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they said if you don't let it out you're gonna let it eat you away well
be a cannibal, baby, animals like me don't talk anyway i feel like an

An original and unexpected name is Tesla as it derives from renowned scientist, Nikola Tesla. He was best known for his contributions to the electricity field. Of Slavic roots, Tesla means "from Thessaly" which is an Ancient Greek region. She was given this name as a direct reference to Nikola Tesla and it's often said that if she'd been born a boy they would have named her Nikola.​
FELIXSimilarly Hypatia is a rarely used name and is also a reference to a scientist - Hypatia of Alexandria. The meaning: highest and exceptional. Those with the name Hypatia are said to be practical, competent and at the same time have a strong view on spiritual matters. This name was chosen by her father because Hypatia of Alexandria was not just a scientist but a mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and inventor because he wished his daughter to have success in any field she chose, something that both her parents have taught her from early on.
PRATT Tesla's mothers surname was adopted by the entire family, in part due to feminist thinking of both parents, but primarily due to a reference to yet another scientist, Henry Wilde, to whom there is no relation. Wilde is of German decent meaning "savage" or "wild man" which suggests a familial history of violence or unruliness. The choice to use her mother's surname rather than Brown, her father's family name, was questioned often and loudly by family and friends but has ultimately proven the best choice for her family.
BIRTHOn August 30, 2030 Tess was born in a public hospital in Wellington, New Zealand. She was five weeks premature and therefore did spend some time in hospital following her birth to assure that she would be healthy and there would be no complications but was shortly thereafter found to be in good condition and allowed home with her parents. She was born at 8:29pm during quite a bad rainstorm. This date of birth would place Tesla as a Virgo and the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac - both things she has never put any stock into until beginning her magical education and seeing that these things may affect a person's future due to Divination.
RESIDENCEAlong with Tesla's large family she lives in the capital city of New Zealand: Wellington. She shares a bedroom with her sister, Kinsey, who is a little less organized than Tess would prefer her private space to be as she is of the idea that cleanliness is next to godliness. As the room is shared there are a mixture of decorations. On Tess' side there are fairy lights and posters of the Macaws - a favourite Quidditch team of hers - as well as photos of friends and on the opposing side there are stuffed animals practically everywhere but she doesn't mind terribly. Her family also owns a cabin in the South of New Zealand where they vacation to in the summer. It's in the forest and quite secluded, luckily however there is a beach about a twenty minute walk away.
PARENTSEloise Wilde and Troy Brown. Both are muggle scientists from New Zealand who met during their first year of university and instantly clicked. Eloise is a geologist and Troy is a botanist making their work different yet complimentary. There is very little that they differ on after nineteen years together and they are so very clearly in love that it gives Tess hope for her future to find someone so perfect for her. Although Tess is close with her mother, she has a special relationship with her father. Whenever she is home they spend a daddy-daughter day together doing whatever she choses with no cell phones and no distractions. Physically she looks most like her mother having the same curly brown hair and lanky features.
SIBLINGSShe is the eldest of four children and so far is the only with magical abilities. As Tess is from a large family, they all work together to succeed and view their family as a team. Though they do fight like any other siblings do it is never for very long and there is always a lot of love. Albert Archimedes is closest in age to Tesla at eleven and they are similar enough in personality except that their values differ. While Tess tends to value hard-work, he most certainly would rather something get done quickly which is where a large amount of their squabbles start. They are each other's secret keepers and have a lot of inside jokes - they even created a secret language to talk to one another in when they were much younger which they rarely use now. Kinsey Aesara is Tess' only sister. Where Tess is awkward, Kinsey is confident and well-spoken for her age. More than that, Kinsey is independent while Tess enjoys surrounding herself with her family and small group of friends. She is fascinated by magic and often asks to see what Tess learned at school. Finally, the youngest Darwin Harpalus is just leaving the toddler age but is a shadow of both Albert and Tess. He attempts to age himself by doing what they both do. A relatively happy child he has few and far-between tantrums.


