Hayley Elridge

Hayley Elridge

🐍 Grad 49 | Snarky | Artist | Punk 🔥 Revolutionary
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Hayley Elridge: Friends, Enemies, and Not Much In Between


Harley Tsuji
Best Friend
Gryffindor Fourth year
Hayley: You're awesome, and you're the first friend I made at this stupid school. You're a super cool artist, and I love your style and mischief. I'll stick up for you no matter what!
Harley: YOU RUUULE! You're super fun and cool and an AWESOME artist! You've always been there for me when things are tough and you're one of my best friends ever. H-LEYS FOR LIFE!!

Rory Night
Favourite Frustration
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Hayley: You're great fun to tease and make mischief with. Now we're proper friends I'll always have your back.
Rory: I don't care who thinks your ideas are stupid, I'll help you prove them all wrong.

Rose Holland
The Sweetie
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Hayley: You're the most genuinely sweet and caring person I've met at Hogwarts. I'm lucky to have you as a friend.
Rose: You're so smart and funny! I love being your friend, let's have a lot of adventures together!

Ainsley Lynch
The Upside-Down Girl
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Hayley: You're interesting and relaxing to hang out with. I really hope things work out for you.
Ainsley: You're very thoughtful and nice to talk to, and a lovely artist. I'm very glad we met.

Jessica Matthews
Potential Friend
Slytherin Third Year
Hayley: You're the first Slytherin I've met who's been genuinely nice to me. I hope we can be friends.
Jessica: It's nice to meet someone who understands the small frustrations of this place.


Odette Harper
The Snake
Slytherin Fourth Year
Hayley: You're a horrible and truly messed up person. I hate you for what you did to Harley.
Odette: I dream of pushing you out of our dorm window. And yes, I do realize we're under the lake.

Lycus Jin Howard
The Bigot
Slytherin Fourth Year
Hayley: You're just a prejudiced little bully. You opened my eyes to how terrible the magical world can be, so f*** you.

Rory Fergusson
Fake Rory
Slytherin Fifth Year
Hayley: I hate your attitude, and I hate your stubborn stupidity, and I HATE that you have the same name as my friend.

Lucinda Sylvester
Slytherin Second Year
Hayley: You're rude and nasty, and so blind about how the world works you can't see beyond the end of your own nose.
Lucinda: Your anger is completely laughable, even more so because you're so wrong about everything.


Lourdes Brackenstall
The Prude
Slytherin Third Year
Hayley: Ive only met you once, but you already rub me up the wrong way. You represent everything I hate about Slytherin.
Lourdes: A representative of the worst element our noble house has to offer. Scruffy, uncouth, belligerent, and likely with little to no prospects for the future. A waste of breath and time to even discuss.


Vincent Della-Robbia
Slytherin Fifth Year
Hayley: You stood up for me against Lycus, and though you didn't really need to, I guess I'm grateful.</CENTER>​

Beatrice Fleming
The Weird One
Slytherin Fourth Year
Hayley: You're friendly enough, which is more than I can say for most Slytherins, but it feels like you're trying too hard to be weird.

Tristan Collins
Fellow Muggleborn
Hufflepuff Fourth Year
Hayley: I'm glad to have met you, and glad to have someone I can talk to about this stuff, but something about your attitude rubs me the wrong way.

Amber Chou Wilson
Ainsley's Best Friend
Hufflepuff Fifth Year
Hayley: I don't know quite what to make of you. You seem like a good counterbalance to Ainsley, but your attitude alarms me a bit.

Lenore Harvelle
Gryffindor Second Year
Hayley: You seem quite shy, but you threw some great insults and you were on my side againstthat nasty pureblood.

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