fear, all over again. To him it was already incredibly difficult to lose his mother but it would be even more difficult to him to lose any one else. He is very close to all of his family, and it would honestly break his heart and his mind to lose any of them. However, more specifically, his boggart would be likely to be either of his brothers. His young brothers that he cares so dearly about. Losing either of them, or even just one of them would be like his heart breaking all over again, he's sure that he would definitely not be able to handle it.

Isaiah beliefs that his patronus would be a lioness. He believes that it would be that would be best for him. It's a good creature which is caring and smart. It's protective but smart and violent when it needs to be. He identifies with that creature more than any other creature for exactly those reasons. He isn't bothered about the fact it's not a lion, he identifies more with a lioness than anything else.

One of the final memories with his mother. He can barely remember it at this point, but he thinks about it a lot. She was just sitting with him in his room reading to him while his siblings slept in their beds already. He just remembers the way she held him, the way she did all the voices and smiled with him. It's a simple memory, but it's one of the last times that Isaiah felt truly happy and carefree. Isaiah misses his mother dearly, she was literally everything to him.

Isaiah's dream is mostly just to have his mother back with him. He loves his father and his step-father, but he had a special connection with his mother that he never had with anyone else. So he dream would just be having her back with him. He knows that it isn't possible, but he would want it. And as a young boy, currently that is all that's on his mind when it comes to these things.

The dementor memory for Isaiah would definitely be the day of the crash. They had been driving back from somewhere, it had been a really hot day, and something on the road had been too sharp and burst the tyre of the car, causing the car to go into a tail spin. Isaiah only really remembers, moving himself and attempting to shield his brothers from the danger. The car ended up on the other side of the road and was hit by a truck. Isaiah was pretty badly injured, and knocked out for a good few minutes, but when he came to, he obviously checked that his brothers were okay before his mother. Which he then realised pretty quickly that his mother was dead. He can still see the crash in his mind, and it would honestly be the worst thing that had ever happened in his life. He remembers screaming for her, demanding that she wake up. Telling her that he needed her. But of course it was too late. Isaiah hates thinking about it, and very often doesn't. The only time he thinks about it, is generally on the anniversary and also on his mother's birthday.

This would be easy, for Isaiah, as much as losing his mother was something that he would never wish to do again, his nightmare would be losing either of his brothers. Of reliving that day, but instead of just his mother dying, he would be unable to protect his brothers and they too would die leaving just him, it would be to Isaiah one of the worst things to ever happen to him. He is fairly certain that coping with that loss on top of his mother would destroy him.

Isaiah is pretty closed off, he doesn't always freely give information about him to others. It's easier for him to just omit certain facts that have to deal with them. Isaiah, for that reason if he was under the influence of it would probably admit that he wishes the car crash which took his mother had taken him instead. He loves his family, but he thinks that losing his mother was too much, and losing him would be easier.

While most would think upon talking with Isaiah that he would just see his mother, it's actually fairly untrue. He would not just see his mother he would see his entire family. His brothers, his mother, his father, his step father. All the cousins. He loves his family more than anything in the world. He loves every single one of them, and to him having them all around him, and being able to spend time with them is all that he would want to do with his life. Everything else is pointless. Family is his entire world.

Isaiah would easily smell, fresh clean sheets, with a soft soapy smell. He would smell freshly made bread and fresh baking that he remembered from his mother. He would smell lavender and he would likely also smell the old book smell. And since he's so young, that would be all he'd smell.

For Isaiah, the person whom he looks up to is his first teacher at primary school. He respects her hugely, just the kind spirit that she was, and all of the kindness she showed him. She had been an old family friend of his fathers, and had become good friends with Isaiah's mother. This had meant that getting to the school and seeing her as his first teacher was good. He also respects her, and in many ways does really care about her, for all the kindness which she showed him, when he mother died. She really helped him come to terms with it, and was the only person who really managed to calm him down when he was upset about something. Isaiah honestly looks up to her as a professional and as a friend. He would not mind being remotely like her when he grows up.

Isaiah grew up in a fairly religious free environment. He knew about it, from learning about it in school, he decided because of this that he didn't necessarily believe in god, but he believes that it is likely there is a higher power. He likes the idea of giving, and being kind and generous. He doesn't like the stuff which talks about what things are wrong and what things are right. He doesn't think that in the grand scheme of things that really matters. Isaiah doesn't like when people get really angry or preachy about religion or their beliefs and would be very quick to punch them if they started say something that he didn't like.

