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Giving Feedback

To assist new users, and indeed older ones too, with the development of their characters, everyone is encouraged to post a number of questions. These questions can be something which may not have already been mentioned within the initial post; or simply something asking for more information on a specific ability. Anything you can think of asking, feel free to ask.

Whilst you are giving feedback, or asking questions, please try to read the whole topic first. Asking questions that have already been answered, or where asked by another user, is confusing to the topics author.

When asking questions, please try to post at least two. Posting the following will not be tolerated:
Hi, umm, just one question, I can't think of any more. Why that Patronus?

I will come back when I have thought of another one.
If you can't think of a question, or several questions at that time, please don't post.

Those of you who can think of a few questions, are free to either ask the topics author, or direct them towards their character.

For example:
Topic Author: said:
[ul][li]You mentioned your character has two brothers. Do they all get along with each other?</LI>[li]Does your character have any plans for the future?
[li]How come you decided to have your character muggle-born?[/li][/ul]
Their Character: said:
[ul][li]Do you get along with your brothers, or do you argue a lot?
[li]As an adult, do you have any plans for the future? To start a family maybe?
<LI>[li]Looking back, are you glad you were raised by Muggles? Would you feel any different if your parents where magic?[/li][/ul]
Directing your questions to their character could possibly help in their over-all development.

You should aim to leave a constructive post, something which will allow the user to develop their character in more detail. Comments such as "I don't like your character." or "Your character is basic and boring." or "You shouldn't have that ability." should not be posted. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the topic, please don't post.

If you do notice someone gave their character little or no flaws; or something seems out of place, ask them questions. Maybe they are new to role-playing after-all. :)
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