Curved 16 Inch Unyielding Hornbeam Wand with Demiguise Hair Core: Tess' wand is longer in size than typical for many wizards and witches but this coupled with the curved shape provides her wand with character suiting her own although it can be difficult to master for this but also due to the unyielding nature of the wand. She, however, has been able to do so and finds that it leaves her wand with a nice punch to them. The hornbeam wood wand is suited to those with an obsession - a single focus in life - which has changed from science to Quidditch as of late for Tesla. She wishes to be a professional player which may not be entirely realistic but has become quite intense about the idea of such a future for herself making the wood perfect for her personality. The Demiguise hair core enables Tess' skills in transfiguration although the core is due for a replacement as it has begun to be less effective over the past several months.


As both Eloise and Troy have a lot of formal education, they are both experienced in the pitfalls of education and rather than send their children to schools that would belittle their intelligence they opted to educate them from home in an interactive way. For the most part, her early education was based in the sciences as this is both of Tess' parents strong suits but they did allow time for creative thought. Only once did they send Tesla to a public school. It was when her magical abilities were starting to show without any explanation and they believed that she needed more structure and socialization but quickly regretted this choice and resumed with her at-home education.


Thus far, Tesla is in Hogwarts New Zealand in her fourth year of studies as a Hufflepuff. Her entrance into the magical world came with amazement and curiousity which she still feels at discovering new things about the wizarding world in her magical education. The change from being taught by her parents to strangers was huge for Tess but it felt natural all the same.


Mixed Blood:


ambulance, chaser of faith, pray I could replace her, forget the way
her tears taste, the way her tears taste put another x on the calendar


She is of average height for a girl of her age although she feels quite tall in comparison to many people she knows. She has gone through several growth spurts over the past several years but has slowed down by the age of thirteen, leaving her to believe that her current height will remain. Tess has no real opinion of her height although finding pants can sometimes be a challenge for her.
Although Tess is of a healthy weight, she appears to be underweight due to the way her weight is displaced throughout her body. She is naturally very lanky and has very little muscle definition although she does work out hard to be a part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. More than this, at fourteen she has found that she has very few curves which makes her feel self-conscious because she worries that she will look like this all her life. These body conscious thoughts are something Tess does not air because she knows that it is not logical for her to think this way and yet she cannot help herself. Thus far she has yet to completely develop like some of her peers have which makes her look infantile in comparison, something that Tess thinks of more as of late.
Loose, colourful, and casual. Outside of uniforms, Tess never thinks much of her clothing choses as she has never put much stock into fashion primarily because the industry confuses her. She dresses for comfort in loose clothes which hide her small frame and make her appear less boxy - a particular goal of hers. She loves to dress in colourful clothing while some may go for entirely black and white pieces she loves yellows, in particular. Rarely dressing in patterns though, Tess chooses simple pieces that she can make understated so her personality and the importance of her words can shine through rather than a pretty exterior. Her clothes are casual and even for formal events Tess often opts for the simplest of options to keep in tune with her preferences. These options tend to be economical which her parents don't mind although they have suggested that they can get her skirts and dresses if she chooses but Tess cannot see the day when she would want to do so.
She has a pale to mid complexion. Although Tess is naturally fair she is prone to tanning after prolonged outdoor exposure. While she does wear sunscreen for protection during the summers when she spends so much of her time outdoors it's not uncommon for her to be a few shades darker than naturally expected of her. She does not actively try to tan, however, as she hopes to have her skin healthy and young as long as possible. However, when she forgets to wear sunscreen Tess does get small sunburns but they often fade and develop into a tan which is not idyllic.
Outside of an oily t-zone and cyclical skin problems Tesla's skin is normal and she rarely ever has spots but she does try to take good care of her skin primarily with a simple cleanser and moisturizers to prevent the oiliness getting worse. She does, however, get dry lips and keeps lip scrubs and lip chap on hand nearly at all times. In winter this gets especially bad and without care her lips can crack and bleed so she takes good care of herself.
Primarily indifferent to her hair colour, Tess never considers dyeing her hair as it's a nice shade of brown with natural high lights. As her hair is very thick and curly, it would likely be very difficult to dye anyway without it appearing unkempt. Over the past few years Tess has started to smooth her hair heatlessly a little more than before but it still retains her natural curls and ringlets that she often hides with ponytails or buns. This is due to the fact that she doesn't know how to style it once she has left a hairstylists chair. She keeps her hair long for the option to play with it and primarily because she has the belief that she looks like a boy and fears that without long hair people would confuse her for one. Without too many bells and whistles, Tess opts to keep her hair however her mother wishes it to be cut.