Isaiah has no real political beliefs, he reads a lot of different things but he doesn't really know anything practical. His father has always voted for centrists and Isaiah who tries to be like his father in the way that he doesn't believe in war, and he believes in helping people. But, he doesn't know how that translates politically, or even how it would be affected in the magical world. Though he did follow the election of Cameron Kingsley and really believes him to be good. Isaiah obviously couldn't vote but he liked the man.


Aries are fire signs and those born under this element are regarded in astrology as adventurous, active and outgoing. It won't matter where you go or how remote or unusual it is - from the Outback to the Antarctic - you can be sure that an Aries has been there before you (or at the very least you will meet one along the way!) Aries is a uniquely naive sign. Although they are independent, outgoing and assertive they are also surprisingly trusting, often innocently walking into the lion's den at times. No matter what upheaval, challenge or triumph they confront - an Aries has a wonderful ability to bounce back. Their faith in life and the future remains untouched by hardship. Their gift is that they are always children at heart and the world is always a magical place for them. Aries people are 'doers' rather than 'talkers'. They are the impulsive, act first, ask questions or have doubts later, sign of the zodiac. That's why their lives are often filled with many dramas and sometimes even accidents! Their ability to live life close to the edge provides them with a wealth of 'real experience' to call upon. When an Aries person talks about something or somewhere they've usually done it or been there, rather than simply read about it in a book. Being active people Aries can't adapt to any kind of restriction, particularly possessive relationships. They often travel to escape any feelings of being stuck or possessed. Aries people love challenges.

Isaiah is a strong willed young boy, he has a huge heart, and a determined fibre. He works hard at everything that he does, and rarely gives up on people. He is a hard worker in school, but choses to not be so academic, just because he prefers sports to it. Isaiah is hot-headed at times, and may flare up if angry, but he is a caring person who will try to help those who ask for it. He looks after those around him, even if they push him away. He is very loyal to his friends, and would do anything for them. He is also very patient when the time requires him to be, specifically when dealing with young kids. Isaiah is caring in nature, but he'll lightly make fun of people, or use jokes to make them feel better about things, he likes having fun and isn't overly fond of emotional conversations, and would rather make jokes and have everyone just feel better.

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Isaiah Jeffreys

Unspeakable | former head boy
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Curly 14" Sturdy Yew Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core

Brisbane Primary School

He attended the school from about 5 till he was about 11. He happily attended the school, despite really only going there to make his family happy and knowing that he really did need to be doing something with his time rather than in the house all the time, and he was very happy to be able to spend his time also with kids his age. His attendance at the school was a little bad during the two years after his mother's death, but since this was after his mother had died, the school mostly let it slide.

There were no houses at this school.

I can remember thinking that everything was really huge. I was so excited to go to school. I loved reading, and I loved listening to the stories my mother used to tell me, so I was very happy to be finally going to to the school. I couldn't wait to start reading things and just getting better and better at them. It would be the best thing ever for me really. I loved everyone in my class, and the teacher was lovely. It was a great school, and my first day was amazing.

During his time at the school, Isaiah was the top of his class for almost all the years running. He was the only not the best in the year that was when his mother died, and Isaiah was out of school for a good three months following it. Being completely unable to sort of deal with it while in school. However, during all the other years, he was the very top of his class.

English, simply because he really loves being able to write stories. He loves reading and writing so much that the subject where he can learn more about them, was obviously going to be his favourite subject in muggle school. He has written plenty of stories, and it was his best class during the time he spent there, and the one class he is very much going to miss since he isn't there.

Languages. Simply because he wasn't very good at them. Isaiah could do the memorising, and he could rewrite things, but his speaking, listening and reading did always drag him down. He is very glad that it is one of the subjects that he wouldn't actually need to continue with. Since he really does truly hate it. Just for some reason which he has never really understood, getting his brain around it has always been incredibly tricky to him. It wasn't something he liked not being able to do, so he's glad to have been able to leave it behind.

His favourite teacher hands down would be his first teacher, the one he got when he arrived at the school. Isaiah's mother and this woman had been good friends, and it had been nice to know the teacher a little more before going to the class. He also enjoyed being able to talk to her about things, and she became a sort of rock to him at that school when he lost his mother. He turned to her a lot, since in the immediate months which followed the boy felt so lost. She was one of the kindest people that Isaiah would say he's ever met.

