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01/2046 (13)
Gregory wondered a little why Snow was being a little odd with him. He didn't think anything had changed necessarily, but just, off. He was sure it was because of something he had done, directly or not. Gregory just wanted to figure it out, so he had sent Snow an owl, saying that he'd like to catch up, using the easy excuse of just being back from break to be the why. He didn't know how to ask, how to figure out if she was being honest. He didn't want to fail or lose her friendship, at least he had time to now really try to do and be better. Gregory had even said he'd get her at her common, hoping that the peace and hopefully less busy corridors down to the great hall would make it easier to talk.
Snow had sort of been avoiding Greg. She didn’t mean to but she felt a bit disheartened that he didn’t ask her to the yule ball. Had she not dropped any hints? Most likely she had been too subtle but what if he didn’t have a crush on her? She hated the idea of rejection. But when he owled her she didn’t have a choice but to face up to it. Awkwardly she approached him. When she saw him she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. She tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled, why was she so happy to see him? “Hey.” She said lamely.
Gregory wasn't waiting long for her to appear, and he was pretty sure something was wrong. He glanced at her and nodded, "Hey," he replied awkwardly. He shifted from foot to foot while remaining in the same position, his hands beginning to fidget. "How was your break?" he asked, the words tumbling out of him. He wasn't sure how to ask about how she'd been, just mostly thinking about how poorly he was wording it.
He asked about her break and at first Snowdrop just shrugged. Then she answered. "It was uhm... fine." She couldn't just be awkward forever could she? She sighed. "Did you uhm, end up going to the ball with anyone?" She hadn't gone at all considering the only person who asked her to the dance was Cassius Styx - and she was not going to be caught dead doing anything romantic or sweet with that jerk.
Gregory wasn't sure this could get more awkward and then it did. He glanced away and then she asked about the yuleball. He shook his head. "Oh no, I just went alone," he said. He didn't like going to these and he couldn't imagine could to them with someone, no matter how much he thought maybe it could be fun with someone like Snow. "Did you?" he asked.
Snow was honestly more hurt that he had gone alone instead of with her. She wondered if he maybe didn’t think of her as a prospective date. Maybe they were too young and he didn’t think of any girls like that. Regardless she shrugged. “I didn’t go. I uhm… the only person who asked me was Cassius Styx so…” She paused. She needed to be brave. “I was actually kind of disappointed that uhm… you didn’t ask me.”
Gregory thought it odd that Cassius would ask anyone, let alone Snow to the dance. He hadn't realised they were friendly, even if only a little. "OH," Gregory stopped and looked at her. She was pretty and friendly, and he was awkward in every way. He couldn't understand why she'd ever want to go with him. "You wanted to go with me?" he asked, with quite a bit of surprise. He just didn't understand why she'd want that. " friends?"
Snow knew the cat was out of the bag now. Well sort of. As Gregory asked if she had wanted to go as friends she shrugged. “Maybe. Friends dance together right?” She asked making those intention at least clear. “You’re very nice and I had just thought it would be a lot of fun. I shouldn’t have let it make things awkward though because it’s not like I asked you.” She admitted. “I missed playing games all break honestly.”
Gregory nodded vaguely. "We could go to the Valentine's Day dance together?" he asked. He wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do, but he had said it before he could think it back over. "You're very nice too," he said, though he didn't think he was nice, or that he was a lot of fun. "How come you didn't play them?" he hoped it wasn't because of him and this that she hadn't. That would make him feel worse.
Snow was surprised when he mentioned going to the Valentine's dance together. It was a sweet gesture but a part of her wondered if he was offering out of guilt. "If you'd like to." She said honestly, she didn't want him to feel obligated. That's not how friends made each other feel after all. He asked why she didn't play them and she answered honestly. "Part of it was because I didn't have anyone to play with, but also I've been helping my parents with my younger sister. Not Mel, but Kirsi. She's been sick lately." Snow didn't let on to how serious it had been, it wasn't anyone else's problem but hers.
Gregory felt a little bad about everything, and trying to make it right, trying to just talk to her was seemingly making it worse. "Oh dear," he said. he didn't know whether to ask or not about what was wrong with her sister. "Has a healer or doctor seen to them?" he asked, feeling that that was a good way of asking without potentially making it worse or being too invasive with his questions. "Hopefully she'll get better soon,"

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