Unlike both of her parents Tess has green eyes making her the first in her immediate family to have this eye colour but not the only as her youngest brother, Darwin, also has green eyes. She has always loved her eye colour but as a child wondered why they weren't blue like her parents or brown like her paternal grandmother's were luckily having two scientists for parents allowed her to have basic genetics lessons taught to her to quell any worries she might have had.

She suffers from far-sightedness (hyperopia). This was first noticed when Tess was a toddler as she was falling behind the development curve of those of her age which was quickly corrected when she got her first pair of glasses. She cannot exactly remember what she first saw but there are many photos of her starring intensely at her parents. Her glasses are large and bulky because she cares little for fashion although she does wear contacts to minimize any teasing she may get. It's only when Tess is very tired or wishes to be comfortable over aesthetically pleasing does she wear her glasses.
At the age of six, Tess got her earlobes pierced and wears small studs in them so the holes do not close from disuse. She has no intent to get more nor to wear more elaborate earrings as she sees this as too much trouble for no functionality.
Tess has a few small scars on the palms of her hands which are primarily indistinguishable from the natural lines. Her right knee has a scar about two inches long which developed when she was on a family holiday at their cottage and was climbing a tree. She fell and sliced her knee quite badly which she needed to get stitches for but was never bothered by. It's very faint but is obvious nonetheless. Tesla also has a scar from an impact during a Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff Quidditch match when a bludger hit her, breaking her wrist as retaliation for her poor conduct.

the world may call it a second chance, when i came back it was more of a
relapse anticipation's on the other line obsession called while you were out

authentic: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.
  • enthusiasm: strong excitement about something; a strong feeling of active interest in something.
  • determined: the quality of being driven to do or achieve something, showing firmness of purpose.
  • fairness: treating people in a way that does not favour some over others.
  • modesty: not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities.
  • tenacious: persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.
  • reliability: the quality or state of being reliable.
  • optimistic: having or showing hope for the future; expecting good things to happen.
  • trustworthy: able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
  • justice: the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals
reckless: without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.
  • withdrawn: not wanting to communicate with other people.
  • stubborn: having dogged determination, especially in spite of good arguments.
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there is simply nothing worse than knowing how it ends and i meant
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Although Tess is at the age when one begins to discover their romantic and sexual orientations, she has put little thought into this although she has had fleeting crushes on people - famous and otherwise. As she looks at attraction as something fluid and on a scale she has never felt the need to place an identity on herself because these identities can change for the right person.

Tess' attraction to people has little to do with physicality and more to do with personality. She is attracted to kindness and those with passions - even if the passions they have are not something she is particularly interested in herself. In the future, this will certainly develop more but for now these two are what Tesla looks out for a person from a friend and for a crush. Physically speaking, Tess does not mind looking at attractive people in all genders but will put little to no stock in physical attraction when it comes to looking at possible partners.

As opposed to Tess' turn ons there are a few habits which she finds unattractive. The first would be a person who chews their food with their mouth open as this is unequivocally disgusting to see even with a settled stomach. The rest of her turn offs are primarily to do with manners which is objective to her upbringing as a Kiwi. However she finds apathy and rudeness or aggression to be the two largest unforgivable qualities a person could have and is an immediate turn off.
She is currently happily single and pays little mind to it due to other priorities at her age.


Tess has not yet had her first kiss and although it may be late for some at the age of fourteen she has not thought much about the idea of kissing a person because it's all unfamiliar territory and she feels extremely awkward at the idea.








Tesla's first language is English being from New Zealand. She has learned some Maori but as a Pakeha she only knows the basics and has never felt troubled to learn more not due to racism towards the Maori population but primarily because in her home city there are far more other cultures that are defined than the Natives of New Zealand, oddly enough.

Tesla was born and raised in New Zealand and has only once been abroad to Australia so her accent is distinctly Kiwi - particularly Northern.

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