His least favourite would be the last teacher he had at the school. This teacher unlike all the rest didn't want to give Isaiah any slack. She very harshly marked his work, and it was because of her, that in his final year he stopped trying as hard with classes. He knew that it was pointless anyway since he would be leaving for Hogwarts very soon, but, he still wanted to do well.

Isaiah ended up skipping a lot of class and days of class because of the death of his mother and taking on a lot more responsibility in the house with his father. Which is why he would sometimes arrive late or leave early. He let his grades slip a bit during this time, but he never actually lost any marks and the professors in his class gave him a lot of slack because of what happened.

Isaiah was part of a few clubs, the rugby club, the library club and the football club. He liked being active around the school. And really enjoyed the challenges that he faced with those clubs. He didn't like having nothing to do during school, especially during lunch which was when rugby and the library club were. Compared with the football club which was the only after school club that Isaiah did, since he joined it before his mother died, and didn't want to quit it for exactly that reason.

No positions were achieved, not that he would've taken any of them, since he always hated the idea in primary school, since he had no intention of continuing with muggle school it didn't make a difference to him if he got any positions, he would much rather that someone who would enjoy the positions more than him and that would have more use for it than him should get it.

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Curly 14 Inch Sturdy Yew Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core

Length: A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.
Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.
Wood: Yew wands are extremely powerful in both the dark arts and in battling against the dark arts: good and evil, life and death - the wand's wood straddles the in-between carefully and it is the wielder that draws it to one side or the other.
Core: Phoenix tail feathers are not easy to come by. The animal is known for its versatility, making wands with this core useful for wand casters who seek to become good with different types of magic.
Flexibility: Sturdy: A solid wand for any witch or wizard - easy to use, and highly dependable.

I really like my wand, it's great. It feels fantastic in my hand, and just works so well with me. I like the size of it, and the core. The phoenix tail which is a rare type but the caster is generally geared towards good. It's lightly and incredibly dependable. It was such a strange feeling holding it for the first time. I honestly felt like I discovered a part of me that had been missing for just so long. It was perfect. Now I know why my cousins always hate being away from their wands when they can't preform magic outside of school. I would honestly feel so lost without it now that I have it.

Hogwarts New Zealand

I had never been to such a grand school. It was just so beautiful. I couldn't believe it. I've been to a few castles in my time, but not many, and none as stunning as the one I was arriving it. It just holds so much. The walls are thick with history despite it's young age. The castle is both cool and warm to help suit. It has incredibly grandier and it's beauty is truly stunning. I couldn't, and still can't believe that I actually get to study here for like seven years of my life. It will be unforgettable.


It was probably one of the most nerve racking experiences of my life. You know. It was just the hat was placed on my head and that was it. I was going to find out where I was placed. My mother was a ravenclaw but my uncles were Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor respectively, and my aunt a Slytherin. I have one cousin in Gryffindor in scotland, three in hufflepuff, one in ravenclaw and one in Slytherin. We have a really broad mix and I wasn't sure where I would end up. I wanted to be with my mother in Ravenclaw but I didn't know if that would actually happen. I just felt so happy therefore when the hat said I was a ravenclaw. It was just the best feeling in the world really. I couldn't believe it. I can't actually remember ever being that happy about a simple decision and somewhere to sleep for a couple of months.

