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Magenta Dalton had been dragged out of home by her parents on her particular day to do some shopping at Obsidian Harbour and she was extremely unhappy about it. She preferred the days where it was perfectly acceptable for her to keep to herself and not have to worry about socialising with other people. With a sigh, though, she had put on a dress and left the house. Her parents, however, obviously haven't thought to keep a close eye on her as she had lost them not too long after they had arrived and she had decided that instead of waiting in the same place for them to eventually come and find her she had wandered off to a darker alley. She didn't particularly like the look of it but at least she didn't have to deal with people since it seemed a little bit quiet here.

Dittany Belrose

daddy's girl; duelling enthusiast; prefect <3
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Yet again, Dittany had wandered off, and yet again, nobody had noticed. The girl didn't condemn her father for being so busy - he adored his work - but neither did she have the slightest interest in being showered with affection at one of his tournaments. "Aren't those Etienne's kids?" was Dittany's cue to scarper, fast. Quietly she'd slipped out of the back door and onto the street of Obsidian Harbour, where there air was bright but cool. It was too early to do her school shopping (she'd have grown out of her robes before she had the chance to wear them), so instead of browsing the gaudy window displays she walked aimlessly into Bleak Street, realising where she was only when a woman who looked suspiciously like a hag tried to step in her way. Startling, Dittany turned on her heel and began to flee in the opposite direction, coming to a skidding halt at the sight of a girl about the age of herself. "What are you doing?" she said, out of breath. "Zere are 'ags, come on!" Grabbing the girl's arm, Dittany made to keep running.

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