Henry Lamoril

Henry Lamoril

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Straight 15 Inch Flexible Ebony Wand with Boomslang venom Core
The Basics
Character's Name: Henry Grayson Lamoril
Character's Birthdate: November 12, 2046
Hometown: Small town in NZ called Aspen Fell
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Play-by: Florian Neuville
Wand: Straight 15 Inch Flexible Ebony Wand with Boomslang venom Core
Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Hair: Short, dark brown, wavy
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11" or 180 cm

A Little Deeper
Meyers-Briggs Personality Type: ENFP - The Champion
Henry is a smart but mischievous boy, often waiting for the perfect time to make a sarcastic comment. He always has a lot of friends and many of them look up to him as a leader, a role which Henry is perfectly fine with. Although he likes to tease his friends, at the end of the day he would rather bolster them up than put them down. He loves sports and being active, although flying on a broomstick makes him queasy--something he'll never admit to anyone.
Henry Lamoril grew up friends with everybody. His childhood home was in a close-knit small down where everybody knew everybody's business. All the neighborhood kids would play games and sports and ride bikes together. He loved the sports best, mostly because he was better than anyone else at a lot of them. He dreamed of being a football star one day and practiced the sport every day. Henry was always a natural leader and enjoyed popularity and good grades at his school, even if he was more likely to play pranks than other students.

He was looking forward to his next school year when he got the news: He was a wizard and would have to go to a different school. He couldn't tell any of his friends where he was going or who he really was. Burdened at home with this huge, life-changing secret, he was almost excited to go to Hogwarts New Zealand just so that he didn't have to hide who he was. His old friends seemed less interesting now, almost boring, as he realized he was soon going to be surrounded by witches and wizards. He was confident that he would make new friends and find a new clique. If there wasn't a football team to join he would make one. He would get good grades and make his parents proud, even if they didn't totally understand his new world. He would dominate this new place, or his name wasn't Henry Lamoril.
His mother, Kirsten Knight, is a nurse, and his father, Quentin Lamoril, is an environmental lawyer. He has a younger brother named Ethan Lamoril, who may be a wizard as well.
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