Running a hand through what what now an unruly head of dirty blonde hair, Isaiah couldn't stop the sweat on his hands from being just awful, or the way they were both shaking. That morning his hair had been perfect, now little remained of what it had been. He spent a few seconds just staring right at his sweaty hands before stuffing them into his trouser pockets. He couldn't believe how nervous he was about this. It was just a part of his life which he had to do. Isaiah had been looking forward to it being here and getting sorted, up until that moment where he'd actually seen the school. He had turned to his side, expecting his siblings to be beside him as they usually were but of course they were not. He couldn't help but be in awe of the school, while sad for not being able to share it with his family. Isaiah was nervous about entering, didn't think of himself of really worthy of such an amazing school. Part of him, thought that he could turn back now, and just learn from home. It couldn't be that hard, but he was here now and he knew that he would regret if he didn't give this a try. He knew that his family would be alright without him, no matter how much Isaiah thought that everything relied on him. It was better now. He followed his classmates through the halls of the school which lead towards the great hall. He couldn't stop his eyes from bouncing to and from every sight in front of him. Unable to really keep his gaze on any one thing for long. There was just so much to take in at this point. So much that for some reason Isaiah was sure his brain was thinking that it would never see any of it again. He found that despite all the nerves in him, he could feel the start of the smile. The young boy knew that his siblings were looking forward to his first letter to them from school, and Isaiah was more than happy to send it to them pretty soon. Isaiah had never been away from his family for this long, and it was all he could think of currently. As bad as he didn't want to think about them, it was the only thing he appeared to be able to think about. Shaking his head slightly, Isaiah glanced around at the other students. Most of them seemed pretty normal, nothing too out the ordinary. He wondered which would end up in the same house as him. He wondered which might be his friend, and which he'd be better avoiding. He knew it would take him a little bit longer to warm up to people, but he was sure that this would be alright. Hogwarts would force him to be comfortable with those he'd just met, in a way that his last school had never. Isaiah's thoughts were interrupted when the crowd moved to the great hall, and his thoughts were suddenly silenced.

Isaiah's family had never been particularly well, they'd always had enough, but this was not just a great hall in his mind, but a grand one. He could only imagine the sort of stories the bricks could tell about this place. The things they'd seen. The ghosts which lingered, the marks of previous years. The sounds of their laughter, the tears of those students who moved on to bigger and better things. The boy glanced at the students at the tables, each of them at the right table for their house. Each of them with a different story to tell. Each with plans and future after this place. How many students had this hall seen in all the years of Hogwarts. He glanced to the front of the room, now curious as to where his future lay. In which house would he be best for. He could see himself in any of the houses. Isaiah just really didn't want to be a Slytherin. He knew that Slytherin's weren't as bad as people said they were, but he wasn't really interested in taking such a chance. He knew they had positive traits, but he just didn't want to be one. Any of the others to him would be fine. Though Isaiah was really hoping to get Ravenclaw. Isaiah always worked incredibly hard for whatever he wanted and more. He knew he was smart. He was smart, Isaiah, really however at the end of the day was not that bothered by the houses. He knew that which ever he ended up in would be best for him. Isaiah however, was so lost in his thoughts and glancing around, that he barely noticed that all the other students were slightly ahead. He suddenly found himself at the back of a crowd of kids his age. He couldn't really see the professor at the front, not that it really mattered. He could hear what she had to say. Isaiah loved the ease with which the voice could be heard, how easily it carried through this Great Hall. He realised that this hall was calming to him, it took his mind off other things. His hands no longer shook as much, though they were still sweating pretty bad. He heard a different voice singing, and it didn't take long for Isaiah to figure out that it was the sorting hat. It was deeper than the previous voice. He knew that this sorting hat was newer, and that the one at the other Hogwarts was much older. As old as the school itself, the school was older than this one, but a good many years. He wondered if this Hogwarts would ever reach that kind of age. The song ended, and Isaiah turned his attention back to the front. As names began to be called, and he was able to move closer to the front. Jeffreys was midway through, and so he had a fair amount to wait, just not as much as some others might have to. Isaiah smiled to himself as they neared his name. This was it. Hogwarts, magical school, his life for the next seven years. "Jeffreys, Isaiah"

Isaiah moved to the front of the crowd, glancing at the woman who'd said his name, and smiling at her. He wanted to thank her, but obviously could not. There was no opportunity for that to happen. He sat down on the stool, and just waited. He knew no matter what his family would be proud of him, and that was what he intended to do. Isaiah really didn't want slytherin, but knowing his family would be proud no matter what was enough to him, to trust the hat in it's judgement of him.

"Not to worry - you're no Slytherin. You're a RAVENCLAW! Albeit, a bit of a foolish one at the moment. Hopefully you'll grow out of that."

He had now graduated.

