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PARTY....... 2

Remember a few years ago when Lizzie threw a very fun and dramatic party in the school holidays? Well, she's throwing another! Since she's graduating this year, I thought it'd be fun to have another party thread as a send-off for this graduating class, and for older students to get a chance to let off some steam!

Lizzie & Caro's family own & run a ski lodge, and her parents are gonna go away for the weekend and let the girls have "a few" friends over to celebrate the end of the school year. The thread will be open to any Y31 graduates (the year above Lizzie's) through to current fifth years to hang out, have fun, and get into the sort of drama that ensues at teenage parties. The invite is open to all, even those with bad relationships with Lizzie & Caro (you can always say someone else invited them or they didn't know who the host was :p) As it's a party, anyone whose character is an adult by wizarding law (17 or older) as of when the thread starts can RP their characters drinking alcohol, but underage drinking is not allowed (as per board rules!) so please keep that in mind when posting.

The thread will be going up once the areas outside Hogwarts are open for the holidays, but I'm posting this in advance so people have time to plan and plot anything they want to happen at the party :D No need to RSVP, just jump in any time once the thread is started and have fun!

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