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Emery Mettlestone

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4/2045 (17)
The holiday break was always awful and this year was no exception, his sisters were getting on his nerves and his parents were still never home. They seemed to think Emery was a live-in babysitter they didn't have to pay, though Vanity was hardly at the age for a babysitter anymore. That didn't mean it was safe to leave her alone, mostly because she was incredibly good at making horrible decisions, but Emery had decided that wasn't his problem. He had escaped the house with an excuse of needing to go shopping for gobstone stuff, and he hadn't waited around long enough to see if either of his sister wanted to join him. He just wanted to be alone.

After wandering around Obsidian Harbour for a bit without buying anything, Emery felt his gaze being drawn tot he one part of Obsidian Harbour he had never been allowed to go, Bleak Street. He hesitated for a moment, hands stuffed in his pockets as he considered his options. He knew it was dangerous, but he was practically a full wizard now. He only had his seventh year to finish, he knew loads of spells and was allowed to use magic. What could go wrong, really? He edged closer and eventually stepped onto the street. As a collector of many different curiosities, he soon found himself drawn to the window displays. He leaned in a bit, trying to see what the contraption in the Borgin and Burke's window was supposed to be for. He wasn't quite curious enough to go inside and ask.
For all the troubles he had had in Europe, Bernard had found it startlingly easy to settle in New Zealand. Having the Scitorari around to keep him concealed was a nice advantage, and he had to begrudgingly admit he ought to have looked into joining a likeminded group sooner. That said, he had also become a subtler man than when he was young, far more skilled at keeping his activities hidden. It should have been harder to hide in such a small community, but somehow he hadn't faced any trouble at all in all his time in the country.

Sticking to Bleak Street certainly helped a lot, plenty of watchful eyes in the neighbourhood to make sure nobody asked too many questions where they weren't wanted. He'd picked up a few agents he hoped to experiment with from the Silver Snake, and was considering a drink at the Ater when he spotted a young man peering into Borgin and Burke's with a look he had seen a few times before on this street. It was a popular dare, he had to assume, to see who could spend the longest on the scary street, as if anyone would be stupid enough to attack a kid who undoubtedly had people waiting for them. This kid was older than the usual curious minds though, and he grunted as he poked the boy in the leg with his cane. "You lost, boy?"
Emery was trying not to pay too much attention to the people walking past, sure that it was a surefire way to make sure they paid attention to him. But it was hard to ignore the old man walking nearby when he poked him in the leg with his cane. It hurt! Emery turned to look at him, offended. "No." He snapped. "Not lost." He then returned his attention to the window, hoping it would make the annoying old guy go away. The nerve of him. Emery surely had as much right to be here as him?
Bernard couldn't help a snort of amusement at the boy's reaction, eyebrows raising. He didn't deal often with young ones - too many people to ask questions - and it had been a long time since anyone had dared to talk to him this way. "Words of wisdom, lad." He grunted, poking the boy harder with his cane. "Not all that safe around here for kids like you. Go on back to the harbour. Else you might wind up being threatened by some dangerous old bloke with a cane." He couldn't keep the cruel amusement out of his voice, watching the boy's face. The sooner kids like this got their heads straight around dangerous people, the better.
Emery shot the man a glare as he poked him with his cane again, hand twitching to go to his wand. But he knew that was a bad idea. Any grown wizard would deal with him easily, and he wasn't looking to get into a fight. But why did he have to be so annoying? "I'm not a kid." He said with frown, not letting the man intimidate him. "And I'm fine." He added, wondering if this was the threatening he was... well, threatening him with, or if he was going to bother Emery worse. "I'll leave when I'm ready." He said coolly.
A small bark of laughter escaped Bernard and he stepped closer, eyeing the young man in front of him. "You're either very brave or very stupid, lad." He grunted, voice heavy with gravel. "Can't quite figure out which one, yet." Keeping mostly to himself, it had been a long time since Bernard had just wound someone up for the fun of it. This was more enjoyable than he remembered. "What're you here for, then? Lookin' to poison a kid who cheated on your homework? Tryn' to find something to spy on the girls with?"

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