FIRST YEAR: Isaiah was very nervous about his first year. It was his first time being just so far from his home, and he was very nervous about what this would mean for him. He worked hard in his classes and rediscovered largely how much he missed true education and actually enjoying what he learned. Isaiah also joined the quidditch team, he hadn't thought that he would get on to the team, but was very happy when he did. He really enjoyed every part of the school processes. He thought it was good fun and he was keen really to do even more.
SECOND YEAR: To a certain extent the boy reverted backwards during this year. He had loved his time with his brothers at home and was really missing them. To the point where he was thinking more about them, than about the fact that he was at school. He continued with his qudditch, but stayed mostly to himself.
THIRD YEAR: His third year passed largely uneventfully, Isaiah stuck mostly to himself making a few friends along the way, but sticking to the sports that he played. Aside from that, nothing of note happened to Isaiah during this time, and he was pretty happy about this.
FOURTH YEAR:His fourth year was a lot different, from the tail end of the last year and into that year, Isaiah had discovered himself to sexually attracted to more than just girls, and specifically to Archie Renner of Gryffindor. As well as this, Isaiah became vice-president of the brotherhood. he continued to work hard, although spent a lot of his time avoid Archie who seemed intent on teasing him. This was also the year in which he became friends with Keye

Isaiah graduated in 2043


This graduation seemed odd to Isaiah, he couldn't believe that he was graduating, that his schooling was over, that the exams were over, that he no longer had to attend any classes, that it was over. The teen had already decided what he would do when he walked out of those doors, well, he had a few things he was going to do, one was celebrate and the other was get a job. The school had been such an important part of Isaiah's life the last seven years, it had opened doors to him, it had helped him realise who he was, helped him be more confident in himself and be someone independent from his family. The head boy was so proud of himself for getting this far in the schooling, and he was proud of his year group, there had barely been a dull moment for him. They had done so much with the short amount of seven years, they as a year group had been the best year group hands down.

The graduation ceremony began and he was beginning to feel nervous about the speech he was to give, he had learned it inside out, he had written it with Pia, so nothing they said would over lap, but he knew they both had a similar message, a pride and joy over all their year had achieved. Isaiah wanted to be serious in his speech but he didn't think he was really going to manage it. However all too soon they were brought up to speak, Pia went first, and he couldn't help but find her speech warming to the core, and he knew that she was a great addition to the school, spending time with her and sharing stories about siblings had always been fun, he had so many fond memories of all the people in this school, of the sports he had done. It was true they had their worlds in their hands and he was sure that they would achieve highly. Each and every one of them. Isaiah applauded loudly for Pia when she finished speaking and Isaiah waltzed with confidence to the podium to speak, he cleared his throat and looked out at the people, he could spot his brothers and his father in the crowd, and though he felt incredibly nervous and his hands were shaking like crazy there was a smile plastered to his face.

"Well, don't we all look lovely today!" Isaiah began, wanting to start off light, "I'd like to start much like Pia by giving thanks, first to our professors for all the help they've given us over the years. I'm sure we'll miss them and they'll just be happy to see the back of us. Second, to our families or guardians who have supported us throughout school and who in a few months time are going to wish we were still at school and not eating them out of house and home," Isaiah paused for a small moment, taking a little breath, "Lastly, I'd like to thank my fellow students, my fellow seventh years and those bratty students in all the other years. You have been incredible people to know and I wish each of you the best apart from anyone whose ever hit me with a bludger in quidditich, or been in a team that's beaten Ravenclaw at a quidditch cup final. You know who you are," Isaiah glanced between the people in his year and those other students who had been able to attend giving a glance to any slytherins he'd spotted, since he was referring directly to them in the last statement. "Hogwarts has been incredible, but that chapter of our lives is over and from this point our paths all split. No more houses, no more almost murders by thirteen year olds, no more amazing dancing from this head boy, no more having to listen to whatever the wild patch is shouting about, no more wondering why Professor Styx bothers with teaching when he very clearly hates us all. Hogwarts has been magical, but it's over. Let us leave this place knowing we made it more fun, meet at the Medley in Mākutu Mall to get outrageously drunk and celebrate graduating. So, congratulations to all of you, Class of 2043, here's to us,"

The only thing left for Isaiah to do at this school was to graduate was get the diploma, to walk across the stage and get the certificate from the deputy professor, and he was smiling rather easily to himself as he did so, he waited his turn, it was a little surreal to him that he was spending his last moments in the school, it was just a little insane really. He was leaving the school, he was graduating. The teen stood up when it was his turn and he crossed the stage. Isaiah shook the man's hand as he took the diploma, and couldn't help the easy and relaxed expression that sat on his face, he was pretty happy about having actually achieved. He had managed to finish school, he had graduated, the teen was so pleased to have managed it. Isaiah had worked hard for it, and he was looking towards the future, he was looking forward to drinking, and drinking at Pia's party. The boy was excited to get a job, to move forward with his life, to spend more time with Keye and just have a whole load of fun. The boy found his brother's in the crowd and waved to them as he went to take his seat again. He felt so proud of what he'd done at this school, of what he'd achieved.

