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Howard also formerly known as Gunvaldsson are the descendants of the vikings.
The last known Gunvaldsson who served as vikings were Leif and Bjorn Gunvaldsson. They started their expedition since they were in a young age as their parents too were voyagers. Leif served in one of the knorr ships or the merchant ship. He made a good use of his expedition to gather herbs, seeds, dried fruits and plants. He then met Leif the blacksmith in a celebration of the return of the war ship, which is the langskip, where Leif used to serve with his father the chief.
They got married at the age of 28 and had another 30 years of expedition together as merchants.

Early in the 9th century when a lot of the Voyagers settled in the Scandinavian archipelago, Leif and Bjorn decided to open their potion brewing service. Their eldest daughter, Gisl was 28 at that time and joined the last langskip to affiliate with the Chinese, Aborigine, Maori herbologist, while their 3 children were scattered all over Europe, Africa, and Polynesia to discover more authentic herbs, spices, plants, you name it. Leif died at the age of 100 while Bjorn died at the age of 110 years old. Right after Gisl's father died, she decided that it was best to keep their business underground, importing and exporting it in the black market (she was 47 years old). She worked 18 hours a day, traveling back and forth to different continents, making sure that she still had a strongly connected relationship with her suppliers and distributors. Her siblings soon joined the family business, full time.

Who was married to Eira Gunvaldsson, together they have 4 children:
Gunne, Hertha, Ingem, Igor Gunvaldsson

Who was married to Nanna, together they have 5 children:
Olavo, Signe, Sveinn, Tyra, Uffe, Ylva

Who was married to Tait, together they have 2 children:
Jarle, Ivar

Their business became very successful, as they didn't have to pay tax due to them selling it illegally. In the year 1060 the MOM of Scandinavia noticed the existence of the underground activities and shut everything off, imprisoning those who continued. The whole family moved to the United States of America, changing their surname into Howard.

They befriended the Native American as well as Alaska natives, learnt their traditional remedies and experimented on various types of potion. Gisl who remained single decided to move to Asia, making India as her base camp, while Sylvi and her family settled in Africa with Kalahari as their home. They continued on the family business and kept it underground until they managed to open a high-end potion store in the Great Britain. Following Vienna and France. The headquarter was then moved by Asger and his family to Norway, Bergen while Herleifr and her family continued to develop high end potion stores all over the USA, with Salem as the main store of the country. They were also the suppliers of potion cures to a lot of the hospitals, due to their excellent brewing quality. Gisl passed away during her expedition to Papua New Guinea from Malaria. Shortly before her death, the whole family traveled to where Gisl was, they had never encountered such a disease before and they experimented on various potion mixture, which ended up making the illness worse. Gisl couldn't handle the high fever which would lead to brain damage anymore, she asked Sylvia to brew her a poison to end her life. She died shortly after that. The whole family members mourned for a long period of time, as it was Gisl who made everything happened, it was her who fed and took care of the family. Since then they decided to name their shops;

(Gisl potion Butikk)

The exporting and importing of potion business continues successfully for generations. The Howard is known with their skills for brewing potions and dangerous poisons. However everything changed in the 1690s. The Salem witch trial and the witch trial in Britain started, forcing the Howard to flee for their lives from the mainland Europe and the USA. Most of the stores were still opened and the they were willing to risk their employee's life for the sake of their business with no insurance of the employee's families. Since then they settled in Svalbard- Norway, the world's northernmost inhabited area.

In the year of 1990s Gisl Potion Butikk grew much bigger than in the early days. Being the descendant of vikings who cared about the qualities of their goods, Gisl Potion Butikk prioritize on the same matter. There must be at least one quality control team in a shop to make sure that the quality of the packaging, store, herbs, spices, and the final product; potion or poison to be perfect. This also explains why not everyone is able to afford the products due to the price.

Edgar and Ethel Howard passed down the responsibility as president as well as the owner of the business to Rupert and Rachel Howard. Who later passed down the presidential role to their eldest son,
Donavon Howard.

In the 2017, Donavon began to precede his service as the president of the company with the help of his siblings to monitor the details of their Gisl Potion Butikk.
-Donavon and Annabelle are in charge of the European branches.
-Devlin and Chyou are in charge of the Australasian branches.
-Danton and Kay are in charge of the South& North American branches.
-Danielle and Gabrian are in charge of the branches in African branches,

Their future goal is to affiliate with the Russian potioneers and herbologist.

of 1900s- 3000s​

Edgar Howard Nov/22/1963

Etheldedra Howard Dec/ 12/ 1962

Rupert Howard Jun/ 12/ 1983

Rachel Howard Mar/ 30/ 1985

Donavon Howard Feb/ 18/ 2004

Annabelle Howard May/ 8/ 2004

Cyril Howard December/ 2/ 2025

Freya Howard n/a)

Nicolette Howard Jan/ 20/ 2028

Kerryn Howard Jan/ 20/ 2028

Candace Howard Jan/ 20/ 2029

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Dakota Howard Sep/ 25/ 2008

Devlin Howard Nov/ 20/ 2011

Chyou Jin Howard Oct/ 29/ 2011

Lycus Jin Howard Aug/ 12/ 2031

Augustus Jin Howard Aug/ 12/ 2031

Sybil Jin Howard Oct/ 29/ 2032

Vladimir Jin Howard Dec/ 3/ 2033

Juno Jin Howard Feb/ 6/ 2037

Danton Howard Jul/ 28/ 2014

Kay Arai- Howard Nov/ 11/ 2014

Cassander Howard March/ 16/ 2030

Henrietta Howard Sep/ 9/ 2031

Gabrian Raven (a Howard by marriage) n/a

Danielle Howard- Raven Jul/ 28/2014

Dancel Howard Sept/ 14/ 2021

Cherie Jin- Howard March/ 9/2020

Keanu Howard April/ 20/ 2024

Taylor Howard Dec/ 12/ 2025

Gavin Howard Oct/ 10/ 2026

Dorothy Howard Sept/ 14/ 2021

The Howard is a very traditional and is a proud prejudiced family. None of the children got married to those who aren't pure and they like to keep it that way. Before the 10th centuries, the children were homeschooled by their parents. And when Durmstrang opened in the 1200s all the children of the Howard (formerly known as Gunvaldsson) went to Durmstrang.

They are also known as talented potioneers since early in the days. Most of the Howard excels in potion class (if they're still in school) and graduates with no grade lower than O in potion. All the family members have cold and unfriendly nature due to their prejudiced and workaholic behavior. Most of the Howard prioritizes on their business and second the family, this caused the lack of love that their children needed. Alas, resulting the children to question the definition of love and how to treat others with such quality.

To be continued


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