In his time since getting to Hogwarts Isaiah now plays for the Ravenclaw quidditch team and he really enjoys playing on the team, he's a chaser on the team and really enjoys being part of the team. He's also the Vice President of the Brotherhood, which is a position he received this year and he's trying his best to be the best at it. In his fifth year, Isaiah was awarded the position of prefect, which he is incredibly happy with. He enjoys the responsibility and is keen to prove himself. At the beginning of sixth year, he was appointed Quidditch captain for the ravenclaw team, he is exceedingly happy with the position and was driven at every opportunity to try and help bring his team a victory, no matter really the possible cost. At the beginning of his seventh year, Isaiah was given the position of head boy which Isaiah was exceedingly pleased.

First Year

Potions: E

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: P

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Flying: A
Second Year

Potions: P

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: P

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Third Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: E

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Care Of Magical Creatures: O
Fourth Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: E

Herbology: O

Care Of Magical Creatures: O
Sixth Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: E

Herbology: O

Care Of Magical Creatures: O

Apparition: Pass


Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Care Of Magical Creatures: O

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Care Of Magical Creatures: O

Isaiah's best class at this point would be astronomy. He loves the stars, if only for the names that some are given and the fact they are the unknown. To him they are everything that is important. He likes reading about them, and trying to understand them. He likes trying to know what to think of them, or the reasons why they are like that to him. He enjoys the mystery and the facts of the subject.

For Isaiah this is likely to be in the Defence Against the Dark Arts. He's very conflicted in the class. He doesn't particularly like the professor, so he finds it difficult to really pay attention, and he also doesn't know how he feels about the magic they learn. He knows it's the Defence against the dark arts, but he feels like they should learn more. And he doesn't yet feel comfortable about harming people, so he doesn't really like it. In an attempt however to get himself to like the class Isaiah works very hard in it, and he also has joined the Student Defence Association.

Easily for him this would be his head of house. While History of Magic is not his favourite lesson it is a close second and he prefers that professor to any of the other professors in the school. He thinks that they are really interesting and is very keen to learn from him. He follows all of the classes with relative ease. He enjoys the lecture style in that class because of what they learn.

Isaiah doesn't particular hate any of the teachers, he respects them, but really if he had to pick he'd say the Defence Against the Dark Arts class. He doesn't really get why the man is just so angry or annoyed all of the time. He wishes he knew. But he thinks of the man as a good teacher, so respects him for all that he does.

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Isaiah was born in the mid-afternoon, healthy and perfect. He had a small tuff of hair on his head and was an incredibly happy little baby. He was completely spoiled by his parents. His mother red stories to him every single night. Even when he was too young to understand. Isaiah's mother didn't work, so she spent every day with him as he grew up. She spent time show him how to cook, showing him how to clean, not really meaning it as life lessons, but it ended up being so. By the age of two, when Isaiah was walking around and active properly he would always help his mother do what she needed to do. He liked learning about things, and together they would take apart household appliances and then put them back together. His mother would have a story for every little bit and would be able to make up hundreds of little voices. Because of this, Isaiah was joining in with his mother by the time he could make full sentences. Isaiah was a mother's boys through and through, there would be no doubt about that. He and his father got along well too. Being the only child for the first four years helped a lot. His father would play with him, and show him how the car was built he was incredibly curious for a child and soaked up all of the love and attention he got from his parents.

Isaiah's brother were born when Isaiah was four years old. He was incredibly happy to see them, having watched his mother grow very fat from it, and he'd been helping his mother out a lot. It had been a tricky pregnancy given that she gave birth to twins. Isaiah had been happy to do so, and was even happier when they were born. He started muggle school when he was five, and he hated being away from his home and his mother. The first week Isaiah cried so much he ended up being sent home early, but his mother and father had explained to him that they would always be there for him, and they would always be at home, they would never leave him. Isaiah improved in school after that and really came to love it. He learned really quickly and was always ahead of most in his class. He didn't take long to finish assignments and the teacher was always giving him other things to do. It was clear that Isaiah was naturally curious and his mind rarely settled. He also discovered a love of sports. Because he had so much energy sports was the way for him to be able to express himself in a manner that he could. Although he was reluctant to stay behind in school. At home things were remained good. He helped his parents with his brothers, especially when his mother was unwell or his father had to work late. Isaiah enjoyed helping out and being useful to his parents. He liked playing with his little brothers and would read them whatever stories he had been reading during school.

When Isaiah was six years old and his brother's two, while on their way to the supermarket, they and their mother were involved in a car accident. Another car slammed into the back of theirs sending their car out onto incoming traffic. Isaiah who had always been taught to protect his brothers did what he could to protect them from being hurt, and they ended up coming out of the accident relatively unharmed, Isaiah's mother was killed on impact and Isaiah spent entire week in hospital. He went to his mother's funeral before heading home. It was clear when he returned back to his home that many things had changed. His father who had always been a good and kind person was distant towards him. He arrived home, and his father forgot to take his brothers out of the car, that was the first indicator that something was wrong. Two weeks after his mother's death, Isaiah was practically do everything around the house for his father. His father left early in the morning for work and came back late. Isaiah stopped going to school to be able to care for his younger brothers. He did all the work around the house and tried to be the same kind and patient person that his mother had been with him with his brothers. It was an incredibly difficult time for the boy, and it forced him to mature very quickly. He put food on the table for his family, borrowed money from his father when he needed it. Really just going the extra mile to ensure that their family stayed afloat.

It wasn't until Isaiah was eight years old and had been looking after his brothers solely for over two years that things changed. It happened on a Sunday when Isaiah had been reading to his brothers in the front yard a man's car had broken down in front of them. Isaiah had gone over to the man to try to help, since he knew a little bit, and a part of his young brain had forgotten really about his father but the problem had been too complicated for him, and it had been then that Isaiah had decided to see if his father would do it. Isaiah went to get his father, and it was during that time when his father and this man, Orlando, ended up hitting it off. After that meeting things slowly began to improve. His father became more active and started to do more things around the house. Isaiah had kept quiet about not having gone to school ended up being sent back, after his father had found out. Under the really clear instructions that his father was better. Isaiah and his father do not have as good a relationship as they had once had. it's started improving, but it is unlikely to ever be completely healed. Isaiah ended up skipping a lot of school during the remainder of that year and had fallen really behind having missed so much. It was good that he was very naturally intelligent or he wouldn't have been able to catch up. Things did get easier during the next year when his brothers also started at school. This eased Isaiah's mind about things. But he still cared deeply for them both. He read many stories and walked with them to and from school. Encouraged them. He acted in many ways like a parent rather than a brother, but this dwindled as his father took a more active role, as did his step-father.

Isaiah had been showing signs of magic since he'd turned seven, it had mostly been during periods of high emotions or when he'd been really tired. Eventually he got his letter to Hogwarts New Zealand, and it had been then that his father had even remembered the fact that his wife had been a witch, this had been difficult to explain to his new step-father but, in the end after a fierce argument about going to the school Isaiah caved and agreed. He wanted to learn magic and it was easier for him to start afresh, he'd never really managed to readjust to his old school. He'd been too different and unable to trust those around him so he'd had few friends. He had taken part in sports but no longer ever stayed behind. The extended family on his mother's magical side had always tried to help them, but when he'd lost his mother they had become distant, which Isaiah had always disliked.

Upon being accepting and agreeing to go to school Isaiah, was sorted into Ravenclaw. This had been the house he'd been hoping for since his mother had also been a Ravenclaw. He found his passion of stories were less required but sudden his curiosity and desire to know more had been reawakened. He had lost most of it because there had just been other things for him to do. He worked hard and spent lots of his time in the library. He liked reading pretty much anything. Isaiah joined the quidditch team in his first year, and quickly rose to be one of the starting players. He misses his family, and spends every moment with them when he is at home, but being at Hogwarts has really allowed Isaiah to revert slightly more to a child, or teen than what he was at home, which was just exceedingly mature. Isaiah has just started his third year, and is really looking forward to electives. He doesn't know what he wants to do when he leaves but he's willing to work for it.

School for Isaiah continued to be pretty normal, he worked hard on his classes, in both third and fourth year, and continued his quidditch, eventually ascending up to the Vice president of the Brotherhood. Isaiah also became a prefect in his fifth year, a position he is very happy to have achieved. Fifth year was the year in which his brothers joined the school, and during the first quidditch game of the season Isaiah broke his arm, and continued to play, much to the annoyance of one of his closest friends, Keye.

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